TV Madness: Buffy vs. Brisco

It looks like Seven of Nine’s about to pull off a victory against ol’ Raylan Givens. Raylan always gets distracted when a hot blonde comes around, so it’s no surprise that he lost this TV Madness battle. Today, can Buffy can finally derail Brisco County, Jr.’s improbable run through the tournament?

If Buffy takes this match, then the girls will be a perfect 2 – 0 going into the next round. However, Brisco has somehow battled his way through the tournament on a Cinderella run of sorts, so I’m not counting him out at all. I personally thought he’d get taken out in the first round, but he continues to surprise.

Buffy Summers – Buffy has had a fairly tough road to get here. Granted, she has some superhuman powers, but taking out both Vic Mackey and Michael Westen isn’t a laughing matter. Those guys were no slouches when it came to badassery, yet she dispatched with them relatively easily. Can Brisco, somehow, match up with her?



Brisco County, Jr. – Honestly, I thought he’d lose to Steve Austin in the first round, but he didn’t. Then came the round where he faced evil genius Ben Linus, but that didn’t faze him either. In the last round, he was able to kill Jonas Blane, who by all accounts is the closest character in this tournament to the deadliness of Jack Bauer. See why I’m not counting him out just yet?



Final Word: Buffy seems too strong here. Plus, she has the whole Girl Power thing going for her, since the women are making a very fine showing this late in the game. Buffy’s superpowers should be able to overpower Brisco’s marksmanship and killer smirk. I think I’m voting Buffy here, but let’s all be prepared for Brisco to win. Somewhere out there, Bruce Campbell is secretly plotting to win this tournament by any means necessary.

Buffy vs. Brisco County, Jr.

  • Brisco County, Jr. (65%, 91 Votes)
  • Buffy (35%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 140

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  1. CamSully

    Campbell was a zombie killer and Michael Weston’s mentor in another life. If he can defeat Ben Linus & Jonas Blane, what’s to stop him from outwitting a vampire slayer. Plus, the fact that he’s not a vamp will allow him to ambush her.

  2. Shayne Blakeley

    No. No no no. Buffy is not losing to this chump! I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the possibility of Jack Bauer beating her (which is bogus) but this will not stand! Is everyone confusing Brisco for Ash or something? Obviously I’m being messed with here. Where are the cameras? Come on out Ashton.

  3. CamSully

    If he can defeat a psycho on an island & a Delta Force leader, he can defeat a weak Whedon creation.

  4. CamSully

    And how can you call Bauer a fake when you’ve seen less than one season?

    We need sound arguments, not vague/biased rants.

    • Shayne Blakeley

      I didn’t call Bauer a fake, but however tough he’s only human and Buffy has taken down Gods and monsters. As for sound logic, how does taking down a psycho and a Delta Force leader make someone a match for a superhuman?

    • Shayne Blakeley

      I was just wondering considering the staggering lead of Brisco (which makes no sense) and you being the lone defender of this craziness.

  5. CamSully

    I love Buffy but still can’t make up my true mind about who to choose.

    She did get beat badly by Caleb though and every one of Campbell’s characters come off as a superhuman or guy who got lucky.

    I figured that since the bull$h!t hit the fan twice, the third time would be the charm & that’s coincidentally the case here.

  6. Aaron Peck

    Holy moly. Okay, I’m convinced that there is some really dastardly Brisco County conspiracy going on here.

    I’m flabbergasted by these results.

    • Aaron Peck

      Also, there are only so many usable images of Brisco County online. It’s really hard to come up with new ones every round that aren’t fuzzy or indistinguishable.

    • William Henley

      I am just wondering if you can check votes by IP address. I hate to say it, but I wonder if someone is “stuffing the ballot box”. All one has to do is clear their browser history, and they can vote again.

  7. I haven’t paid that close of attention to the numbers, but 88 votes on day one, and 64 of them for the underdog, seems not just suspicious, but totally fucking bullshit. Especially since only one person has sounded off in the comments in favor of Brisco, and apparently that person hasn’t voted yet. I invite all Brisco supporters to leave a comment, preferably explaining why you think/wish he would win, but at least making your presence known. Otherwise I call shenanigans.

    • Aaron Peck

      Yeah, we’re investigating numerous votes from suspicious IP addresses. Can’t believe someone would go through so much trouble for this, but yeah it seems a little fishy to say the least.

      • William Henley

        It really is sad. This is supposed to be something fun, yet it seems as if someone is exploiting the voting system. I would hope to give someone the benefit of a doubt – ie – their company has policies setup on their browsers that clear history on exit, so everytime they reload this page, they think that its not saving their vote, and are revoting. However, I think someone is deliberately doing this. That many votes in one day for an underdog, and with no one in the threads expressing support for this person…

        What is sader is, if voter fraud is found, it makes me wonder how this affects previous rounds. There have been so many upsets, many at the last minute, that it makes me suspicious.

