Weekend Roundtable: Your 2015 in Movie Titles

As our way of closing out 2015, we’d like to play a little game we started a few years ago. Can you describe the events of your past year using only movie titles?

You may use movies from any year. Only the words and phrases in the title are important, not the plot or content of the actual films. Here’s a look at what we did the past three years:


Some of our participants chose to explain their rationale, while others leave it for you to interpret what they meant.

Mike Attebery

‘The Money Pit’
‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’
‘Dead Again’
‘Here We Go Again’
‘The Endless Summer’
‘On the Road’
‘School Daze’
‘Little Miss Sunshine’
‘Same Time Next Year’
‘The Words’
‘Planes. Trains & Automobiles’

M. Enois Duarte

‘Reality Bites’
‘Dating Games People Play’
‘The Ugly Truth’
‘Life As We Know It’
‘Mr. Mom’
‘Under the Tuscan Sun’
‘The Money Pit’
‘Home Alone’
‘Silver Linings Playbook’
‘Groundhog Day’
‘Office Space’
‘9 to 5’
‘Dead Poets Society’
‘Lean on Me’

Tom Landy

‘Vacation’ (Went to the Calgary Expo.)
‘Dawn of the Dead’ (Met a bunch of ‘Walking Dead’ cast members there.)
‘They Call Me Bruce’ (Also met Bruce Timm!)
‘Wagons East’ (Drove back home to Winnipeg.)
‘Joy’ (Bought a puppy!)
‘Fargo’ (Had to drive south to get him.)
“Chewie…we’re home.” (Okay, so this one is actually a movie quote, but
that’s what I named him so I’m bending the rules here.)
‘Flesh and Bone’ (Puppies have sharp pointy teeth.)
‘I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK’ (Long story, but let’s just say I can now
control my phone, TV, stereo, etc. with my eyebrow…for real!)

Brian Hoss

‘The Untouchables’
‘The Princess Bride’
‘Roman Holiday’
‘Back to the Future Part II’
‘The Lawnmower Man’

Shannon Nutt


No further titles or explanation needed.

Adam Tyner (DVDTalk)

‘Marriage: Year One’
‘City Lights’
‘The Anniversary Party’
‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’

2015 marked my first full year of marriage, so I’m obviously going to lead off with that, and I’ll have to think of something more clever when we do this recap next year since no one’s gotten around to making a movie titled ‘Marriage: Year Two’ quite yet. For whatever reason, I seem to have decided that learning to replace light fixtures (many, many light fixtures) deserves second-billing in this list. I’ve gotten marginally more handy since getting hitched!

In February, we flew out to Phoenix to visit my grandmother for her eightieth birthday. There are dozens of films titled ‘Phoenix’, so I’ll let you choose which one I’m highlighting here.

I was a particularly voracious gamer in 2015, having finished close to forty different games, and I’m lucky enough to have married someone who doesn’t just put up with that addiction but encourages it. We play quite a few co-op games together, and Maggie routinely crushes me in ‘Mario Kart’ and all things ‘Forza’.

We took my kid brother to his first concert ever, and it also marked Maggie’s first time seeing Weird Al. I’d give you a tally of how many times I’ve seen Al perform or have met him over the years, but I’ve sincerely lost track.

Maggie and I celebrated our first anniversary in September with a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, making a movie tie-in for this Roundtable just about the easiest thing in the world.

It’s been such an amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

Josh Zyber

‘Year One’ (Children turned 1-year-old.)
‘The Big Chill’
‘Buried’ (The brutal winter left me digging out for months.)
‘Double Impact’ (Twins are a handful.)
‘Whatever Works’
‘Road Trip’
‘The Visit’ (Took the boys to meet their great-grandmother.)
‘Houseguest’ (A friend from out of town had an extended stay with us while her father was very ill.)
‘School Daze’ (The kids attend pre-preschool.)
‘Big’ (They grow so fast!)
‘Men at Work’
‘It Might Get Loud’ (Home theater upgrades.)
‘Christmas Vacation’

That’s it for us this year. We’ll be back on Monday with more new posts. In the meantime, play along with this game in the Comments.

Happy New Year to all our readers!


