TV Madness: County vs. Blane

Raylan Givens’ coolness factor, coupled with the firearms-versus-sword scenario in his last match-up, pushed the smooth-talking U.S. Marshal into the TV Madness final eight, where he’ll face Seven of Nine. Today, two gun-toting heroes take center stage, but only one will leave. Which character will end up filled with lead? That’s up to you to decide.

Brisco County, Jr. has seemed like an improbable candidate to make it this far, but here he is, facing off against Jonas Blane, a man who kills people… lots of people. Which character has the best gun-slinging skills? Who will walk away the victor?

Brisco County, Jr. – Like I said, I really don’t know how he made it this far. I thought that Bricsco would be gone in the first round when he faced off against the Six Million Dollar Man. He handily defeated bionic Steve Austin and then went into the next round and coolly took out one of the most devious masterminds in this tournament, Ben Linus. Can Brisco keep his Cinderella run going with a win against Jonas Blane?



Secret Weapon: Apparently, Brisco is much more popular than I thought. That, or Bruce Campbell has set up a super-secret voting contingent that floods the poll whenever Brisco is featured. The question here is whether Brisco’s dead-eye marksmanship cancels out Jonas Blane’s penchant for killing just about anyone who looks at him wrong?

Jonas Blane – I never really got into ‘The Unit’, simply because my inner child giggled every time I heard someone say, “Do you watch ‘The Unit’?” (Pause for giggling.) However, after seeing Blane’s kill-count video on YouTube and witnessing that he kills people just as efficiently as Jack Bauer does, I may have to start watching the show. Who knew that such a badass could reside on CBS?



Secret Weapon: He’s a trained killer. Just watch the kill-count YouTube video again.

Brisco County, Jr. vs Jonas Blane

  • Brisco County, Jr. (56%, 35 Votes)
  • Jonas Blane (44%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 63

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  1. CamSully

    Tough call as both characters have their huge strengths & are very quotable.

    I’ll have to go with Blane ( and I’m not saying that because I made that killcount video on my old YTchannel) but Brisco is a more welcoming persona.

  2. JR

    I voted Jonas based completely on the fact that there is no way Brisco should have made it through his first two opponents. I like Brisco, but really?!?

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