The Trailer Park: Fraser & Cage Get Animated

Early 2013 will bring us more animated films. An alien Brendan Fraser crash-lands on Earth, while a hairy Nicolas Cage runs from the End.

‘Escape from Planet Earth’

This trailer had me chuckling in a few spots, but it never really got me excited. It kind of looks like a cheap, straight-to-video knock-off of ‘Monsters vs. Aliens‘. The production team behind this Weinstein release, Rainmaker Entertainment, isn’t exactly known for memorable animated features, and helmer Cal Brunker is making a big jump from storyboard artist to director. This basically means that I’ll walk totally blind into this movie when it hits Blu-ray.

‘The Croods’

I think this just about proves that Nicolas Cage is the world’s greatest living actor. The man can do anything, including pretending to be an animated caveman. All kidding aside, this latest family flick from Chris Sanders, who has a long history of making good animated films, looks like plenty of cute fun. However, I can’t figure out if the plot takes place in the prehistoric Stone Age, or if this is a completely different planet altogether. The film is also the first DreamWorks production to be distributed by 20th Century Fox, instead of usual partner Paramount Pictures.

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  1. CK

    I’m getting annoyed at all the animated movies with regular actors doing the voices. It rarely adds anything to the movie and I would think there are probably plenty of talented voice actors out there who could do the job just as well and could really use work.

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