Videogame Releases: Week of December 12th, 2010

Think back to the last few months. Great games, right? This week’s a little different, but there’s at least one title worth picking up for your Xbox 360 or PS3.

X-Men Arcade (360, PS3)

That’s right, the most exciting release of the week is an 18-year-old Konami arcade game. That’s not to take away from the game, though. ‘X-Men’ is one of my absolute favorites from the arcades of my youth. There’s drop-in/drop-out co-op for up to six players. The PS3 can even handle six players on one system, while the 360 can only support four. You can pick it up on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade. Dibs on Wolvie.

Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition (Wii)

My heart leaps at the thought of a newly remade version of the original ‘Mario All-Stars’, but this isn’t it. ‘Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition’ for the Wii is just a reissue of the original Super Nintendo game. It might be cool for extreme Mario fans, but at $60, it just doesn’t offer that much in the way of new and interesting content.  Luckily, as UltimateFlynn points out, it’s only $30.  That’s a price that makes the purchase much more tempting.

Just Sing! Christmas Songs 2 (DSi)

Have you realized that there are almost no games that take advantage of the DSi’s horrible built-in microphone? It’s absolutely ridiculous. Thankfully ‘Just Sing! Christmas Songs 2’, a downloadable title for the DSi, is here to remedy things. You’ll be able to sing into your DS while trying to read words on the screen. Play it in public for the greatest effect.


  1. Darn! I would love Super Mario All-Stars, but not at that price! I got all the Mario games from the original NES and SNES ports, so really no reason to pay $60 for All Stars. Anyone know if The Lost Levels is in the Wii store? Don’t go in there much.

    • Dick Ward

      Yup, they’re all available in the Wii store. They don’t have that nice SNES graphical upgrade, but considering the price, I’d be willing to sacrifice it.

      • Patrick A Crone

        The price for Mario All-Stars is standard Retail $29.99. That’s the price for every major retailer. True, they are all avalible on Virtual Console for $20 total. But the All-Star graphics really Improve the look and sound of these games. The gameplay and secrets, including all the warp zones and negative worlds are intact. For anyone who doesn’t own the originals already I think the extra $10 is worth it. Especially considering it’s on a disc and unlike downloading, it can be played on any Wii console.

    • Dick Ward

      Same here! Though I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed. Until this was announced, a friend of mine was considering buying the six player arcade version.

      Still, once the Simpsons arcade game hits XBLA/PSN, I think I’ll have everything checked off of my want list!

        • BambooLounge

          Exactly! I used that back in HS (we actually put it on the school’s library computers to play Turtles in Time during free periods).

          I think if I ever really want to play my favorite arcade games (X-Men, Avengers, and The Simpsons), I’ll just get MAME again (or try to dig out a nearly 10 year old CD-Rom if I still have it instead of paying 10 bucks.

      • TJ Kats

        Amazon still has it for $49.95 but a google search show everyone else has it for $30. Very strange that Amazon is that much higher.

        • Well, shoot! If I had known this was coming out for this price, I wouldn’t have bought all the games through the Wii Store a few months back. Oh well, everyone who had it for $30 seems to be sold out of it anyways.

          Also didn’t realize this was a physical disc – I thought it was being sold through the Wii Store.

          • Patrick A Crone

            Every GameStop and Best Buy within a 25 mile radius has it in stock as of the time I’m posting this. I still have my orginal cartridge so I really have little motivation for buying it. But for anyone else who missed these titles in the past it’s a pretty good buy.