Weekend Movies: Age of Waiting for Ultron

Is the ‘Avengers’ sequel out yet? Only overseas but not in this country. We have to wait one more week.

On this, the last weekend before the onslaught of big and loud summer blockbusters begins, we get a pair of mild new wide-release movies alongside a few low-key limited releases. While none looks too horrible, they also don’t appear to be the rush-out-and-see type.

The widest release is for the drama ‘The Age of Adaline‘, which is strange because Lionsgate is rolling it out onto nearly 3,000 screens and I haven’t seen a single advertisement for it on television nor on the web. The same poster for it has been hanging around my local theaters for months now, but that’s the extent of the marketing campaign I’ve seen. Blake Lively stars as a woman born in 1908 who, after a curious accident, was left with a strange condition – she doesn’t age. From that moment on, her body’s age clock stopped ticking as everyone around her grew older. Watching time roll by, Adaline began emotionally distancing herself, knowing that it would only be time before her friends and family had all gone and left her alone. After decades of solitude, she finally meets someone worth connecting with. Starring alongside Mrs. Ryan Reynolds are Michiel Huisman (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Orphan Black’), Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn.

The second biggest release of the weekend also lacks advertisement, but isn’t jumping on nearly as many screens. ‘Little Boy‘ is a sentimental drama about a little boy (go figure) who develops enough faith to yield miracles. But is his faith strong enough to bring his father home safely from World War II? Married producing partners Mark Burnett and Roma Downey will let us know. The film also stars Emily Watson, Michael Rapaport, Tom Wilkinson and (seriously?) Kevin James.

Actor Russell Crowe took to the director’s chair last year for his first feature film, ‘The Water Diviner‘. Crowe also stars in the film as a father whose three sons all went missing after the Battle of Gallipoli during World War I. With the help of a woman from Istanbul (Olga Kurylenko), the humble Aussie farmer will attempt to find his boys. Although ‘The Water Diviner’ hasn’t hits U.S. theaters until now, it won three AACTA (Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts) awards last year, including Best Picture. Warner Bros. is releasing the film on more than 300 screens. If it performs well this weekend, you can expect to see it expand over the coming weeks.

Comedian Nick Kroll is pretty dreadful in his self-titled Comedy Central series, but he doesn’t appear to be half-bad in the new coming-of-middle-age dramedy ‘Adult Beginners‘. After a meltdown leaves his world a complete mess, he stupors into his sister’s home to get things worked out – or so he thinks. His new temporary life challenges his attitudes and perceptions, giving him a crash course into the reality of adulthood. Real-life long-time couple Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannivale co-star along with Joel McHale, Jane Krakowski and Mike Birbiglia.

After making the festival rounds, Kevin Pollak’s stand-up documentary ‘Misery Loves Comedy‘ gets a platform release that starts today. Filled with interviews, anecdotes, and personal and professional stories from over 50 successful comedians, the focus of the doc surrounds the perception that you have to be miserable or to have come from a miserable place in order to be a comic.

The best news of all this weekend is the nationwide expansion of ‘Ex Machina’. I still have yet to see the movie, but that’s exactly what I’ll do when I get off work today.


  1. William Henley

    Anyone reviewing “Little Boy”? I have seen a lot of hype and advertisements for this movie, and wonder if it lives up to the hype

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