TV Madness: Banner vs. Holmes

Apparently, when nobody was looking, Brisco County, Jr. pulled off the biggest upset of TV Madness so far. After I announced that his match was too close to call, Brisco rallied and won by a healthy margin against Jonas Blane. This just goes to show that anything can happen in the tournament.

It also looks like Cameron will pull off a decisive victory against Worf. Today, we wonder how two of the world’s greatest minds would fare against each other. Let’s see how the match-up of David Banner versus Sherlock Holmes turns out.

David Banner – He has the ability to turn into a gigantic green rage monster whenever he gets angry. However, when human, he’s a mild-mannered super-scientist. Smarts and strength both favor Banner tremendously.




Secret Weapon: A few sharp jabs or jokes, aimed at pointing out how dumb Banner is when compared to Sherlock’s intellect, might be enough to cause the Hulk to come out and smash Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes – Honestly, I’m a little shocked that Holmes has made it this far. I love the character, but I really thought that Omar Little would defeat him in the last round. Let’s just say that if I would’ve filled out a bracket beforehand, that bracket would’ve have been busted a long time ago.



Secret Weapon: As always, Sherlock’s greatest strengths are his astonishing intellect and his ability to see almost every possible conclusion simultaneously. His powers of observation are really astounding.

David Banner vs. Sherlock Holmes

  • David Banner (52%, 47 Votes)
  • Sherlock Holmes (48%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 91

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  1. Hmmm… tough one. I have to go with Banner, though. He has both smarts (as Banner) and brute strength (as the Hulk). Holmes excels in the former, but is decidedly lacking in the latter.

  2. Shayne Blakeley

    Seems to me this breaks down to two fights, Sherlock vs. Bruce and Sherlock vs. Hulk. With how abrasive Holmes can be, I’d say it’s a given that Banner is going to get pissed, and Hulk is certainly capable of pulverizing Holmes, but he’s also very weak in intellect and I think Holmes would maneuver him easily.

    • William Henley

      These are along the same lines I am thinking of.

      I just had a whole thing typed up, and went to “Select All” and was going to copy (because I have had wordpress issues and lost post before), and did a Paste instead of copy so I just lost my entire comment.

      Instead of retyping everything, I am going to sum it up.

      First, you cannot really seperate Banner from the Hulk. While Holmes is pretty good at reasoning himself out of any situation, the question is if he will have time to form a plan before “Hulk Smash!”. I mean, Holmes is no super hero, and if he is not quick and on his feet, he will get pulverized.

      This brings up an interesting question about the tournament – do the contestants know who they are fighting before they enter the arena, or are we in a fictional world where the characters encounter each other spontaniously in a story. It does make a difference.

      If its the former, than Holmes will have a plan before entering the arena, and Holmes wins hands down.

      If they meet each other spontaniously, and Banner transforms, Holmes’s British Politeness would probably kick in, causing Holmes to not even see what’s coming. “I say, good fellow, why are you turning green? You should really see a doctor you know.” *SMASH*

      So, in this tournament, either could win, and who would win depends solely on the conditions of the match.

      • EM

        Not only can you separate Banner from the Hulk; but recently, briefly, it was the status quo in the Incredible Hulk comics series. It also happened for a little while in the mid ’80s. However, I imagine that’s not quite what you meant. 🙂

        • William Henley

          🙂 Yeah, Hulk wasn’t really something I followed. Yeah, what I ment is that Banner and the Hulk are like a combo meal, if you want one, you automatically get the other. Its like trying to seperate Clark Kent from Superman, Peter Parker from Spiderman. Of course Banner and Hulk have a different co-existance than Clark Kent and Superman have, but the point is, its a package deal.

          • EM

            Well, for a while Peter Parker led a civilian-only existence while his clone Ben Reilly adventured as Spider-Man, and Superman did get split into Superman-Red and Superman-Blue—so, I think you’re digging yourself a deeper hole. 🙂

          • William Henley

            Sigh, I really wasn’t wanting to get that technical, but I bow to your super-hero fabboy knowledge. 🙂 I was just trying to make a case for either character to win.

          • EM

            Anyway, probably a better Superman/Clark Kent example would have been the time Superman left Earth for an extended period, during which a shape-changing synthetic being from a pocket universe assumed the role of Clark Kent.

  3. Holmes is bright enough to find a cure for Dr. Banner and/or tell him it’s the antidote when it’s actually poison. Easy win for Holmes, in my book.

  4. CamSully

    Holmes is bright but the Hulk’s energy should be more than enough to abolish the worl’d favorite detective.