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Will the summer movie line-up already in full swing, now is the time when studios unveil their previews for the holiday season, hoping to create a little buzz as early as possible. This week’s trailers mostly feature sequels. While two of them will come at the end of the year, one graphic novel adaptation won’t hit theaters until next March.

‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t much care for the first ‘Anchorman’ movie, so seeing the trailer for this sequel generates little interest from me. I remember Paul Rudd and Steve Carell’s characters being the best element and getting the majority of the laughs, but Ferrell’s self-centered, idiotic newscaster Ron Burgundy was horribly annoying. If I have any desire to ever watch this follow-up, it will be for Rudd and Carell, and that’s it. Maybe I’ll catch it for free on television sometime.

‘300: Rise of an Empire’

Fifteen years since the publication of his comic series ‘300’, and seven years since the movie adaptation, Frank Miller’s follow-up, entitled ‘Xerxes’, is reportedly complete, though apparently not coming out any time soon. In the meantime, comic fans will have to settle for another Zack Snyder adaptation, which looks largely like a repeat of the first movie. Snyder co-wrote the screenplay and is producing, but this one is directed Noam Murro (‘Smart People’). I never thought much of the original movie, and I think I’ll settle for catching the sequel on Blu-ray.

‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’

As I mentioned in my review of the first ‘Hobbit’ movie, I enjoyed Peter Jackson’s take on the book, but ultimately felt underwhelmed, like it had a whole lot going on with little payoff. From the looks of the trailer, the sequel could either be more of the same, or be tons better. At the moment, because I rather like the preview, I’m leaning towards better. However, I can already tell that Jackson has made some big alterations from the original Tolkien book. Radagast the Brown seems to have a more prominent role, while a completely new character has been invented for Evangeline Lilly. At least Beorn and Smaug will make major appearances. I’m a little hesitant after the last movie, but I’m also hopeful for better results in this sequel.

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  1. Timcharger

    If there is a scene with Eva Green and Lena
    Headey, that would reason enough for me to see
    300 Rise of an Empire.

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