Mid-Week Poll: Do You Plan to Buy a PS4 or Xbox One?

After an impressive seven-year cycle (eight for the Xbox 360), both Sony and Microsoft will finally release new videogame consoles by the end of this year. Are you ready to upgrade? If so, will you side with the PS4 or the Xbox One? Vote in this week’s poll.

I suppose if you want to get technical about it, the new generation of consoles kicked off with the release of Nintendo’s Wii U this past November, but that has largely proven to be a non-event. Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s numerically-challenged Xbox One seem to have a lot more potential, both from a technological hardware perspective and in terms of promising software support.

I’ve admitted in this blog before that I’m not much of a gamer. I currently own about a half-dozen PS3 games, only one of which I’ve played to completion. I primarily bought the PS3 in the first place because it was the best Blu-ray player available at the time. Given that I’m only passively interested in the games, I’m not sure that either of the new consoles offers much that appeals to me as a home theater gearhead. Will the PS4 include 4k video support? I suppose that could be interesting, though I don’t expect to upgrade to an actual 4k display anytime soon. I think I’ll likely sit tight for a while and see how things develop.

What about you? Are you a hardcore gamer? Will you stay loyal to your favorite product line, or switch teams? Or perhaps do you want one of each?

Will You Buy a PS4 or Xbox One?

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    • T.J. Kats

      Thanks for the link it looks interesting from a tech standpoint but more distracting than useful for gaming to me. Also what if you are already using a projector to play or have a 70-80 inch set that fills up more of your field of vision than the 32 or whatever they are using in the video?

      • It looks like they’re using a 46″-50″ set in the video. I think it’s best suited for TVs under 65″ and probably not compatible with a projection system.

        Since I currently have a 52″ TV I would seriously consider owning an IllumiRoom if it was reasonably priced. Some of it does seem distracting, but it would be great for picking up items or potential targets outside your current field of view.

        • T.J. Kats

          Your right it just looks smaller with all the stuff around it.

          I have a 50 in my living room so I’ll definitely keep tabs on it.

  1. T.J. Kats

    Put I’ll buy both. But to specify they(probably) wont be launch purchases depending on the pricing. If under $400 I could see getting one at launch and one later but over that and I’ll(probably) wait for price reductions. They rank behind expanding from 5 to 7 speakers and adding a second sub on list of importance.

  2. Because I enjoy a good chuckle, I want to vote for the Atari option. Great stuff 🙂 Truth to be told, I have yet to buy an Atari 2600. On my to buy-list, as it is.

    I have just landed a new freelance gig as a video game reporter for a Belgian weekly (magazine), so I’ll probably at least have to check both consoles. Here’s hoping for some cheaper incentive as a tester; I don’t plan on spending $1000 on launch day for both combined.

    I have a Wii U and, well, I like it. But I’m a Nintendo apologist. Not a fan boy. Big difference.

  3. Alex

    Just got done building a new PC gaming rig, so I’m going to be at least a couple of years out from a new console.

    And then… I think it’s too early to say. When all is said and done, it comes down to who has better (not necessarily more) exclusives, and it will be a little ways down the road before we can know that for certain.

  4. William Henley

    I am with Josh – I ocassionally game. I picked up my PS3 about a month after launch because I wanted a Blu-Ray player. I am on my third (thank you extended warrenties – this last one is about 4 years old and I am getting ready to replace the harddrive). I use it mainly as a blu-ray player and media center.

    My XBox 360 I picked up used for like $170 a few years back. It hasn’t been turned on in months. I am not even sure if I have connected it back to my system when I moved in November.

    When my PS3 eventually dies, I may pick up a PS4 at that time if its backwards compatable with older titles. I game on ocassion – actually playing a 10 year old Gamecube title now that I have finally gotten time to play.

        • William Henley

          Looking at the specs a bit more, I could see PS and PS2 software emulation, but as the hardware is so radically different between the PS3 and the PS4, I don’t see any emulation – hardware or software, being included. Sony would practically have to include a cell processor to do backwards compatability with the PS3. An 8 core AMD processor in no way is going to have the hosepower to emulate an 8 core cell processor.

          If the PS4 supports 4k, I MIGHT pick one up in a few years.

          I have no interest in the new XBox at all. Really had no intrest in the 360 until I decided I wanted to play Viva Pinata and Fable. So if there is a killer game that comes out, I may pick one up, but right now, have no plans to.

          I have been waiting years to get the time to play games, and am just now starting to. Get this – I am JUST NOW playing Windwaker – yes, for the GAMECUBE! I need to finish Fable 1 – I haven’t even started on Fable 2 and Fable 3 yet, although I do own both

          So yeah, not picking up a new console in the near future.

