Bonus View Digest - October 21, 2011

Posted Fri Oct 21, 2011 at 11:30 AM PDT by

Our TV coverage over on The Bonus View is still going strong as new shows continue to premiere throughout the month of October. However, with all the TV talk we still managed to squeeze in a lot of worthwhile articles about everything from the hard-to-solve technical problems of 3D home viewing to the true scariness of movie monsters.

It's been a wild week, but we hope that you'll join us over on the blog for some of the latest discussion on your favorite high-def topics.

Theatrical News

Luke has been busy, seeing just about every film opening up this weekend. Last week he say 'The Thing ' and raved about it, while this week he saw two turds in 'Johnny English Reborn ,' and 'Paranormal Activity 3 .'

Luke also talked trilogies , and how that word really doesn't mean that much in our modern theatrical world of endless sequels. Don't trust Michael Bay, he's planning on making as many 'Transformers' movies as possible.

Josh took on a more somber topic to discuss this week. It's something that we don't really think about all too often, but something that happens to be happening right before our eyes. Cinema is turning the digital corner for good . Production of film-based cameras has all but stopped. What does this mean for the industry? What does this mean for movie lovers like us? Read on and find out.

Home Theater News

This week Josh took a good hard look at the 3D crosstalk problem and wondered if there are any solutions. It seems that it's going to be a tough problem to solve, but if you feel like you have the answers hop on over to the article and join in on the spirited discussion.

Make sure to check out our weekly features about what's new on the Netflix and Vudu streams. It may help you find something to watch this weekend without having to venture out in the frigid autumn air.

In Wayne's One From the Vault column, he took a look at the nerdy classic 'Wizard' starring Fred Savage and 'Mario Bros. 3.'

TV Recaps

We've continued to cover quite a few shows on the blog. Check out recaps of 'Fringe,' 'American Horror Story ,' 'Modern Family,' 'Psych ,' 'Terra Nova ,' and 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia .'

Also check out our featured post for the season premiere of 'The Walking Dead .' Did it live up to the hype or fall a bit flat? You decide, and then come on over and join in on the heated discussion with the readers and writers.

Special Features

In this week's Mid-Week Poll we asked you if you are prone to collecting movie sets with extra-special packaging. The Weekend Roundtable took a look at movies that actually need to be remade. What movies would you remake? Come on over and tell us in the comments.

That's it for this week. We promise another full seven days of fun this upcoming week. Until then enjoy your weekend and watch some movies.