‘Terra Nova’ 1.10 Recap: “Isn’t It a Lousy Day to Be You?”

With the holiday and everything else going on last week, I decided to skip doing a recap for one episode of ‘Terra Nova’. I’m sure that you’re all heartbroken about that. For some reason, perhaps morbid curiosity at this point, I’ve decided to follow through with this series. So, let’s catch up, shall we?

In the previous week’s episode, called ‘Vs.’, we learned that a general from the future had been sent to the colony to relieve Commander Taylor from his position of leadership. Taylor murdered him and hid the body in the jungle. Jim, upon learning this, seems to be perfectly fine with it. Huh.

Jim and Taylor discovered that the Sixers had been communicating with their spy in the colony via a trained courier dragonfly (yeah, really). Taylor tried to use the dragonfly to root out the spy, but it led to Jim’s house. He’d obviously been set up, so nothing much came of this.

Oh, and the colony staged a really awful Thanksgiving pageant in which Jim’s youngest daughter Zoey put on a fake beard and played Taylor.

This week’s episode is called ‘Now You See Me’. The colony is in lock-down due to the spy, but Taylor decides to go off into the jungle alone to search for his son. He leaves Jim in charge, who goes a little power mad with PATRIOT Act abuses of civil rights. Because this show airs on the Fox network, this is depicted as a good thing.

While searching the jungle, Taylor gets captured by Mira. In short order, he gets the drop on her and takes her prisoner instead. Then the two of them get stalked by a couple of dinosaurs, and have to work together to survive. Naturally, they develop a grudging respect for one another. Eventually, Taylor just lets Mira go. She does, at least, inform him that his son has been trying to make the time portal go both ways.

Back at the colony, we find out that Skye is the Sixer spy. But she’s, like, totally still a good person and everything. You see, everyone in the colony thinks that Skye’s parents died during an epidemic a few years earlier. Really, the Sixers have her mother, and have been keeping her alive with a cure for the fever that only they have. If Skye wants her mother to live, she has to keep spying for them.

Hmm, a kidnapped loved one… That sounds a lot like the reason that the little girl from a few episodes ago was spying, and pretty much the same reason why Mira works for the baddies from the future in the first place. Basically, all of the villains in this show are really just misunderstood, you see.

Jim gets onto the spy’s trail and almost discovers that it’s Skye when he finds a drop of her blood. He asks Elizabeth to analyze the DNA, but Skye destroys the sample before the testing can be completed. However, he has narrowed the suspect pool down to only 47 people, and knows that the spy is female.

Best moment in the episode: Having lost his gun, Taylor sets a dinosaur on fire.

There, we’re pretty much up to speed now. Wasn’t that easy?


  1. I finally saw the Blackout episode last night. I really got to get caught up on this show. There is a couple of things I have seemed to notice. Why is it that every episode seems to start off with the teenagers being caught outside of the compound (you would think they would have learned by now), and, while I get that they are an advanced civilization, you would think that they would have been smart enough to have manual overrides or some type of mechanical backups on devices for exactly this type of situation. The concept that the crawl space is just big enough for a five-year-old girl to crawl through is a little far-fetched as well.

    • Josh Zyber

      You’re right on the nose there, William. Especially when it comes to the guns. This military really doesn’t have ANY guns that don’t rely on electronic firing pins? Seems like poor preparedness to me.

      • And I just saw the next episode. So, instead of simply lifting fingerprints from the hosptial, they instead go out looking for people who have deep bruises all over them. I mean, couldn’t the kid have at least have worn gloves or something? Then the fact that he had a “Copy” of his mom’s ID badge that didn’t open the door – come on, just check the computer records for the “access denied” code. I think the only reason I am still watching the show is that its probably the only half-way good action show on TV right now. Well, that and Hell on Wheels.

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