‘Wilfred’ 1.04 Recap: “He Really Likes Peanut Butter”

Ed Helms made a guest spot on last week’s episode of ‘Wilfred’ to play a doggie molester. This show is so very, very deliciously wrong.

The plot of ‘Acceptance’ has Ryan put Wilfred into doggie day care while he helps out his sister Kristen, who has sprained her ankle. This gives Ryan a good chance to bond with his uptight sister and convince her that he’s not a total screw-up after all. Of course, Wilfred is having none of it. He lays on a thick guilt trip by implying to Ryan that the manager of the day care (Helms) has been molesting him.

Ryan doesn’t believe the story at first. He’s caught on that Wilfred lies to get his way. But because he’s essentially a dope, Ryan keeps fantasizing about all the awful things happening to Wilfred. He eventually drops his sister and races to the day care (wearing a cape, no less) to rescue the dog from such awful depravity. Wilfred also makes him steal a giant one-eyed teddy bear that he’s grown attached to. Because why not?

It’s a simple but hilariously effective premise, and the episode runs with it. We never really know the truth about Helms’ character, though I’m sure that he’s probably a perfectly nice, normal guy.

About the only thing that might qualify as a side story is a running gag where Wilfred keeps rubbing his butt on everything, and Ryan tries to condition him against this behavior with a squirt gun. Any pet owner out there will relate to that.

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