‘True Blood’ 5.04 Recap: “They Can Just Go Bite Me”

Everybody hates Sookie. That’s the gist of this week’s episode of ‘True Blood’. Given how annoying her character has become in recent seasons, I can’t say that I disagree with the sentiment. It’s kind of a problem when a show’s lead character is the least interesting person in the cast.

First off, Alcide is mad at Sookie for killing Debbie. He’ll get over that by the end of the episode, though. Lafayette is mad at her for confessing to Jason and asking to be arrested. (Jason, who’s one of the few people not mad at her, won’t let Sookie turn herself in.) Tara is of course pissed at Sookie for turning her into a vampire. When she goes to work and tries to act like everything is normal, Sookie is overwhelmed reading the thoughts of pretty much everyone in town (especially Arlene) who think she’s an awful person for turning her best friend into a vampire. Which, frankly, she is.

Lafayette has problems controlling his inner demon, and may be taking this out on Sookie. As she drives home, Sookie’s car is taken over by some magical force and crashes into a telephone poll. (She jumps out in time.)

Eventually, Sookie decides to just go home and drink her troubles away. Because that’s always a great idea. Alcide, who lied to Debbie’s parents about who killed their daughter (he said that Marcus did it), stops by to tell Sookie that he’s not mad at her anymore, and they both get piss-drunk together. From outside the window, Bill and Eric watch Sookie and Alcide make out. So I’m going to guess that Bill isn’t really thrilled with her at the moment either.

Other Stuff That Happens
  • Pam of course saves Tara from killing herself in the tanning bed, and orders her not to try it again. Pam also forces Tara to drink from a human, which she swore she’d never do.
  • Eric thinks that Pam dug up Russell Edgington. They have a heart-to-heart where Pam convinces him that she could never betray him. He believes her, but releases her from their vampire bond anyway, so as to protect her.
  • Roman believes that there’s another traitor in the Authority. He gets Nora to give up her co-conspirator by threatening Eric. To bring his people back in line, Roman stakes the little kid vampire in front of all the other Chancellors. It’s a grisly scene.
  • We get a flashback to Terry’s time in Afghanistan, which explains his PTSD. He and his unit got high on drugs and massacred a village of civilians. In the present day, while tracking down their loose-cannon former buddy, Terry and Patrick prove themselves incompetent and let him get the jump on them.
  • Somebody kills a couple of Sam’s shifter friends. I’m guessing Marcus’ mom?
  • The corrupt judge invites Andy and Jason to join him at an exclusive party, which turns out to be held in a fairy brothel. The scene weirdly plays like something out of ‘Showgirls’. Andy runs into his fairy girlfriend who raped him in the field, so he’s happy about that. Jason runs into his cousin Hadley, who inadvertently says something about vampires having killed his parents, which he didn’t know.

All in all, episode ‘We’ll Meet Again’ is OK, I guess. I still can’t give a crap about the Terry storyline, and I’m not happy about the return of the fairies, but the scene where Eric releases Pam is a nicely emotional moment for both characters. I also like Pam’s storyline about having to develop mothering instincts for Tara.

Plot-wise, the episode mostly spins its wheels. Not much of import happens. A the same time, I didn’t dislike anything in it too much. While I may not feel overly enthusiastic about the episode, that pretty much mirrors my feelings for the season as a whole so far.

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