TV Madness: Bauer vs. Reynolds

I know that you’re all dying to know which character really won in the hotly-debated Brisco versus Buffy TV Madness match-up. Unfortunately, we discovered a significant amount of voter fraud in that battle. (Again, this tournament is supposed to be just for fun, people!) We’ll have the answer for you after the jump, along with a new match-up between Mal Reynolds and Jack Bauer.

Short answer: Buffy won. Long answer: Why would anyone try to cheat the system for a contest that’s just for fun? Really, what’s the point? After seeing the lengths that the cheater(s) (you know who you are, and I’m pretty certain that I know who you are) went to in order to move Brisco to the semi-finals, I was both amazed and appalled. There are no prizes associated with this tournament, no outward glory of any kind. It’s just a fun way for our readers to interact and discuss their favorite TV characters. There’s absolutely nothing to be gained by cheating the system, especially when we have detailed IP address logs of everyone who voted.

Anyway, here’s the moral of the story: Cheaters never win. Also, the Hulk lost to a girl, so he’s pissed off and we’re sending him your way.

To put your minds at ease, I tirelessly pored through all of our logs to see if any other rounds or match-ups had been vote-bombed. I found out that, to the best of my knowledge, all the other matches were legit. Brisco versus Buffy appears to be the only match that was severely tampered with. All the other votes cast in the tournament appear to come from organic origins.

Okay, everyone take a breath. Now that we’re done with Briscogate, we can get back to more important things, like figuring out exactly who would win in a battle between Malcolm Reynolds and Jack Bauer.

Malcolm Reynolds – He’s had an extremely tough ride along the way. First, he got past Shane from ‘The Walking Dead’, which wasn’t that hard, but then he had to face ‘Smallville’ Clark Kent and Sylar back-to-back. They were beings with superhuman powers, but Reynolds pulled victories in both. While his supporters would probably note his many merits and say that he deserves to be here, his detractors claim that it’s only the Whedon fanboy vote that has kept Reynolds in the tournament. So, which is it? Does Reynolds really have it, or are the fanboys carrying him?



Jack Bauer – I was fairly certain that no matter where Jack Bauer started that he’d be here as the tournament whittled down to a select few. Over the series run of ’24’, Bauer established himself as the resident badass of television. His kill-count was off the charts. He was always the powerhouse in this tournament, but now he faces a real threat – Mal Reynolds and his legion of fans. Bauer can kick some serious ass, but can he can he kick some Browncoat? That’s the question.



Final Word: Just to be clear, I have a vote too. I cast it directly after writing this post. The Final Word segment is meant for me to explain my reasoning for the way I voted. Does it mean you have to vote that way? Nope. Make up your own minds and hopefully you can give the same kind of explanation in the Comments once you’ve decided which character is more worthy of your vote.

Having said that, I’m voting for Bauer here, for no other reason than I think he’s the baddest character to ever grace the small screen.

Jack Bauer vs. Malcolm Reynolds

  • Jack Bauer (50%, 56 Votes)
  • Malcolm Reynolds (50%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 112

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  1. Shayne Blakeley

    Oh man I’m glad Buffy took out Brisco, that shit had me nervous. We all know I’m skeptical about Bauer, so I had to vote for Mal.

  2. CamSully

    Both have plenty of army experience and fighting skills but as much as I love either one, not even the Firefly ship itself is a match.

    Glad Buffy got some justice after all though.

  3. Brent

    Mal held himself against the agent, who I think (in hand to hand combat) would prove difficult for Jack to beat if at all possible. He’s also a good shot from what I recall of the show.

    Every makes it sound like Mal’s going to walk in making one liners while Jack is armed to the teeth. You send Mal to a fight, he’ll fight.

    Unrelated note: Where has Jack Bristow been in all of this? Sydney’s father was one of the toughest guys I remember from the small screen. One episode, he was stabbed and someone had to reach in the wound to check his organs to make sure they’re not hurt and he didn’t even make a whimper. He would be the one to stomp Bauer in this competition.

    • I agree, Malcom fights. And while Jack usually ends up winning, he tends to get pretty beat up in the process, and turns the whole world on him.

      Plus, I REALLY HATE 24!

      So I may be a bit biased here, but I really think that Malcom would win this battle easily.

  4. John

    If I didnt dislike 24 so much after season 1. I May have voted for Bauer. That said, Mal is just, well he is a big damn hero.

  5. That’s ironic since it’s often the opposite where Mal gets beat to a pulp before he gets the last punch in.

    And where is Special Agent Gibbs from NCIS in all of this. Forget Alias’s father, he’s the real unsung hero in all this.

    • William Henley

      Yeah, it tells you that Fox doesn’t know a hit when they have it. Isn’t that the same network that canceled Family Guy twice?

  6. CamSully

    It’s a shame that Family Guy got on the air to begin with … In the end though, there’s really only 5 good episodes of Firefly with the movie being the main standout.

  7. William Henley

    Doesn’t voting end when a new tournament begins? Could this be our first tie in this tournament?

    • Aaron Peck

      I always set voting to end at 11:00 AM EST (I think…I need Josh to verify what time zone the internals of the blog run on) on the day the next matchup commences. I think that means this one ends in a tie. Tie breakers were defined at the beginning that the tie would go to the character who had the longest running show in number of episodes, which is clearly Bauer.

      • The blog runs on Pacific time (for reasons that I don’t particularly understand myself). If you set the poll to end at 11:00 AM, that would be 2:00 PM EST.

    • Aaron Peck

      Just to reiterate, the poll has closed out on a tie. Bauer takes the tie-breaker. Sorry, Mal fans. Blame Fox for either canceling ‘Firefly’ too soon or running ’24’ way too long.

      • William Henley

        How about both? :-p I am not a 24 fan, but I can see its appeal – but about mid-way through the third season, the show started getting really predictable (my roommate is always watching 24, it amazes me how I can miss like 8 episodes and still know what’s going on – blah).

        But in any case, Firefly should have ran at least another two seasons. Fox just really hated that show – played episodes out of order and put it on opposite Enterprise.