TV Madness: Cameron vs. Banner

While we sort out what we think might be some voter fraud in the Buffy versus Brisco County match-up (yes, really – and I have no idea why someone would go to such lengths to rig an arbitrary contest like this), today’s TV Madness battle will take a look at how a robot from the future fares against a rageaholic from the ’70s.

Cameron is the last of the badass ladies in the tournament to find out if she has what it takes to get to the semi-finals. Seven of Nine has already punched her ticket, and Buffy might very well move through despite a voting irregularity roadblock. (However, one could argue that Cameron isn’t actually female, but just has female parts attached to a metal exoskeleton.) Now she’s going up against David Banner, who has easily handled his competition up until now with the help of that mean green guy waiting inside of him.

Cameron – She’s a badass robot from the future who has fought her way through a medieval warrior, an opportunistic serial killer, and (most recently) TV’s most popular Klingon. Cameron has shown that her terminating abilities are far superior to those of any mere mortal, but can she face down the Hulk?




David Banner – I was reading the comments in a recent TV Madness thread where someone stated that we should judge these characters not only on their powers and merits, but mostly on how the characters were played and how they came across on TV. This makes a whole lot of sense to me. Sure, Banner can turn into the Hulk, but his Hulk is Lou Ferrigno in green paint and a bad wig, who would smash up sets that were obviously made of Styrofoam. Yes, technically the Hulk from ‘The Incredible Hulk’ TV series has all of the powers as say, the Hulk we see crushing alien spaceships in ‘The Avengers’, but they aren’t the same at all, right? I mean, if we had a tournament of Hulks, Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk would get absolutely pulverized by the CG ‘Avengers’ Hulk. So, I think it’s important that we not superimpose the abilities and badassery of ‘Avengers’ Hulk (or any other Hulk) onto the Hulk from the late ’70s.

Final Word: The original ‘Incredible Hulk’ TV series was a cheese-fest. It was fun, and watching Ferrigno smash crap was great, but really do we think that a guy covered in green paint could actually take out a Terminator from the future? Methinks not.

Cameron vs. David Banner

  • Cameron (68%, 54 Votes)
  • David Banner (33%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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  1. William Henley

    However, one could argue that Cameron isn’t actually female, but just has female parts attached to a metal exoskeleton

    Yeah, but those are some heck of some parts! I wish I had my own personal terminator to protect me!

    I’m voting for Cameron mainly because I want to see her and Seven face off! I am smiling just thinking about this.

    I was originally thinking about how close of a match Cameron and Hulk should be, but when you mention that this Hulk is a guy in green paint smashing up styrofoam….

    Still, I could justify it anyway I want, but in the end, it all comes down to the point that I just want to see a couple of chick robots battle it out in the final battle.

  2. John

    While not the same Hulk .. .

    Loki “i’ve got an army”

    Iron Man “We’ve got a Hulk”

    Nuff said

  3. Aaron makes an excellent point that we have to consider that we’re dealing specifically with the TV version of these characters. I think that Cameron could take out TV Hulk.

  4. John

    Oh and your argument about Hulk TV and Hulk Avengers .. your also talking about a little skinny girl running around with guns that fire blanks . . . and didnt Lou Ferigno also do Avengers Hulks voice?

    • The character as presented on her TV show is a practically invulnerable cyborg who shoots with real guns.

      I haven’t watched the ’70s Incredible Hulk show since I was a kid. While Ferrigno Hulk was supposed to be really strong, was he portrayed as invulnerable to all weapons the way that movie Hulk is? I honestly don’t remember. Did people shoot him and the bullets bounce off, or was that just something that never came up?

      I know that he definitely could not leap in mile-long bounds the way that movie Hulk does.

  5. Rcorman

    Who wins these fights depends on whose TV show they are fighting on. The Hero of the series will always find a way to beat the odds no matter how remote or far fetched. 🙂

  6. EM

    I’m voting for Cameron, but not as a clean win. Rather, I think the Hulk will revert back to David Banner, who will then flee to the next town as dramatic music swells.

  7. Chris

    This tournament has been really dumb. And seriously I have no problem with the dude writing the summaries having an opinion but really the write up isn’t a place to say who you think should win!? Really I mean freaking superman lost though so just give the trophy to Mal because regardless of how much paste he’d be versus some characters in the tournament he’s going to win via Whedonites.

    • Aaron Peck

      My opinion really holds no sway. If it did then the Tick and Hulk Hogan would still be in it. However, thanks for taking the time to comment on something you think is really dumb then go on to complain about the outcomes like you cared in the first place.

  8. lordbowler

    Gotta go with Cameron!
    “Come with me if you want to live!”

    I’ll go with her any day, any where!

    Flashback line from Star Trek:
    Tasha Yar to Data: “You are fully functional, aren’t you?”