Mid-Week Poll: Which Fall 2011 New TV Dramas Will You Watch?

The fall TV season has finally begun in earnest, and the major networks are busy rolling out their new shows. Which of the new drama series have captured your attention? Vote after the break.

We’re focusing this week on new dramas. We’ll run a separate poll next week for comedies.

Of the following titles, I’ve seen the first episode of ‘Ringer’ and found it underwhelming, but I’m willing to give it a few episodes to see where it goes. I’m most looking forward to ‘American Horror Story’, ‘Person of Interest’, ‘Prime Suspect’, and ‘Revenge’.

I don’t hold out much hope for ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Grimm’, ‘Once Upon a Time’, or ‘Terra Nova’, but will probably watch the first episode of each anyway. The others on the list hold little to no interest for me.

Which shows will you watch? Vote for as many as you like. If I’ve missed anything notable, check “Other” and tell us in the Comments. Next week, we’ll look at the new fall comedies.

Which Fall 2011 New Dramas Will You Watch?

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  1. HuskerGuy

    None of the above. We’ve got a full slate of viewing already and need to play catch up on Mad Men via Netflix.

  2. Alex

    Person of Interest is the only one that really looks intriguing. I would go for Prime Suspect, as the original is brilliant, but Maria Bello… well she’s not Helen Mirren.

  3. Jane Morgan

    Aaron Sorkin’s new pilot was just greenlit to series by HBO.

    Does HBO launch their shows at different times of the year than network TV?

    • Josh Zyber

      HBO rolls its shows out throughout the year. When one ends, another one begins. It doesn’t follow the normal seasonal schedule as the rest of the networks.

  4. RollTide1017

    Terra Nova is the only one I’m watching and I don’t expect it to be very good. None of the new shows look that interesting this year or, maybe I’m just getting tired of Network TV because every new show I have grown to like the past few years has been canceled. If one of these shows turns out to be really good, I’ll just catch it on the flip side. In this day and age you don’t need to watch during the first run because there are so many ways to watch after the fact (from streaming, DVD to torrents). Honestly, I have more interest in re-watching Star Trek Voyager, TNG and Enterprise on Netflix (which I’ve been doing) than I do in these new shows this year.

    The only must watch shows on my list are all returning shows: Dr. Who, The Office, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and, to some extent, Hawaii Five-O.

  5. I am very excited in PanAm. I saw the previews before A Better Life at the theaters, and its the first network television show in years that really captured my attention.

    Terra Nova sounds interesting. I need to start setting my DVR.

    In other shows, the only other thing I am interested in is X Factor, and that is mainly because I went to a couple of tapings this summer.

    • I watched Charlie’s Angels last night. Not bad – I liked it, but I just don’t know if I can get into watching it on a weekly basis. Plus, I have been far too spoiled by Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lu and Drew Barrymore to really appreciate the new cast, no matter how good they are. I do like the new Bosley, though.

  6. Person of Interest is the one I’m most excited about, for Michael Emmerson alone (hell of an actor). Alcatraz is also on my list…but we don’t get to see that until January.

    Boss looks pretty good, but since nothing on Starz ever seems to get renewed (unless “Spartacus” is in the title), I’m almost afraid to get hooked on it.

    I’ll watch Terra Nova, Revenge and Ringer, but don’t expect Season 2 from any of them (assuming they can get through the first season without cancellation!).

  7. I got through about 10 minutes of ‘Revenge’ before I just couldn’t take anymore. Yeesh. That was bad. The fact that they started the episode with a quote from Confucius was downright hilarious.