Bonus View Digest - September 23, 2011

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Can you believe September is almost over? Today is the first day of fall! Time sure flies when you're having fun talking about the latest in movies, games, and television. That's what we do over on The Bonus View and we'd love for you to join us. Here are some of the topics we've been discussing this past week.

Theatrical News

Josh took a big trip to the Toronto Film Festival and saw some great, and not-so-great movies. He's been submitting reviews of movies that you will most likely see later on down the road, all this week. Check out his reviews for 'Extraterrestrial ,' 'Carre blanc ,' 'The Moth Diaries ,' 'Butter ,' 'Samsara ,' 'The Lady ,' 'Life Without Principle ,' 'The Kid with a Bike ,' and 'Rebellion .'

This past week saw the release of the new movie 'Drive ' starring Ryan Gosling. Aaron saw it and gave it a rave review. If you're on the fence, take a look at this review and then head on over to your local Megaplex as fast as you can.

Luke gave us the Weekend Box Office update, along with the interesting tidbit that if you get into a 'Moneyball' pre-screening, you may just be treated to an eight minute preview of David Fincher's new film 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.' Luke also saw and reviewed the remake of 'Straw Dogs ,' which was also great.

In the Trailer Park we discussed trailers for 'Underworld: Awakening 3D' and 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.'

Home Theater News

Are you sick and tired of that spider web of cords behind your entertainment center? Well, Dick has the product for you. It's called the PowerSquid.

TV Recaps

It's been a busy week as far as TV is concerned. The Emmys were announced on Sunday, and this week saw the premiere of a bunch of new shows. One of those new shows was 'Ringer ' starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Find out what Josh thought about the pilot. Other recaps include, 'Project Runway ,' 'True Blood ,' 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ,' 'Suits ,' and the series finale of 'Entourage .'

We also learned that the movie 'Source Code ' will be getting adapted for television. What do you think? Is that something you'd watch?

Special Features

This week in the Weekend Roundtable we discussed our favorite movies that take place in a school setting. What are your favorites? Join in on the discussion at let us know. This week's Mid-Week Poll was television related. With all the new shows coming out for the fall we wanted to know which ones you'd be watching. Next week we're covering all the new comedies, so stay tuned.

Thanks for making this another fantastic week of high-def discussion over at The Bonus View. And if you haven't joined us yet, we hope to see you very soon. Have a great weekend High-Def Digest readers!

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