  5. Les

    Hopefully, the Xbox One will have an ALL Region Blu-ray player!!! I remember their HD DVD player would play PAL or NTSC. I doubt that Sony ever will. There are a number of Blu-rays, US released movies, that are only available in Region 2 and seemingly have no US Region 1 release dates.

    Just a suggestion, but certainly a slight advantage over the probable Region 1 only PS4. If you are trying to come out with a complete entertainment system from video games, Blu-ray movies, and online streaming, this would help.

    • Josh Zyber

      All Blu-ray players are required by the Blu-ray licensing agreement to enforce region coding. Microsoft can’t just decide out of the blue to make a player that’s region-free.

      Region-free modifications to Blu-ray players have to be installed after-the-fact, and cannot be officially endorsed by the manufacturers if they want to continue to hold a Blu-ray license.

  6. Given what I know so far about Xbox One, there’s little new being offered (compared to the 360, which I own) to warrant an update – although I suppose eventually there will be exclusivity for both games and services that will force me to upgrade.

    I’m not a hardcore gamer (I’ll confess to using my 360 more for the apps than the games), so a lot of the gameplay updates don’t appeal to me.

    • As an aging gamer I find myself playing less games on the 360 and doing a lot more streaming lately. It’s a great streaming device, and I like using the voice controls via Kinect.

      The HDMI passthrough feature of the XBOX One with cable boxes seems interesting. Allowing you the option of changing channels and using guides through Kinect has real couch potato appeal.

  7. Just remember these new consoles will have much much more power then the PS3 and 360 so the apps like Netflix will start up and run faster. Also the One should now support 1080p (gasp) and Dolby Digital Plus pass through on Netflix like the PS3 already did. Also with Netflix 4K coming in the next few years I’m guessing you’ll have to have one of these to use that feature. E3 should being even more details of cool new features for each.

  8. I am not meaning to smackdown Microsoft and their successful gaming consoles but time and time again all I ever see an xbox as is a thrown together PC with a custom OS. There’s really nothing original in any of their systems.

    It’s just like building a PC on a budget. They have a better budget to work with though as they will enter a contract for millions of copies of each component.

    Pc building 101 – Processor (AMD or Intel?) Matching MB. Memory. Hard Drive. Optical Drive. Graphics Card. Audio separately or integrated on MB?

    Sony and their PS4 – custom processors, video, memory, motherboard. All built from the ground up inhouse. Only stock item is probably the hard drive and the optical drive.

    • They’re both going to be PCs basically. They both will be using the same X86 AMD Jaguar processor. They will both have 8 GB of RAM. Similar Hard Drives, Blu-ray drives and AMD Graphics cards. The only major difference is the PS4 will use GDDR5 and the Xbox one will use DDR3 memory. Almost all stock stuff for both.

  9. Josh Zyber

    The voting so far heavily favors the PS4. I wonder if that’s just a reflection of our readership having more interest in it as a home theater device than a gaming console? I suspect that the results would be different on a gaming site.

    • Pedram

      It’s interesting, because Microsoft seems to be gearing the new Xbox more towards home theatre (or watching TV) tasks rather than gaming.

      I suspect that it has more to do with Microsoft’s apparent “screw you” attitude towards gamers and favouring publishers though.

  10. Lord Bowler

    I also bought the PS3 soley for its Blu-Ray Player rather than as a game console. I’ve played about a dozen games, beaten only about 3 or 4. And, I have a GEN1 machine so I have about 30 PS2 games, mostly military games.

    I’ll be leaning towards the PS4, but will wait for the full specs before deciding, and it will be at least a year after they officially launch.

  11. Josh Zyber

    How much are the Xbox One’s daily internet check-in requirement and issues around used games affecting the voting here? Has Microsoft burned all of the bridges that the 360 built among gamers?

  12. EvilResident

    As a gamer, I can not imagine why ANYONE in their right mind would even consider buying an Xbox One. Five seconds of googling will tell you why. The whole thing is such a joke and a slap in the face of consumers.

  13. ive been a playstation fanboy sine i got my first brick system at release, then a ps2 brick at release, then the 60gb ps3 at release (and 2 more since then for other rooms).

    i just got my first xbox this past black friday.

    and honestly i can say that if i decide to get one or the other itd be the new xbox. seems to have more “flair” than the ps4. but i wont be dishing out another $500 anytime soon.

  14. Even with Microsoft backing off the always online used game policy, I’m sticking with the PS4. I don’t want to be forced to pay $100 extra for a Kinect I’ll never use or want.