‘Wilfred’ 1.07 Recap: “Girl Is a Freak!”

The “Standards and Practices” rules for cable – even basic cable – channels are a lot more lenient than the major broadcast networks. After 10 PM, just about anything except nudity and the f-word are fair game. (For those, you need to go to the premium channels.) FX has frequently pushed the boundaries of what it can get away with in shows like ‘It’s Always Sunny’ and ‘Archer’, but last week’s episode of ‘Wilfred’ really does everything it possibly can to cross the line without getting sued by the FCC. Is there even a line anymore? Should there be?

Episode ‘Pride’ does stuff even R-rated movies can’t get away with. The basic gist of the plot is that Ryan gets in a fender bender with a bitchy older woman named Beth (Jane Kaczmarek). Of course, he has no insurance. To get out of paying for the damage to her SUV (which he can’t afford), Wilfred pressures Ryan to prostitute himself for a little quid pro quo. If he has sex with her, Beth won’t make him pay for the car.

Of course, Wilfred also has ulterior motives. He’s bored in his relationship with Bear, the giant one-eyed teddy bear he made Ryan steal from the doggie day care. After the accident, Wilfred becomes infatuated with a stuffed giraffe he calls “Raffi” that was sitting in the back seat of Beth’s car (a present for her young son). Wilfred wants to have sex with the giraffe, so he needs Ryan to get him in the house. Even after he does have sex with the giraffe, he wants more… until he learns just how kinky Raffi really is.

Or, more accurately, until we discover how screwed up Wilfred is that he imagines this inanimate toy giraffe to have an S&M fetish. No, that’s not it. It’s really how screwed up Ryan is that he images this dog to have a sex fantasy about a stuffed giraffe with an S&M fetish. This show is really messed up.

This episode is Raunchy with a capital “R.” While it doesn’t have any nudity, it barely stops short of doing anything else. Highlights include Wilfred faking an orgasm by spitting on Bear, Wilfred deep-throating the giraffe, and Ryan getting caught by Beth’s son almost having sex with the giraffe himself while Wilfred watches. It’s also very likely that Wilfred pleasured Beth when Ryan couldn’t go through with it, and she didn’t notice the difference. I repeat: This show is messed up.

Oh, it’s also goddamn funny as hell.

Funniest/most disturbing lines of dialogue include:

  • “It’s a semen-drenched teddy bear!”
  • “Little Bethy Bunny just got a brazilian.”
  • “Right bunny, wrong hole.”


  1. JoeRo

    While this show is unquestionably messed up, it’s also hilarious. This episode was crossing lines I wasn’t even aware existed. Dog on human anilingus is not something I expected to have to deal with when I tuned in last Thursday, but thanks to Wilfred … now I’m learning to cope.

  2. To me it’s a “cable” channel and cannot be picked up with rabbit ears so for the most part, everything is fair game. I was surprised, but not offended or shocked by the use of the word asshole alot in this show. Then again, we all remember NYPD Blue and the boundaries they pushed. Fox’s over-the-air channel played Saving Private Ryan completely unedited as I recall. Can you imagine if this show ever were to be rerun on A&E? That channel is run by pussies, watching a CSI:Miami or Criminal Minds rerun on there is very painful, they edit out words likes ASS, BASTARD or SON OF A BITCH.

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