The Trailer Park: Mastering Kryptonite

Expectations mount for Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest drama about damaged people in a kinda, sorta history of Scientology, while Zack Snyder tackles the ‘Man of Steel’ for a second reboot.

‘The Master’

I’m really excited for Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as a WWII veteran turned drifter, not only because the film in which he stars has Paul Thomas Anderson at the helm, but also for its highly intriguing plot. Set in 1950s upper-class society, much of the story features an uncanny resemblance to the life of L. Ron Hubbard and the formation of his religious organization, Scientology. I love the simplicity yet utterly captivating structure of this trailer, which expresses a great deal while saying very little. It’s very nicely done.

‘Man of Steel’

I like the Superman mythos, so of course I’ll give Zack Snyder’s new attempt to make the Son of Krypton relevant again a watch, especially after Bryan Singer’s mediocre but ultimately failed attempt. Unfortunately, I don’t have the utmost confidence in Snyder to successfully pull this off, particularly since Henry Cavill doesn’t exactly fit with the image of the comic-book legend. Still, I’m willing to give it a chance. Sadly, this teaser trailer leaves me cold. It feels a bit too emo for my tastes. It’s very somber and pretty melodramatic.

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  1. Alex

    Isn’t there two Man of Steel trailers out? One has Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) doing the voice-over and one has Jor-El (Russell Crowe).

  2. JM

    ‘Man of Steel’ looks so ‘Pearl Harbor’-y, but I don’t understand the sonic tutu.

    ‘Lord of the Rings’ music is nice, but I prefer the internet mashup with John William’s classic ‘Superman’ theme.

  3. JM

    Today’s 5-minute international trailer for ‘Cloud Atlas’ is the most exciting sci-fi I’ve seen in ages.

    • M. Enois Duarte

      You mean the same one that’s being pulled just as quickly as it goes up. Looks like the folks at the Warner Bros are working extra hard today to prevent early leaks. The 5-min preview is now gone.

    • Barsoom Bob

      I just saw that also and it does look pretty amazing. It seems remarkably mature and restrained coming after Speed Racer and Ninja Assasain, but it also looks to be a little all over the place the way The Fountain was, but you can color me very interested for now.

  4. Kelly

    Barsoom Bob: I thought Speed Racer was brilliant. I don’t know if you’re meaning they did, but the Wachowski’s didn’t direct Ninja Assassin. That would be James McTeigue.

    E:’s trailers page still has the 5 minute trailer for Cloud Atlas up. I just watched it. It looks quite intriguing!