Warning: Playing Real-Life Superhero Is an Incredibly Stupid Idea

Comic book stories about superheroes have remained a staple of cinema and television screens for decades. Over the last couple of years, a peculiar sub-genre has permutated in which ordinary people get inspired by comics to dress up and imitate their favorite heroes. I’m of course thinking to ‘Kick-Ass‘ as the most famous example – but also the likes of ‘Defendor’, ‘Super‘, and even ‘Watchmen‘ to some extent. Lately, life has started to imitate art, and real people are playing out these LARP fantasies on actual city streets, attempting to disrupt actual criminals. These people are idiots.

Recently, one moron in Seattle who calls himself Phoenix Jones tried to break up a fight on the street when the men turned on him, pulled a gun, and broke his nose. Despite this, he seems unfazed and unlikely to have learned his lesson. Here’s the news report:

This isn’t funny. This is asinine. It won’t be long before one of these jackasses gets killed.

If you know anyone stupid enough to do something like this, you need to hold an intervention to stop him or her. Today.

[via Topless Robot]


  1. EM

    And you probably do know whether you know such any such people, as they likely aren’t nearly so effective at concealing their secret identities as, say, Superman is (even if they try a lot harder than just using a pair of glasses).

  2. Sam

    If you know anyone stupid enough to do something like this, they obviously aren’t protecting their secret identity well enough.

  3. rick

    Why doesn’t someone try to steal from the rich and give to the poor? I think that these homemade super heroes are Greedy!Go old school, Robin Hood

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