  1. Deaditelord

    Back to School (part-time)
    The Apartment
    Trading Places (Moved from a house in Iowa to an apartment in Florida.)
    Bright Lights, Big City
    Heat (Damn I forgot how hot it gets down here!)
    Houseguest (Stayed with grandmother for a couple weeks until I could move into my new apartment.)
    Driving Miss Daisy (Drove my grandmother around while I stayed with her.)
    Gone Fishin’ (Caught nothin’…)

  2. Csm101

    ‘Of Unknown Origin’ ( my poor dogs caught fleas and I nearly went mad trying every remedy to rid them of those little bastards! )
    ‘Here Comes the Boom’ (got my new subwoofer)
    ‘Harry Potter and the…..’ (My daughter discovered Harry Potter at the end of the school year with some of her friends, so we did a movie marathon of all the films and then began on the books and a visit to Harry Potter land at Universal Studios)
    ‘The Town’ (we spent Father’s Day weekend in Boston for our family trip with my brother, I spent about 200 dollars on lobster sandwiches)
    ‘Bachelor Party’ (my brother proposed to his girlfriend earlier in the year, so I went out with him and his crazy friends on one of those bachelor excursions wearing silly t-shirts and completing several silly tasks while getting severely shitfaced)
    ‘Neighbors’ (after sitting vacant for nearly four years, the house next to me started getting a lot of visits from would be tenants, making the wife and I nervous as we were spoiled from all the years of peace and quiet, luckily a really nice lady moved in and we get along great)
    ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ (my brother got married around Halloween time and rented a nice house by the Harbor in Clearwater. Second time’s a charm)
    ‘The Social Network’ (my wife got a Facebook account and is driving me crazy with it)
    ‘An Inconvenient a Truth’ (the hottest effin Christmas here in Florida, I’m not complaining too much as I’m not a fan of the cold, but it’s been uncharacteristically hot for this time of year)
    Happy New Year

    • Deaditelord

      It sure has been hot down here. I don’t miss driving in the ice and snow while watching out for deer, but 85 degrees on Christmas?! Time for some more comfortable weather! (High 50s, low 60s for highs and 40s for the lows would be perfect.)

      • Chris B

        Farenheit is such a confusing temperature scale. 32 degrees is freezing? Why?! Celsius is so much simpler 0 degrees is freezing, +30 is really hot -30 is really cold etc..

        • In Fahrenheit, 0 degrees was the freezing temperature of salt water. 100 degrees was the body tempereature of humans. (of course, the Fahrenheit scale has been adjusted slightly to make converting to/from Celsius easier, so this is no longer the case)

          Much more logical than having 100 degrees as the freezing point of water and 0 degrees as the boiling point, as the Celsius scale was originally.

      • Csm101

        It’s not just the heat, but even on the cooler days, the humidity has been downright swampy! 70’s with low humidity, and I’d be sitting pretty. Maybe low 60’s because its winter.

  3. nagara

    Gone Girl/Left Behind (girlfriend of seven years moved away to Texas)

    Home Alone (got rid of my d-bag roommates)

    Identity Thief

    New Years Day (saw Star Wars at 10:55pm Dec 31)

    Dawn of Justice (my friend made it thru the police academy)

  4. Helen B

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico – Theme for 2015

    Airplane – Flew to Mexico, shuttle service to San Miguel de Allende (SMA)

    New Year’s Eve – fabulous rooftop party, overlooking SMA and the fireworks

    The Tourist – my friends were wonderful hosts and gave me great tours of SMA

    Frida – Art shows, Art Galleries, friends who are artists. Frida Kahlo’s image everywhere

    Good Friends – made wonderful new friends in SMA, kept in touch with friends in North TX.

    Que Viva Mexico! – (cheating, as this was TV) Bought a house in SMA. Flew back to Dallas to finance it

    Road Trip – Drove to SMA with car loaded down with some of my stuff

    Money Pit – Problems in SMA house, making a lot of improvements, buying dishes and furniture. Plenty to spend on in the future. Bought an LG 65” OLED TV! To be delivered when I return.

    Between Two Worlds – in SMA some of my stuff in Dallas, In Dallas some of my stuff in SMA

    This Is What Democracy Looks Like – back in Dallas back with my friends fighting for justice and peace

    Letting Go – letting go of most of my stuff, contracted with estate sale people to sell stuff, letting go of my life in the U$A, selling my DFW house

    The Goodbye Girl – saying goodbye to my DFW friends and places

    Adventure Time – looking forward to exploring Mexico. Actually my theme for 2016

  5. William Henley

    Weird year for me

    From Russia With Love
    You’ve Got Mail
    The Money Pit
    Wedding Crashers
    She’s Having A Baby
    God’s Not Dead
    Office Space

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