Bonus View Digest - June 8, 2012

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There's a lot happening on The Bonus View and it's only the first week in June. This week you'll find a few interesting outcomes for TV Madness, more television recaps of the shows you love (and some you don't), and a review for one of the most anticipated theatrical releases of the summer. Let's jump right in, shall we?

TV Madness

The contest is down to the final eight combatants, but not before a few near-photo finishes from this week. In case you missed it, David Banner took on Sherlock Holmes and Malcolm Reynolds fought Sylar. You may be surprised at the outcomes.

Today we start in on the quarter-finals with Raylan Givens facing down Seven of Nine. It's a very interesting matchup, so be sure to come back to the blog later today to vote.

Blu-ray News

As always check out this week's releases, and Josh's thoughts on them, in the Blu-ray Highlights post of the week. Tom Landy takes a look at the planned Canadian 'Avengers' steelbook packaging. And we give away yet another movie, this time 'Hoosiers' went to a couple of fantastic readers of The Bonus View. We're always giving away stuff on the blog. Make sure you keep checking for your chance to win free stuff.

Theatrical News

It's here. Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' has finally opened and Luke Hickman has reviewed it. Find out if you should see it this week (like you weren't going to already). Luke also reviewed 'Madagascar 3' in case you were thinking about taking your kids this weekend.

This week we had something special. Josh wrote a book review on the book "Tales from Development Hell: The Greatest Movies Never Made." It sounds like a very interesting read, especially if you're into the whole business side of movie-making.

TV Recaps

This week we had recaps of 'The Killing,' and 'Game of Thrones.'

Both the Mid-Week Poll and the Weekend Roundtable were TV related. In the Mid-Week Poll we asked if you actually ever watch TV commercials anymore whereas in the Weekend Roundtable we discussed the best and worst series finales that TV had to offer.

Thanks for coming around this week and participating in the discussion. You're always welcome at The Bonus View where you're bound to find likeminded people who you can discuss movies with. Until next week.