The Trailer Park: No, It’s Not Another ‘Solaris’ Remake

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock get lost in space in this week’s collection of movie trailers. Also, modern-day pirates prove they’re far scarier than Johnny Depp impersonating Keith Richards.

‘The World’s End’

Finally, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite to complete their so-called “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy” (a.k.a. the “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy”). They kicked things off with a zombie horror comedy, then spoofed the ’80s buddy-cop genre. Now, the team finishes the loosely-connected trilogy with an alien invasion parody. The preview is a total blast and makes the movie look like it will melt your head with sheer awesomeness. I can’t wait!

‘Captain Phillips’

To hell with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. This new action thriller from Paul Greengrass looks epic. The film adaptation of the real-life hijacking of the Maersk Alabama by modern-day pirates looks and sounds like a pretty damn frightening experience. Of course, this could just mean that the trailer does a fine job of building suspense, and the movie might end up boring. I’ll likely wait for reviews, but will eventually catch it on Blu-ray for sure.


Granted, we only get the gist of the movie’s plot, but this trailer is very well done and actually gave me chills. The thought of facing such a disaster while hovering over Earth’s atmosphere is terrifying enough, but witnessing it in epic detail, seeing every part of the space station and shuttle (the only spaces to provide you with safety) completely destroyed is really damn scary. I was already sold and pumped to see the film when I heard that Alfonso Cuarón was attached as writer and director, but this teaser raises my level of anticipation significantly.

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