Bonus View Digest - December 21, 2012

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The year may be winding down, but The Bonus View is still churning out the best in news and reviews.

Blu-ray News

Like most Decembers, we're starting to see a big influx of newer titles just in time to wind up under the tree for the movie lovers in your family. Want to know what came out this week? Well, in the Blu-ray Highlights column we discuss the releases of new titles like the 'Total Recall' remake and 'Premium Rush'.

Home Theater News

As you know by now Bonus View editor, Josh Zyber, purchased a new home. In his basement he's getting ready to construct a custom home theater. This week's editorial was about demolition. It's always fun tearing out the old and imagining the new. Continue to check in on his progress. Who knows, maybe it'll give you some ideas for your own theater.

Looking for something alternative to watch during the holiday season? Tired of all the cheesy family comedies that air around this time? Well, why don't you try E's suggestion from Netflix called 'It's a Very Scary Christmas'?

Theatrical News

This week's big release is 'Jack Reacher', which may come as a surprise to many. The trailers have made it seem like a clunky actioner, but it's actually a smartly crafted detective thriller. Yeah, we were surprised too, and we liked it.

Luke also reviewed the stellar thriller 'Zero Dark Thirty' that opens in a limited release this week. It gets a much wider release in January. However, if you're able to see this movie now, do so. It really is that great.

TV Recaps

This week we recapped 'Fringe', 'Happy Endings', and 'American Horror Story'.

Special Features

This week's Mid-Week Poll was technology based. We asked you what your preference is when it comes to phone service. Do you have a landline or do you or opt for a cell phone only approach? We had another great book review this week. This time Tom Landy reviewed "The Great Showdowns" by Scott C. Finally, the Weekend Roundtable was dedicated to movies we all regret buying. It sparked a very large discussion. If you haven't voiced your opinion on the subject, please do.

With the holidays quickly descending on us whether we like it or not, we here at The Bonus View would like to wish everyone cheer and good will. During your extended school and work breaks, be sure to take some time to watch a few good movies. There are a lot of them out there!

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