‘Project Runway’ 9.08 Recap: “I Wear a Lot of Pink”

Last week’s episode of ‘Project Runway’ was a fake-out. When a bunch of guys walked in at the start of the episode, I thought that contestants were going to have to make menswear, and so did the designers.

The designers went about picking the men based on their physiques. This is funny, because right afterwards, they were informed that they’d actually be designing looks for the men’s wives or girlfriends.

Now it wasn’t a matter of whether the men were fat or not, which is what most of the designers worried about, but rather what their personalities were like. Not only would they be designing looks for their significant others, the men would also be around the designers almost every step of the way.

Oliver had a hard time with this because he picked the most loudmouthed guy of the bunch – a guy who couldn’t stop talking about his wife’s boobs even for a second. It was actually pretty comical to watch Oliver squirm whenever breasts were mentioned. He said that he’d rather his model be flat-chested.

Viktor got lucky and picked the most fashion-forward couple. He was able to design something that looked great from the beginning, because the couple was so focused on fashionable things. The way the girl and guy dressed, this was going to be an easy task for any designer.

Joshua M. had to curtail his obsession with bedazzling his outfits. The girl he designed for was very simple. In the end, Joshua M. won for his ability to edit himself. He’s now the only contestant with two wins. The other top designs came from Viktor and Anya.

The bottom, however, was a different story. Bryce created a pink monstrosity just because the guy he was working with said that his wife liked pink. Anthony Ryan made a dress that, in the judges’ words, looked like a cheerleader uniform. Bryce was sent home in the end, which is kind of funny because he was the one at the beginning of the season who was bragging about just finishing design school.

I started the episode excited for a menswear competition (it’s just something a little different), but ended up disappointed. And then the preview for the next episode came on. Menswear! This should throw quite a few of the designers for a loop. Most of them seem to be stuck in a rut of designing dresses. Once they have to design pants and shirts for men, I think we’ll see which ones are really the weakest links.

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