Mid-Week Poll: Will You Buy an Xbox One on Friday?

Last week, you told us about your plans for buying (or not buying) a PS4. With the release of Microsoft’s rival console this Friday, let’s ask the same question about that. Do you intend to buy an Xbox One? Vote in our poll.

It probably won’t come as too much of a shock to our regular readers to hear that I don’t plan to buy one. I never had an Xbox 360, and am not enough of a gamer that I need to own multiple consoles. My interest in the PS4 is passive at best, and nonexistent for the Xbox One.

I do find it interesting, however, the way that Microsoft shot itself in the foot early on with its announced policies that restricted sales of used games and required an always-on internet connection. Although the company later back-tracked and made concessions on those fronts, a lot of damage was done. Also still problematic are the mandatory inclusion of Kinect (which many gamers have no interest in) and the $100 price difference over Sony’s PS4.

However, from what I’ve read, Microsoft has regained ground in recent weeks. As I suspected, this console war will probably be won based on game title selection rather than hardware superiority or price. Exclusive titles like ‘Dead Rising 3’ will prove to be very compelling for many gamers.

Have you sided with the Xbox One over the PS4? If so, what won you over? Or are you a hardcore gamer who needs one of each?

Will You Buy an Xbox One?

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  1. Preordered one at 8am on Amazon. I’ve loved my Xbox 360, which will now be moved to my bedroom TV set.

    Not much interest in the PS4, thanks largely to all the lack of interest I had in the PS3 (other than it being my primary Blu-ray player for a few years).

  2. William Henley

    I wish I could choose multiple:

    Life is too busy so I’m happy with my existing consoles but may pick up a PS4 when Kingdom Hearts comes out

  3. Freakyguy666

    No great exclusives for Xbox1 at launch. Dead Rising reviews indicate it’s not truly next-gen (frame rate issues, major pop-in, etc). Titanfall could be great but that’s a few months out.

  4. Pedram

    MS showed they cared more about money and publishers than the consumers, and soured the relationship for me. I have both a 360 and PS3 (and also a Wii) so I don’t necessarily have loyalties because of past purchases, but the exclusives for Sony (titles from Quantic Dram and Naughty Dog) just interest me more as someone who would rather use these machines for games (I have an HTPC for media).

    That said, I’m interested to see what they can do with the Kinect this round, because it was a massive let down on the 360. And the smart glass integration for games (constant second screen) seems really cool also.

  5. JR

    “I may not buy one right away, but expect to get one later on, perhaps next year.”

    When I do eventually get a next gen machine this will likely be the one I pick up first (if not only). It’s mostly a controller preference for me. I’ve never been a fan of the DualShock layout since it was first introduced with the first PS. I spent many more hours on my 360 vs my PS3 because of this preference.

    Exclusive software really hasn’t had as much of an effect as I thought it would, either. Most of the games I play tend to be cross platform.

  6. Josh Zyber

    I see a lot of people choosing the PS4 over the Xbox One. How does the difference between Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network factor into this? Although I don’t game online, it’s my understanding that (on the last gen) Xbox Live was way better than PSN. Is that a consideration for our gamers here?

    • JM

      Xbox Live was better than PSN until 2012, when Sony started giving away 50 free games per year. But the #1 reason to get a PS4 is for Japanese games. Since most early adopters have been playing since ’85, and Nintendo is only for kids, the various hardcore Japanese genres are pretty much Sony exclusive. Xbox One buyers are the equivalent of people who don’t watch foreign films.

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