TV Madness: Walker vs. Givens – Linus vs. County

We’re moving pretty fast and furious now as our TV Madness competitors pound their way into the final sixteen. Today, we have two great match-ups that can only be determined by your voting.

This could end up being a very polarizing, down-to-the-wire battle. On the one hand, you have one of the most recognizable characters on television right now, not to mention one of television’s most badass guys around, Raylan Givens. Then you have Cordell Walker, who is played by Chuck Norris, who has somehow gained immortal status simply by being Chuck Norris.

Raylan Givens โ€“ How can you not love this guy? He’s one of the few characters on TV who can cause bad guys to tremble just by staring at them across a table. Raylan is able to intimidate without using all-out force most of the time. He chooses his fights carefully and always comes out on top.



Tools of the Trade: Raylan’s intimidation factor cannot be undersold. He’s always cool under pressure. However, when push comes to shove, Raylan can easily put down a few would-be attackers with precise shots to the chest.

Cordell Walker โ€“ I realize that at some point the TV gods may strike me down where I stand for bad-mouthing Chuck Norris, but I’ve never seen his appeal. He makes for good jokes, but shouldn’t those jokes make us realize that he really isn’t as tough as he’s made out to be? That’s the whole reason they’re funny in the first place.



Tools of the Trade: Shoddy fight choreography and roundhouse kicks. That’s about it. Do you think Raylan is going to stand there while Walker winds up his super-kick? Nah.

Raylan Givens vs. Cordell Walker

  • Raylan Givens (57%, 40 Votes)
  • Cordell Walker (43%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 70

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Guns and brawn against brains and cunning, that’s what this match-up comes down to. Brisco knows his way around a gun, but Linus has faced down numerous guys with guns using his own devious intellect to turn the tables almost every time.

Ben Linus โ€“ He’s a conniving man. You never know quite what he’s thinking, even after he acts. Linus is an enigma, and that usually confuses his opponents far too much for them to be successful.




Tools of the Trade: He’s smart and will use anything and everything to gain the trust of his enemy, just to attack them when they least expect it. He can also handle himself in hand-to-hand combat, as we saw a couple of times on ‘Lost.’

Brisco County, Jr. โ€“ I thought it was quite the upset that Brisco pulled off in the first round. Sure, he’s a great marksman, but he took out a bionic man. He must have put on an amazing display of accuracy to take down Steve Austin.




Tools of the Trade: He’s an extraordinary marksman and could take out Linus before he has a chance to get in his head. We all know that Linus wouldn’t allow that to happen, though.

Ben Linus vs. Brisco County, Jr.

  • Brisco County, Jr. (53%, 40 Votes)
  • Ben Linus (47%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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  1. Shayne Blakeley

    I love Bruce Campbell as much as the next man, but no way does Brisco take out Ben, I’m not so sure he could take Kate.

  2. I know this is old but another swell match-up. Linus may be deadly but Bruce Campbell overcomes anything whether it’s dastardly outlaws from that stellar show, zombies or saving Michael Weston’s rear end one too many times.

    “Ben Linus vs. Brisco County Jr.???

    Why do you make me choose between them?!? Itโ€™s like saying choose your favorite kid while theyโ€™re both looking at you!!!”

    That would still be a fun match-up though but I know what you mean, it’s like me asking whether John McClane, the Terminator or Rambo wins in a movie round.

    Raylan would win without a doubt though because he is a solid fighter and while Campbell’s character is just as clever, it’s not exactly the most plausible compared to Raylan’s universe. Can’t we just compromise and say that Raylan arrests him and then decides to take him out for a beer as oppose to ending him? We need a happy resolution once in awhile. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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