TV Madness: Knight vs. Little – Angel vs. Walker

Monday’s TV Madness featured another very close race. There’s chance that things could change right before this article is posted, but as I’m writing this, John Locke leads Eric Northman by one vote. We’ll see if his lead holds up. In the other match-up, Worf easily handled gangster extraordinaire, Al Capone.

Can the ’80s version of a suave David Hasselhoff with a tricked-out car be enough to take down one of the most ruthless, angry, intimidating drug dealers we’ve ever seen on television? Seriously, Omar Little is quite possibly the most frightening person I’ve ever seen on TV. I’m not sure that a crime fighter from the ’80s with a talking car can handle all that is Omar.

Michael Knight – Rescued by a billionaire after he was shot in the face, Detective Michael Long became Michael Knight. He was given a cool talking car, one of the best white dude afros ever, and a smoldering look that he pulled out at least a few dozen times every episode.



Strengths: Does Knight really have any strengths himself? Most of what made him unbeatable to the criminals featured in the show were the cool gizmos and gadgets that his car had.

Weaknesses: Besides having a great hairdo, Knight depends a lot on his sentient automobile to get him through a fight.

Omar Little – You don’t want to mess with Omar. The moment you hear him whistling his favorite tune, “Farmer in the Dell,” run. Seriously, just run. No good can come from having a meeting with Omar. It might as well be death himself walking around that corner.



Strengths: His legend precedes him. He’s known throughout Baltimore for being a cunning, devious planner and a master stick-up man. His intimidation factor goes a long way in helping him rob rival drug dealers and other miscreants.

Weaknesses: I’m afraid to even say, in fear that he might be listening.

Michael Knight vs. Omar Little

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Here’s a weird fact: The most used last name in this tournament is Walker. We have three Walkers (Sarah, Annie, and that one guy Chuck Norris played) competing for the prize. The first Walker to compete was Annie, but she didn’t fair too well against Hulk Hogan as Hurricane Spencer. The Walker crew faces another uphill battle here as Sarah Walker (sorry, I just got drool on my keyboard) of ‘Chuck’ fame faces off against one of the many supernatural beings in this tournament. It also doesn’t help that he has a huge cult fan base. Sarah Walker takes on Angel in this fight.

Sarah Walker – One thing I’ve really liked about this tournament has been all the awesome kick-butt ladies we’ve had. Unfortunately, as of right now, only onetwo of them have made it through to the next round. Annie Walker, Max Guevara, Sydney Bristow and Xena were all left bruised and bloodied in the first round. Only Echo and Buffy made it out alive. Can Sarah Walker overcome what seem like insurmountable odds here? With her sexy ass-kicking ways, she just might.



Strengths: We all know that ‘Chuck’ has a rabid fan base. Its ardent fans were the reason that the show stayed on the air five seasons. Having a good, loyal fan base is already half the battle. It helps considerably that Sarah Walker is also excellent at just about everything she does. Fighting, gunplay, espionage – she can do just about anything. So, if given the means to kill a vampire, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Weaknesses: She’s only mortal and she’s going up against an immortal being.

Angel – Not too many characters go on to star in a spin-off show that was just as popular and beloved as the original series it spawned from. Angel is a vampire, but with a twist. He has a soul.




Strengths: As a vampire, he has all the usual powers that vampires possess, like super-strength, agility, speed and rapid healing.

Weaknesses: He also comes with all the vampire weaknesses. A well placed stake or a heavy dose of sunlight should do the trick.

Angel vs. Sarah Walker

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  1. It pains me to vote against Sarah Walker, but I think she’s just outmatched here. While it’s true that Angel has a weakness for blondes, that weakness generally results in him turning evil and slaughtering everyone in sight. There’s just no way Sarah can win.

  2. Alex

    I’d like to clarify that my vote for Michael Knight is, in reality, a vote for KITT. I’m pretty well convinced that KITT is actually the beginning of SkyNet so I expect KITT (bullet-proof armor and turbo boost included) to rock Omar Little.

  3. Vampires are immune to gunfire and unless this is a deadly cop like Mackey, CTU’s Bauer or even Omar Little from the fight in the other room, Sarah goes “Bye-bye.”

    As for Omar, with all the black market weapons he has, he can easily get all of his homies to shotgun KITT’s tires flat and mow down the Hoff because like this match in and of itself, the Hoff is a downright joke.

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