The Trailer Park: Do I Look Funny to You?

The good, the bad and the downright vomit-inducing ugly – that’s what we get when we take a quick peek at the latest upcoming comedies. From the ‘Hangover’ wannabes and the genre-benders to what Adam Sandler considers family entertainment, this is a small sample of what Hollywood thinks you’re willing to pay for a cheap laugh. Sometimes you wonder who are the bigger fools, those making such stupid comedies, or those willing to fork over hard-earned cash for nothing in return.

‘A Good Old Fashioned Orgy’

This is what happens when audiences turn a flick like ‘The Hangover‘, a raunchy throwback to ’80s wild-party comedies, into a major box-office hit. We end up with a string of other raunchy throwbacks trying to capitalize on its success. And much like that record-breaking feature, this orgy of actors comes with a TV star in ‘SNL’ alumnus Jason Sudeikis and its own annoying, hairy fat guy (Tyler Labine). Let’s just face it; the movie is pretty much going to be a retread of the drunken events leading up to the debauchery before everyone forgets the next day. And Labine is essentially a wannabe Zach Galifianakis. The preview failed to pull a single laugh out of me, so I expect the movie to do pretty much the same.

‘Knights of Badassdom’

It was only a matter of time since the release of ‘Role Models‘ that someone would attempt another movie about LARPs. And better still to have it threatened by real magic and a sexy succubus on a murderous rampage. With Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage and ‘True Blood‘ star Ryan Kwanten in the leads, the movie looks like it might deliver a few good chuckles… unless the makers of the preview have exhausted all the jokes. I like the idea of a power chair decorated like a Roman chariot. That’s pretty darn funny.

‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’

Finally, a motion picture that examines the helpless victim-turned-hero versus the crazed, bloodthirsty maniac dichotomy so often seen in cinema. It’s sure to be a brilliantly crafted exercise on genre tropes, as it takes the perspective of the much-maligned and clearly misunderstood “hillbilly archetype” within horror films. The lines between good and evil – misconstrued, biased judgments and enlightened balanced intelligence – are clearly blurred to the extent of practically vanquishing any distinction between the two subjects. The film seems to be positing those arbitrary notions as artificial constructs of bourgeois ideology, thus exposing those political machinations as intentional foundations for warfare within the classes, and distracting the masses from the real enemy.

Or, it could just be another silly horror comedy. Either way, it looks like a total blast.

‘Jack and Jill’

Why is it that Adam Sandler keeps teasing audiences like this? He reveals such promise and displays genuine acting skills one minute, then he reverts back to his usual debased shtick the next. Movies like this should be considered inhumane punishment. Is this really what Sandler considers family entertainment? Even more horrifying than Sandler dressed as a woman is imagining the legendary Al Pacino attracted to him/her/it… Sorry, I just gagged a little there for a second. No, wait . . . there’s some dry-heaving too. Aw, dear God, I can’t even finish watching this. It’s so horrifyingly awful and painful to bear. Here, I’ll just let George C. Scott better express how I feel about this trailer:

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  1. That George C Scott thing was funnier than any of the other trailers…..

    But, “Tucker And Dale vs Evil” could be pretty funny too. Alan Tudyk is hilarious (did you catch him in the original “Death At A Funeral”?).

    Hollywood mediocrity continues to reign. Thanks for starting Monday off with a “Meh” guys! 🙂

  2. Brandon Erwin

    I saw Tucker and Dale a while back. Whether I absolutely loved it because of its quality or my love for all things pre-remake slasher, I enjoyed it more than I expected. Being a comedy, I really did not expect so much gore, but the lighthearted romantic aspects and laugh-out-loud sections really helped make it seem like more than just a gorror.

  3. M. Enois Duarte

    I have yet to watch the original ‘Death at a Funeral’ and I really do need to.

    I’ve heard good things so far from the festival circuits, so I hope ‘Tucker & Dale’ delivers the laughs.

    There’s also ‘The Guard,’ which released last week in the U.S., that looks hilarious.

  4. Kraff

    Uh, dude, Sudeikis is on SNL, not the Daily Show, and the orgy movie was supposedly filmed in 08, i.e., BEFORE the Hangover was made, ergo, how could it be a wannabe before it be?

  5. Brian H

    On the one hand, “Jack and Jill” is one of the worst things anywhere ever. And yet, on the other hand, it makes me think that if they had just found a female actress to play the sister role, how Jack and Jill would me considerably less inhumane.

    So maybe that is the purpose, to lower the bar so far that the next Adam Sandler/ Zoo Keeper/ Gridiron family type movie seems so much more watchable.

    And really if you think that it is a good idea to cast an actor in co-leading roles- please consider if the actor is closer in capability/versatility to Peter Sellers or to Jean Claude Van Damme. Then recast the other role.

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