‘Supergirl’ 2.02 Recap: “#TooMuchFun”

After a strong premiere last week (which resulted in The CW’s highest ratings for a Monday night show since 2008), the Girl of Steel is still hanging out with the Man of Steel in the second episode of ‘Supergirl’ this season.

This week’s entry gets underway with Supergirl and Superman making the rounds in National City, starting with putting out a large fire, then racing off to stop a robbery. Back at the DEO, J’onn is less than happy that Superman is still in town and isn’t particularly nice to him when he returns to headquarters.

Meanwhile, the operation on John Corben at Project Cadmus is complete. He’s fitted with a Kryptonite heart/power source (think Iron Man) and has been renamed “Metallo.”

Kara returns to work for her first official day as a reporter and is introduced to her new boss, Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez), who’s supposed to take her under his wing and train her as a reporter. Snapper is balding, middle-aged, and kind of schlubby, and seems totally disinterested in Kara.

That night, Clark joins Kara and Alex for “Sister’s Night” at Kara’s apartment, where he tells Kara that it’s time for him to head back to Metropolis. When the two see a news story about a man getting ready to jump off a bridge, they fly off together to save the day one last time. The jumper turns out to be Metallo, however. He blasts Superman backwards with a Kryptonite beam that shoots out of his chest.

During an extended fight, Supergirl gets hit with a Kryptonite beam as well, and Metallo is revealed to be a cyborg with a robotic endoskeleton. Superman is finally able to knock him for a loop and then flies Kara back to DEO headquarters. Superman demands to know how someone outside the DEO got their hands on Kryptonite, and J’onn confesses that some was stolen. On a TV broadcast, Project Cadmus introduce themselves to the world and call out both Superman and Supergirl as dangerous. Superman says that he needs to go to the Fortress of Solitude to work on a way to stop Metallo. J’onn agrees to join him there.

Back at work, Kara is surprised and upset when Snapper rejects her as his new employee. She goes to complain to Cat, only to discover that Cat is taking a leave of absence from CatCo. However, she encourages Kara to stick up for herself and her new reporter position.

At Project Cadmus, Metallo wants another shot at Superman and Supergirl, but the woman in charge (Brenda Strong) claims that she’s ready to launch “Phase 2” and has her men drag off one of her assistants for whatever this new phase entails.

Superman and J’onn arrive at the Fortress of Solitude. J’onn tells Superman that the reason he held on to the Kryptonite is because he doesn’t want the people of Earth to suffer the same fate as Mars. Superman tells J’onn he doesn’t hate him, but he doesn’t trust him either.

Kara tells Alex about how she thinks it would be a good idea if she moved to Metropolis to be with her cousin. This angers Alex, who reminds Kara that Superman abandoned her at their parents’ doorstep.

Examining the remnant of molecules left on his body by Metallo, Superman’s robot assistant at the Fortress of Solitude discovers traces of promethium, and Superman surmises that must be what Metallo’s endoskeleton is made of. Scanning the city for signs of the element, Winn determines where Metallo is. When Superman and Supergirl fly there to confront him, they learn that he’s just acting as a decoy. A second Metallo has been created (from the assistant mentioned earlier) and he’s now in the process of attacking innocents in Metropolis. Superman and Supergirl arrive in Krypton Park in Metropolis to find that it’s pretty much been leveled by the second Metallo.

After complaining that she hasn’t had a date in two years (join the club!), Alex learns from Winn that Kryptonite gives off a residue that can be traced. She and Winn then use this fact to track down the mole within the DEO who stole some and gave it to Cadmus. Naturally, it’s a character we haven’t seen before now. His name is McGill. Alex sets him up by asking him to make a delivery of Kryptonite to a new facility, but when she catches him stealing some red-handed, the woman from Cadmus shows up to shoot McGill and take Alex hostage.

After the woman (whose name I don’t think the show has provided yet) running Cadmus suggests to Alex that her father is actually working with her, Alex gets the drop on a couple of the guards and – with Supergirl’s help – manages to get free. Supergirl apologizes to her adoptive sister about saying she wanted to leave National City.

Returning to the DEO, Winn finishes making new protective armor for the super cousins, which covers the shields on both their uniforms. They then decide to team up to fight the dual Metallos. Superman joins J’onn to take on the second Metallo in Metropolis while Alex (in the Kryptonite armor she donned in Season 1) pairs with Supergirl to fight the original Metallo in National City. After a long battle in both locations, the two villains are disabled and defeated.

Supergirl meets with Cat on the balcony outside her office to say her goodbyes. Switching back into her Kara persona, she learns that Jimmy (whom we haven’t seen up until this point in the episode) is taking over Cat’s old job. This seems like a huge promotion given his prior position. Kara turns in a story on the two Metallos to Snapper, who continues to insult her but takes the story anyway. Superman says his goodbyes at the DEO and J’onn turns over the remaining Kryptonite to him.

The episode ends with Supergirl looking over the still unconscious Kryptonian she found in the pod, when the man suddenly wakes up and starts choking her.

Episode Verdict

If the first two episodes of this season are any indication, this year’s batch of episodes will move along at a much faster pace than Season 1. I already feel that we’ve gotten more story jammed into these first couple of episodes than the series provided in the entire first half of last year. With Superman now gone for the time being and Cat now out of the picture, it will be interesting to see if things stay as exciting. Regardless, this is another really entertaining episode.


  1. My DVR really doesn’t want me to watch Supergirl this season. Although I made sure to set a new series recording when the show switched networks, the cable guide keeps flipping the episode listings from “New” to “Repeat” on the day they air. (They look fine the day before.) Twice now I’ve had to wait a day to watch On-Demand with forced commercials.

    This episode is OK, but the fact that the anti-Kryptonite armor only covered the “S” logos on their costumes was really dumb. Good thing the bad guys could only shoot them right in that specific spot and never tried aiming for any other body parts (like their heads). Cat’s final goodbye scene also made me want to scream, “HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY NOT TELL THAT SUPERGIRL IS KARA, YOU TOTAL DUNCE??!!”

  2. T.J. Kats


    My daughter is ten and had pretty much the same reaction. I don’t know how the wears glasses thing has worked for Super Man for 70+ years.

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