The Trailer Park: When Reboots Attack!

This summer finds studios revisiting two franchises from the last decade in hopes of reigniting new interest. The previews make both movies look interesting, but that only means they’re serving their function as expected. Nevertheless, each franchise has its fan base, so there’s a lot riding on these reboots.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Finally, we get a better look at the new ‘Spider-Man’, and it actually looks great! From the little we see, the comic book actioner is a small part remake with an origins story at the start, but seems to mostly follow a reboot angle. Basically, it’s a do-over without really touching on anything that Sam Raimi did. In fact, from the preview, we see none of the previous villains. Instead, the new movie introduces Dr. Curt Connors, who later becomes The Lizard, to the franchise, which is actually awesome! Andrew Garfield does an amazing job as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I can’t wait to see this.

‘The Bourne Legacy’

Since first reading reports of the new ‘Bourne’ movie without Matt Damon, I was not only skeptical of the possibility, but even thought that it was a stupid idea. For the most part, this two-minute preview has alleviated many of my concerns, yet it hasn’t completely convinced me that it will work. I’d hate for the franchise to fail, but devoid of Damon’s presence, that could very well happen. I like Jeremy Renner as the next agent from the mysterious program to go rogue, and I wonder about Edward Norton’s connection in all of it. The movie looks entertaining, but we’ll see if it’s really any good.

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  1. JM

    The new trailer for ‘The Raid’ is amazing, despite the lame subtitle.

    ‘Spider-Man’ looks meh. It has no gravitas. Emma Stone and Denis Leary aren’t being given anything to play with. They made Rhys Ifans a cutout villain. And Andrew Garfield looks too british. This was written by the same screenwriter of ‘Spider-Man 3.’ Maybe the kids will like it.

    ‘The Bourne Legacy’ is shaping up to be one sexy cupcake. I love that they handed the franchise to Tony Gilroy, writer-director of ‘Michael Clayton.’ This should become the American James Bond series. Every few films, bring in a new director and a new lead. Quentin Tarantino always wanted to do a bond movie. They should give him the next Bourne reboot.

    Still, the 2nd most epic trailer of the day is the new ‘Wrath Of The Titans.’

  2. CK

    I like the idea of replacing Bourne, if they insist on making another sequel, instead of dragging Bourne’s story out anymore. Hopefully it won’t be just more of the same.

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