Bonus View Digest - July 22, 2011

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July is almost over. That means quite a few things in this neck of the woods. You may have noticed that our writer Aaron Peck hasn't been contributing a lot of posts to The Bonus View the past few days. That's because he's readying himself for a baby. Running around from doctors appointments, to car seat specialists, to diaper warehouses. It's been pretty crazy, but once everything settles back down he'll join the rest of our crack team to continue bringing you the best and latest in Blu-ray news, TV Recaps, and what's happening at a box office near you.

Blu-ray News

Josh gave us the weekly rundown for Blu-rays hitting store shelves. Even though it was a slow week – with the only big day-and-date release being 'Limitless – there were still a few well known catalogue titles to get released namely 'Amelie' and 'Chocolat'.

Aaron Uncovered some more cover art for upcoming releases. See what the cover art will be like for the brand-spanking-new 'Jurassic Park' trilogy!

Home Theater News

On the home theater front Josh showed us an easy region coding mod for the Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player that could make your machine ready for region-free blu-ray playing bliss.

In other Oppo news, Oppo Digital unveiled its newest firmware update that allows Oppo players to become equipped with Vudu movie streaming. It's been an Oppo party all around.

Theatrical News

Luke reviewed a few movies this week that are going to try and take on the box office juggernaut that is 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. Marvel released, 'Captain America', its final superhero origins movie before 'The Avengers' which comes out next summer. He also reviewed a strangely familiar movie called 'Friends With Benefits' that pretty much mirrors the very same plot as 'No Strings Attached' which came out only a few months ago.

Our intrepid movie trailer specialist, E, discusses a few new trailers in this week's Trailer Park. Take a look at Steven Soderbergh's new movie 'Contagion', gander at a brand new 'The Thing', laugh at the fact that they made a movie based on Rock'em Sock'em Robots when you see the trailer for 'Real Steel', and snicker all you want at the sparkly vampires in the brand new 'Breaking Dawn' trailer.

TV Recaps

We watch a lot of TV on The Bonus View, mostly so you know what shows to watch and what ones not to bother with. We have recaps for 'Covert Affairs', 'Rescue Me', 'Burn Notice', 'Necessary Roughness', 'Haven', 'Wilfred', 'Suits', 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'Alphas' , and 'True Blood' .

Special Features

This week's Mid-Week Poll we asked if you saw the new 'Potter' film in 2D, 3D, or both, and your thoughts on the technology as a whole. The Weekend Roundtable focused on summer blockbusters. Our writers picked their favorites and explained their picks. It prompted a large discussion that's still going on right now, head on over to voice your opinion.

As always thanks for your continued support of High-Def Digest and The Bonus View. We really appreciate it. Have a great weekend filled with movies, popcorn, and surround sound systems that threaten to burst your eardrums.

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