‘Supergirl’ 1.19 Recap: “Hope Is Stronger Than Fear”

That’s it? That’s all that “Myriad” is? After weeks of waiting to see what Non’s big plan was for taking over the Earth, we finally find out in the penultimate episode of ‘Supergirl’ – and, honestly, it’s kind of stupid.

After taking a week off, ‘Supergirl’ returns to action as the citizens of National City have all been turned into a bunch of mindless zombies. That mind control includes agents at the DEO, where Lucy carries out Non’s orders to free all the prisoners, except the White Martian. He wants nothing to do with that one. Lucy sets free a hot redhead alien named Maxima (played by former professional wrestler Eve Torres), who I thought was going to be this episode’s Villain-of-the-Week. But no, Supergirl shows up, stops Maxima and all the other aliens from escaping, and that’s all the excitement we get this week… at least in terms of cleavage.

Flying off to the Fortress of Solitude, Supergirl asks Superman’s pet robot what it can tell her about Myriad. The robot isn’t talking, but a hologram of Supergirl’s mother pops up and tells her that Myriad is a mind control weapon that Astra developed and planned to use on Krypton. Wait, that’s it? I assumed the whole mind control thing was just a first step in whatever Non planned to do – but the mind control itself is actually Myriad? What a disappointment. I mean, if you’re a super-villain, where’s the fun in ruling over a bunch of mindless drones? Seems counter-productive to enjoying your dictatorship, but whatever…

Supergirl flies back to National City and checks out things at CatCo, where all her fellow co-workers (including a woman she says hello to, but whom we’ve never seen before on the series… take notes, this will pay off later) are sitting in zombie-like states, typing away at their computers (doing work for Non, I suppose, but we’re never told what). Cat shows up at work completely unaffected by Myriad, and cracks a joke about Harrison Ford, which it sure took the show writers long enough to make. Although Supergirl learned at the Fortress of Solitude that Superman was off-world, I guess he’s back, because she gets a text from Clark saying he’s on his way. However, as soon as Supergirl sees Superman flying towards her, he’s taken over by the mind control and joins the others walking in unison down on the streets.

Max Lord shows up and explains to Supergirl and Cat that he’s developed ion blockers to prevent Non from taking over his mind. Cat isn’t affected because Max sent her a pair of earrings with the blockers built in, and she conveniently wore them to work. Supergirl asks him why she’s not affected but Superman is, and Max suggests it’s because Superman’s brain is more Earthling-like, having been raised on the planet since he was a baby, while Kara didn’t come to Earth until after her brain was fully developed.

Next, Non pops into the CatCo office and starts rambling about his plans to spread his mind control across the globe. To prove he’s in charge, he makes Jimmy, Winn and that girl we haven’t seen before this week (see, I told you she was important) jump off the building. Even as fast as she is, Supergirl can only save two of them. Guess which one she lets splatter on the pavement?

If you’ve wondered what happened to J’onn and Alex, they’ve been on the run. Alex is wearing a blonde wig and J’onn has taken the shape of a young boy. They stop at the Danvers family house for some supplies. Alex’s mom (Helen Slater) tells them about what’s going on in National City. J’onn announces that he’s going back to stop Non, and Alex insists that she’s going as well. J’onn tries to stop her from coming, but finally agrees when Alex suggests that he use his mind-control abilities to block Myriad from taking over her brain.

Max has a plan to get rid of Non and all the other Kryptonians. It seems he’s developed a kryptonite bomb that, if exploded over the city, will kill Non and his followers and only result in killing 8% of the city’s human population (or about 300,000 people, as Cat points out). It will mean Supergirl having to stay out of the city for about 50 years, but she seems perfectly fine with Max’s plan (which has already been approved by the President) until Cat has a one-on-one with her and talks her out of it. Going back to Max, she tells him she has a better plan to fight Non. When asked what it is, Supergirl says she’s going to fight him with “hope.” Well, I’m glad she really thought this one out.

Oh, did I mention that Indigo/Brainiac 8 is back in this episode? No? That’s probably because I hate this character. Anyway, after talking Non’s ear off for most of this entry, she shows up to fight J’onn and Alex at the episode’s conclusion. After it looks like the Martian Manhunter has taken care of her by blowing her up inside a small shed, Indigo emerges and turns one of her hands into a long stabbing weapon (T-1000 style) to impale J’onn in the chest, leaving him injured. She then brings Alex back to Non and they take over her mind.

Whatever Supergirl’s plan is, it involves Cat (along with Max) returning to an old abandoned TV station (which, for some reason, never had its equipment removed) and powering it up for a broadcast. Supergirl hears a noise outside and goes to see what it is. It’s Alex, in a robotic suit partially made of Kryptonite. Under Non’s control, she’s come to fight her adoptive sister, and the episode ends with the two women flying at each other, ready to engage in combat.

Is it just me, or is a lot of the story here derivative of ‘Batman v. Superman’? First you’ve got a threat to the city that results in the President okaying the use of a powerful weapon to stop the bad guys, and then an ending where our Kryptonian hero has to fight an average human in armor. Heck, Alex even has a kryptonite sword (the same one she killed Astra with) that looks similar to the Kryptonite spear that Batman used on Superman. If next week’s finale ends with Supergirl “dying,” I’m going to be annoyed. Not Negan hitting the camera with a baseball bat annoyed, but fairly annoyed.

This week was primarily all setup for the finale, but I didn’t enjoy this episode very much. How did everyone else feel?

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