‘The Walking Dead’ 4.10 Recap: “We Can Live Here for the Rest of Our Lives”

In last week’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, we found out what happened to Rick, Carl and Michonne after they left the prison. This week, we catch up with the rest of the gang.

Things start off with Daryl and Beth, who are finishing off a few zombies when we first see them. Daryl seems to have regressed to his old loner self, only talking when Beth suggests that they have faith. Daryl comments that faith did nothing to save her father. Ouch. The two come upon some footprints and discarded food (grapes from a nearby vine), and the trail leads to nearby railroad tracks where they see some zombies snacking on human remains. Daryl finishes them off, but Beth is terrified that the victim might have been someone they know.

The episode then jumps backward in time to reveal who those tracks belong to. Young girls Lizzie and Mika are with Tyreese, who’s carrying baby Judith. And here we all thought Li’l Asskicker was zombie food after the series showed her bloody baby carrier in the mid-season finale. Tyreese isn’t exactly the paternal type, though. When he hears some screaming from nearby, he gives Mika the gun, gives Lizzie the baby (big mistake!), and heads off to see what’s wrong. While he’s gone, Judith starts crying and Mika tells Lizzie to keep the baby quiet. Lizzie responds by trying to suffocate Judith with her hand! Once again, I wonder if it was really Lizzie who killed Karen and David back at the prison, and Carol was just covering up for her. Speaking of which….

Tyreese joins some other human strangers to fight off Walkers by the railroad tracks (the same location Daryl and Beth will eventually discover). He manages to kill the zombies, but the only remaining survivor suffers a bite. Hearing a noise behind him, Tyreese turns to see Lizzie, Mika, Judith… and Carol! Thinking Tyreese knows the truth about why she got kicked out of camp, Carol is a little hesitant with him at first, but she soon realizes that he was never told that she was responsible for Karen’s death. The bitten man then tells them about a potential safe haven further down the tracks. The group leave the man behind (Wait, they’re not going to kill him? He’ll be a Walker soon!) and discover a sign with a map that points to “Terminus.”

Next, we learn that Maggie, Sasha and Bob got out together. Maggie is obsessed with finding out what happened to Glenn. The trio come across the bus that Glenn supposedly left the prison in, but when they get close, they realize it’s infested with Walkers. Maggie insists on finding out if Carl is inside, so she has Sasha let out one Walker at a time via the emergency door. Unfortunately, Sasha can’t hold them back and the entire group swarms out. Thankfully, they’re able to fight them all off, but Maggie has to go into the bus to dispose of one last zombie that looks suspiciously like Glenn.

However, it wasn’t Glenn, whom we discover in this episode’s final sequence never left the prison on the bus, but instead stayed behind hoping to find Maggie. He manages to make his way back inside, but the horde of Walkers outside isn’t going to make it easy for him to get through. Finding some body armor (in a nice nod toward the comics), Glenn dons it, gathers up some supplies, and basically steamrolls his way through the masses outside. On his way out, he notices a young woman sitting in a caged-off area. It’s Tara, though of course Glenn has no idea who she is.

Glenn helps Tara escape with him, after which he learns about Hershel’s death from her. Tara also admits that she was part of the group that attacked the prison, but Glenn still asks her for help in finding Maggie. Before the two can get very far, they’re attacked by some Walkers, which Tara manages to take care of, but not before Glenn gets knocked out. Turning around, Tara sees a military-type vehicle and three people, the leader of which we’ll soon learn is named Abraham Ford (he’s played by Michael Cudlitz). After Tara swears at them, Ford says, “You’ve got quite a mouth on you. What else have you got?”

Despite the return of Carol and the debut of Abraham Ford, this week’s episode felt rather slow paced and uneventful. One wonders if we’ll have to wait until the Season 4 finale before all parties find their way back to each other. (Probably.) The biggest questions left from this week’s episode are whether Ford will be a friend or another Governor, what exactly is “Terminus,” and how angry will Maggie be when she finds Glenn hanging out with Tara?

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