Mid-Week Poll: Vital Statistics

This week, I’m curious to learn more about you, our readership. Are you male or female? How old are you? Are you married or unmarried? All poll results are anonymous, unless you feel like sharing in the Comments.

The information in the polls below will not be used for any purpose, other than to satisfy my own curiosity about how our readership breaks down.

I am male, 37 at present, and married without any children. There, it’s easy. Please share your deets (as the kids today would say) with us, if you don’t mind.

Male or Female?

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  1. Drew

    Male, just turned 29, married, and just had my third child (a boy, making 2 boys and a girl) a few months ago.

  2. Barsoom Bob

    Male, 62 going to be 63 in January. Father of three boys (men), also one stepson and two grandkids. Old enough to remember my mother taking me to theater full of teens dancing in the aisle to a first run Elvis Presly movie, Original run showings of 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Journey to the Center of the Earth as New Years Eve special treats in the late fifties. Saturday matinees with Forbiden Planet, Them, When Worlds Collide. All the 60’s head movies El Topo, Holy Mountain, Performance, Zabriskie Point. My buddy and I tripping going to see first showing of Star Wars and having a little momentary mental hallucination,”Oh my God, they know there is an invasion coming and this is an indoctrination to get us to enlist!” while waiting to go in. The special Midnight showing for Fellowship of the Rings at the Lincoln Square NYC where we had Ian Mckellan show up to introduce the movie with everyone yelling out
    “Magneto” It has been a long strange trip.

  3. Male, 32, unmarried. As for kids, none of my own, but enough of my friends have them that I feel a surragent parent at times. I normally have a good collection of kids movies around, partly to keep them entertained when they are here, but also, I not-so-secretly like kids movies (yeah, I got all 3 Tinkerbell movies, so what? Tinkerbell is HOT!)

  4. August Lehe

    DON’t worry, DAIL, someday you will be fat, stupid, 66, and , married with no children (hopefully) like many of us!… And still begging for a SHANE collector’s edition Blu Ray and a few others like Vincent Price’s House of Wax (1953) and John Wayne’s Shepherd of the Hills!