        I guess the next question is, if voter fraud is found, will people want to continue from this point, or have a few recall rounds.

  8. Again, I’m not supporting County but figured that the bias here would mean an instant win on this site knowing how many people love him.

    As for the votes, DAMN! Just damn!

  9. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Cam Sully has anything to do with it (just breaking your balls before.) Whether I agreed with him or not, he’s always chimed off in the comments with his logic for whatever choice.

  10. DarkAsh

    I voted for Brisco. It seemed just as logical as voting for Mal against Clark Kent and Sylar.

  11. I was surprised that Reynolds even survived Sylar since the Kirk bias never came into play but I’m happy he lived to fight in the final round.

    Anyway, we’ve had upsets before with the Mulder & Angel one and I didn’t think there would be another big controversial one but what do you know? This $hit is real but I’ll betcha Buffy can get more votes in before the end of the night.

  12. Your posts are showing up …

    Anyway, I’m still upset with the fact that Raylan Givens lost to 7 of 9 and yet no one’s complaining about that. I wonder why …

    • Shayne Blakeley

      Strange, they weren’t showing up on my end. I hope I didn’t spam everyone with too many duplicate posts.

    • Sorry, Shayne, looks like our spam filter was being overzealous for some reason. I just cleared it out and reinstated your Game of Death comment.

      • EM

        Where is it? The two posts to which I am replying are the only ones which contain that phrase.

          • EM

            Thanks for the clarification; I look forward to finding it sometime after I’ve seen that infamous film this afternoon.

  13. Unless someone from Tarrant County College in Texas can step up and explain why we’re seeing dozens of votes for Brisco from IP addresses ending in coming in together in large blocks a few times a day, we will have no choice but to declare those votes invalid and adjust the totals. You have until the close of voting on Wednesday to rationally and satisfactorily justify what’s happening here.

      • William Henley

        If you know which campus, I can go up there and put the smackdown on them. 🙂 I work a block from the SE campus, and live 10 minutes within the NW and Downtown Campus. Yeah, I can go put the smackdown on them. 🙂

  14. Aaron Peck

    A few things to put your minds at ease.

    Last night I went through the logs of a lot of different rounds and found that the suspicious IP address isn’t in any of them INCLUDING the past rounds involving Brisco.

    Now here’s the kicker: Even with all the fraud votes counted and subtracted, Brisco still leads at this moment, but by a VERY slim margin.

    • William Henley

      Makes me wonder if there is additional fraud votes coming from one of the ISP providers in the area, as this person could also be voting from home. Charter, AT&T, FIOS, Time Warner and Clear are the major ISPs in the area. You can probably throw Time Warner out, though, as they service Dallas County, not Tarrant, and Fios only serves outlying areas. So I would check and see if you have a large number of votes from specific IP addresses from Charter or AT&T.

      • Aaron Peck

        I’ve checked and re-checked and all the other votes look organic in comparison to the obvious blocks of votes submitted by the offending IP.

  15. Jason

    Buffy has saved the world…a lot. What has Brisco done? Now if it were Ash vs Buffy we’d have a different game on our hands.

  16. Alexws

    I woted for Brisco. Seems like a more adaptable guy. He could easily handle a puny white girl.

  17. JM

    Looks like Buffy’s getting revenge-spanked to bully the Whedon vote.

    I clicked for more BS because I really like her hair in that pic.

  18. You guys do know the whether the lucky man (Brisco) or female badass (Buffy) win, they still have to fight Cameron/T-800 something, right?

    The biggest upset to me would still be if 7 of 9 wins in some way or form, why do people find her so deadly? She’s attractive to every nerd/geek, sure but that doesn’t mean every look(s) can kill …

    As for the Bauer Vs. Malcolm, I once again can’t choose who’ll win. All I know is that it’s going to piss everyone off one way or the other.

    • JR

      At this point I don’t think it matters who matches up against Brisco/Bruce. He pretty much has this competition in the bag due to whoever/whatever is managing to sway so many votes.

      He had just 35 votes in the round against Blane. He has more votes right now than the combined votes of Givens/Nine. I’ve went back into several matches and depending on popularity most ended with the vote TOTAL between 70 & 90 – and in all of those the near 50 votes that Buffy has now would be a clear win. Fishy, to say the least.

      • After the poll closes, we are planning to adjust the vote count to remove the fraudulent votes. Then we’ll get a better sense of who really won this match.

  19. Shannon Nutt

    Are the people voting for Brisco the same people that voted for Tim Bradley? Sheesh!

  20. William Henley

    Are these the numbers AFTER the fraud votes were removed? Is someone using TOR or something to generate new IP addresses to vote? I mean, seriously, there have been like two or three people in the comments saying they are voting for Brisco, with everyone else voting for Buffy. Starting to think we should make it so that you have to login to vote, because I just don’t get it otherwise.

    • Aaron Peck

      No. We’ll adjust it manually. Nothing has been removed yet, but it’s okay since people still voting can’t actually see the totals until they place a vote.