‘True Blood’ 6.06 Recap: “They Call Me a Danger Whore”

‘True Blood’ promised us a major character death, and this is all we get?

Not that I have anything against Terry Bellefleur. He was an endearing, albeit minor supporting character who’d been around since the show’s beginning. But the writers clearly struggled to find things for him to do over the last few seasons, and they warned us last week that he was about to die. This just isn’t a surprise, nor will it significantly affect the direction of the series. In fact, I expect that most of the major characters won’t even hear about it for a while.

In episode ‘Don’t You Feel Me’, Terry gives Lafayette the key to a safety deposit box. This tips Lafayette off that something is wrong, so he tells Arlene. Worried that Terry might commit suicide, Arlene and Holly enlist the help of a friendly vampire to glamour Terry into forgetting all his troubles. He doesn’t remember the Marines. He doesn’t remember the war. All he remembers is that he’s a husband and father with a loving family. For one day, Terry feels genuinely happy for the first time in years. And then the guy he’d hired to kill him shoots him in the neck.

Admittedly, his death scene is very touching. Arlene rushes out, cradles his head in her lap, and tells him to think of all the good things in his life. Then he fades away in her arms. This is perhaps the most peace he could hope for, even if the storyline that led to this event feels terribly contrived.

Other Stuff That Happens
  • On the plus side, we eliminate at least two contenders for “Big Bad” this week. It’s not the ghost of Sookie’s father. As he attempts to drown his daughter, Warlow rushes in to save her and then uses his fairy magic to blast the spirit out of Lafayette’s body. Sookie tells him that she wants him out of her life forever, and a dejected Ghost Daddy sulks away. Aww, how sad for the bigoted, homicidal poltergeist who had just tried to murder his own child 30 seconds earlier. How did he expect her to react?
  • It’s also not Governor Burrell. After communing with Lilith again, Bill drinks the sample of Warlow’s blood, which allows him to confront the governor in broad daylight. He uses his telekinetic powers to make all the governor’s guards kill each other, then rips Burrell’s head off. (The prosthetic is less than convincing.)
  • Jason joins the LAVTF in order to get into the prison to rescue Jessica. He finds Sarah Newlin in charge there, and the two have to pretend not to know one another. (Jason threatens to tell the governor about their tryst the other night.) Sarah decides to torture Jason by making him watch a “Copulation Study” involving Jessica and another vampire. The other vamp refuses to rape Jessica, but Sarah’s point is made.
  • Andy’s surviving daughter wants him to give her a real name that will also remind her of her sisters. He comes up with Adilyn Brylynn Charlene Danica. That’s a mouthful.
  • When Eric and Pam refuse to fight each other in gladiatorial combat, the governor and his crazy doctor inject Nora with a virus they call “Hepatitis V.” Later, Willa glamours a guard and rescues Eric, who sneaks around the facility in disguise and discovers the governor’s plan to contaminate a new batch of Tru Blood with the virus. This could be a vampire holocaust.
  • Sam gives little Emma back to her grandmother Martha, on the condition that Martha not return to her pack. Alcide catches up with Sam later and lets him live, on a similar condition that he never come back to Shreveport or Bon Temps.
  • When Bill tries to summon Warlow back to him, Sookie whisks him away to the fairy dimension. He asks her to tie him up, because he fears that he won’t be able to resist feeding on her when night falls. As they wait it out, Sookie acknowledges that she has a history of falling for men who are bad for her. Rather than try to change her ways, she decides to give in to her nature, strips off all her clothes, and fucks Warlow into an orgasmic explosion of fairy light. Yes, this is really how the episode ends.

It had been a while since we’ve seen Anna Paquin get nekkid. She looks pretty damn good for a woman who just had twins ten months ago (probably eight or less at the time of filming).


  1. Yeah, they kill off the one character with no significant storyline to begin with. Not exactly a ‘Game of Thrones’ move, was it?

    I DID read this week that they’re using this season to try and return to the kind of limited, ‘small town’ storytelling of the first couple of seasons, so that’s promising at least.

    I still think this season is a big improvement over the last several.

  2. Josh Zyber

    I’ll give the writers of True Blood this much. At least they know enough to kill the evil Governor as soon as a character gets the chance, unlike a certain other popular show about the undead. 🙂

  3. Great review man! I’ve been searching everywhere for a review that actually points out what I’ve been thinking all along: this is seriously the MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH they have been teasing us about? I like Terry also but I agree, his death does not impact the series in any way. I’m very disappointed if this is the writers idea of a major character death. Supporting character? Yes. Major? Absolutely not. Great review man.

    • T.J. Kats

      The way it could (possibly) impact the series is it could be a reason to get people back in and around Bon Temps which as Shannon mentioned supposedly the goal of the new show runner.

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