Weekend Roundtable: Your DVR Series Recordings

This week’s Roundtable is very simple. We’re going to disclose which TV shows we’ve programmed for Series Recordings in our DVRs. Hopefully, you’ll do the same.

No explanations or justifications are needed here. We’re just telling it like it is, and you can judge us all you want. Titles have been alphabetized, not arranged by any other sense of priority.

For those of you who don’t have DVRs (or cable/satellite) and watch your TV shows by Hulu/Netflix/whatever, tell us what shows you subscribe to or make a point to watch religiously.

Since I seem to watch the most TV around here, I might as well start:

Josh Zyber

  1. ’30 Rock’
  2. ‘Castle’
  3. ‘The Chicago Code’
  4. ‘Chuck’
  5. ‘Community’
  6. ‘Covert Affairs’
  7. ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’
  8. ‘Entourage’
  9. ‘The Event’
  10. ‘Fairly Legal’
  11. ‘Fringe’
  12. ‘Game of Thrones’
  13. ‘Glee’
  14. ‘Hung’
  15. ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’
  16. ‘Justified’
  17. ‘The Killing’
  18. ‘Modern Family’
  19. ‘Mr. Sunshine’
  20. ‘The Office’
  21. ‘Parks and Recreation’
  22. ‘Perfect Couples’
  23. ‘Raising Hope’
  24. ‘Rescue Me’
  25. ‘True Blood’
  26. ‘V’
  27. ‘The Walking Dead’

Adam Tyner (DVDTalk)

  1. ‘Archer’
  2. ‘Chuck’
  3. ‘Community’
  4. ‘Mad Men’
  5. ‘The Office’
  6. ‘Parks and Recreation’
  7. ‘Supernatural’
  8. ‘The Venture Bros.’

Drew Taylor

  1. ’30 Rock’
  2. ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’
  3. ‘Fringe’
  4. ‘Justified’
  5. ‘The Killing’

Nate Boss

  1. ‘Monday Night Raw’
  2. ‘SportsCenter’
  3. ‘The Walking Dead’

Mike Attebery

  1. ‘Community’
  2. ‘Conan’
  3. ‘Ebert Presents At the Movies’
  4. ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’
  5. ‘The Killing’
  6. ‘Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell’
  7. ‘Modern Family’
  8. ‘The Office’
  9. ‘Parenthood’
  10. ‘Parks and Recreation’

Junie Ray

  1. ’30 Rock’
  2. ‘American Idol’
  3. ‘America’s Test Kitchen’
  4. ‘Archer’
  5. ‘Community’
  6. ‘Deathwish Movers’
  7. ‘Eagleheart’
  8. ‘Formula One’
  9. ‘Hungry Girl’
  10. ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’
  11. ‘NBC Nightly News’
  12. ‘The Office’
  13. ‘Top Gear’
  14. ‘What Not to Wear’

Aaron Peck

  1. ’30 Rock’
  2. ‘The Borgias’
  3. ‘Burn Notice’
  4. ‘Californication’
  5. ‘Dexter’
  6. ‘Justified’
  7. ‘The Killing’
  8. ‘Modern Family’
  9. ‘Nurse Jackie’
  10. ‘Phineas and Ferb’
  11. ‘Project Runway’
  12. ‘Raising Hope’
  13. ‘Treme’
  14. ‘United States of Tara’
  15. ‘The Walking Dead’

Dick Ward

  1. ’30 Rock’
  2. ‘Archer’
  3. ‘Community’
  4. ‘Modern Family’
  5. ‘The Office’
  6. ‘Parks and Recreation’
  7. ‘Perfect Couples’


  1. Alex

    1) The Big Bang Theory
    2) How I Met Your Mother
    3) Lie To Me*
    4) House, M.D.
    5) The Office
    6) Glee
    7) Community
    8) Mike & Molly
    9) Outsourced (not sure why I’m still taping that one)
    10) The Chicago Code
    11) 30 Rock

    I don’t have any conflicts between running times, so the priorities doesn’t really matter on mine.

    • Alex

      Josh, I’m thrilled to see that someone else is watching The Chicago Code. Being from Chicago, I love the show just for the footage of the city and Delroy Lindo’s consistent awesomeness.

  2. HuskerGuy

    Dancing With the Stars
    30 Rock
    The Office
    Parks & Rec
    Bob’s Burgers
    Burn Notice
    White Collar
    Desperate Housewives

    DWTS, Shameless, and Houswives are for the wifey, the rest we watch together.

  3. TBo45

    The Big Bang Theory
    Parks and Recreation
    The Office
    Modern Family
    How I Met Your Mother
    Family Guy
    30 Rock
    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    South Park
    The Daily Show
    The Colbert Report
    Sports Show with Norm Macdonald
    Curb Your Enthusiasm

  4. Mine’s a pretty short list:

    Blue Bloods
    William Shatner’s Raw Nerve
    Ebert Presents At The Movies

    There’s other stuff I watch religiously as well (Modern Family, Walking Dead, and a few others), but the episodes always pop up on either In Demand or on Hulu Plus, so I don’t bother setting my DVR for them.

  5. Evan Withrow

    1. Justified
    2. Community
    3. Parks and Rec
    4. The Office
    5. The Killing
    6. White Collar
    7. Southland
    8. Mythbusters
    9. Modern Family

    Sooooo glad to see that three of you guys are rocking Justified. Such a great show. Kudos to Josh, Drew and Aaron. Knew there was a reason you guys are my three favorite bloggers, haha.

  6. Bob’s Burgers
    Family Guy
    30 Rock

    I used to record a lot more, but since Comcast requires a box now, I’m limited to over the air content (I use EyeTV and it’s incompatible with the box.)

  7. The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    American Dad
    American Idol
    America’s Got Talent
    The Universe
    Man V Food
    Anthony Bourdain
    Samantha Brown
    South Park
    Robot Chicken
    Star Trek: The Next Generation (I can’t believe this, but they have been showing quite a few lately that I haven’t seen)
    Star Trek:Enterprise on HDNet (Think I have seen them all)
    College Gymnastics
    Women’s Gymnastics
    Today show (recently removed, taking up too much room on DVR)
    Big Love
    19 Kids and Counting
    Sister Wives
    Bindi Irwin (haven’t seen new episodes in a while, though)

    I used to record quite a few more shows, but I hardly watch what I have now. I just watched The World Cup Women’s Gymnastics Championsips from October. I still ahve to watch the 2008 Olympics. Probably the oldest thing on the DVR that’s not watched yet. Thank goodness for external DVR storage.