‘Burn Notice’ 5.07 Recap: “This Job You Have Must Be Serious”

Michael Weston is getting closer to finding the person who framed him. The ‘Burn Notice’ team now has an unsuspecting man in custody who didn’t even know he was framing Michael when he bought that cell phone in the store. Unfortunately, before Michael and the gang can sink their teeth into this conspiracy, they’ve also got a lunatic militia to deal with.

A nutty ex-soldier has kidnapped his own son in ‘Besieged’. Distraught, the boy’s mother comes to Sam and Michael for help. She’s sure that her kid will wind up dead if they can’t help. Sam is doing this job for his sugar momma, who is the woman’s friend and will do “anything” for him if he successfully completes this mission.

To my knowledge, Michael and company haven’t dealt with an entire militia before. When the kid’s dad takes him deep into the Florida wilderness and onto a militia base, Michael is forced to covertly sabotage the base. The base is run by a slovenly fellow that Sam calls the E.N.I.C. (“Extreme Nutbag in Charge”).

This episode reminds me of the ‘Burn Notice’ episodes of old. It isn’t too flashy, and it doesn’t have a lot of deep emotional resonance, but it does have some fun espionage action and some great narrations by Michael on how to take down a rogue militia. You know, in case you ever found yourself in that situation.

The main plot with the militia group is sandwiched by the story arc of this season. At the end, Michael gets hold of the person who’s seemingly in charge of framing him. Well, he gets the man they have in custody to contact him. When Michael gets to the meeting place, he realizes that the boat has been packed with explosives. Another dead end?

From this episode, it would seem that this season is getting into cruise control territory. That’s not a bad thing, really, but I don’t think that we’ll have any major plot developments or huge cliffhangers until the finale gets a little bit closer.

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