More Summer TV to Watch: What Goes Around Comes Around

A couple weeks ago, I posted an overview of notable shows on the summer TV schedule. Well, it turns out that I missed a bunch, including some that I watch or plan to watch. In fact, I missed so many that I’m going to split them up into two new posts, one for older series coming back for another go-round, and one for brand new shows. So, let’s start by taking a look some returning favorites.

To recap my last post, I highlighted the following: ‘True Blood’ (HBO), ‘Rescue Me’ (FX), ‘Mad Men’ (AMC)’, ‘The Closer’ (TNT), ‘Saving Grace’ (TNT), ‘Leverage’ (TNT), ‘HawthoRNe’ (TNT), ‘Burn Notice’ (USA), ‘Royal Pains’ (USA), ‘White Collar’ (USA), ‘Flashpoint’ (CBS), and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (Fox).

I’m not sure how I could have forgotten that ‘Entourage‘ returns to HBO for its seventh season on June 27th. Actually, that doesn’t surprise me after all. I used to love this show in its prime, but it clearly peaked around the time of the Aquaman storyline in Seasons 2 and 3. Since then, it’s been coasting. The last couple of seasons were quite underwhelming. I think that this is just a show that has outlived its usefulness. One of my favorite TV bloggers (sadly, recently discontinued) described the series as like being in an old relationship, one where you still like the person and want to hang around with him/her, but just don’t have the spark or passion anymore. That captures my feelings for it as well.

HBO is also bringing back ‘Hung‘ for its second season that same day (June 27th). Drew recently reviewed the first season on Blu-ray and didn’t much care for it. I liked it a little better than he did. It started slowly and is pretty uneven, but was growing on me toward the end.

Does anyone actually still watch ‘Weeds‘? I thought the general consensus was that the show hasn’t been even remotely watchable in several years. Well, apparently Showtime disagrees. They’re dragging it back for a sixth season on August 16th.

In better news, ‘Psych‘ will begin its fifth season July 14th on USA. I’ve never considered this Day One appointment viewing, but it’s a fun show that I enjoy watching. However, I didn’t particularly like the attempt to add an ongoing serial killer storyline last season. It ended with a cliffhanger, and I hope the show can just wrap that up and move on quickly.

My Boys‘ comes back for a fourth season on TBS starting July 25th. I don’t follow this one regularly, but what I’ve seen of it has been pretty good. I’ve liked star Jordana Spiro ever since her role on the very fun but short-lived bounty hunter series ‘The Huntress’.

The Sci-Fi (excuse me, SyFy) Channel offers the second season of ‘Warehouse 13‘ on July 6th and the fourth season of ‘Eureka‘ on July 9th. I don’t watch either one. I’ve never seen an episode of ‘Warehouse 13’. I understand that ‘Eureka’ is fairly popular. I saw the pilot episode for that one back in the day and didn’t think it was worth watching again. I take it that the show got better?

As far as I’m aware, TNT’s ‘Dark Blue‘ has nothing to do with the Kurt Russell movie of the same name. But I’ve never actually seen an episode of it (or the movie). So somebody correct me on that if I’m wrong. Anyway, it returns for a second season on August 4th.

ABC Family’s gymnastics drama ‘Make It or Break It‘ has a second season on June 28th. If I were a 12-year-old girl, I’m sure I’d be all about that. The insanely awful ‘Secret Life of the American Teenager‘ also began its third season on June 7th. I realize that there’s an almost surreal watchability to something as bad as ‘Secret Life’, like watching a train wreck in slow motion. But three seasons of it, really?

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I think Kathy Griffin can be pretty funny? I’m not sure. What’s the consensus on that one? I don’t go out of my way to watch it or anything, but her reality series ‘Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List‘ began its sixth season on Bravo on June 15th. Somebody must like it for the show to have lasted this long. Then again, it’s Bravo, where an audience of a couple dozen viewers is considered a ratings phenomenon.

That should do it for now. Stay tuned later today tomorrow for a look at new shows starting up this summer.

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