The Netflix Stream: Week of September 4th, 2011

This week, I’m going to switch things up a bit with this feature. I’ll still be talking about movies that are leaving the Netflix stream, but since Netflix has been pretty tight-lipped about exactly what new is on the way, I’ll highlight some recently-available movies instead.

Leaving the Stream
  1. ‘Cherry 2000’ (9/15): I first saw ‘Cherry 2000‘ as part of a post-apocalyptic film fest that I held a few years ago, and I’m so glad I did. This flick is downright awesome in the way that so many other wonderfully campy post-apocalyptic films are. It stars Melanie Griffith and a few other not-as-noteworthy folks. Good fun all around.
  2. ‘Iron Man Armored Adventures’ (9/15): Superhero cartoons are a mixed bag. For every ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, you get a dozen ‘Superfriends’. ‘Iron Man‘ falls somewhere in between, but leans much more heavily towards the former. If you don’t mind dealing with a teenage Tony Stark, give it a whirl before the week is up.
Entering the Stream
  1. ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gamera Movies’: In the entirety of ‘MST3K’ history, one name stands out among the rest: Sandy Frank. Sandy is the man who brought us ‘Time of the Apes’, ‘Mighty Jack’ and ‘Fugitive Alien’. He also brought us the ‘Gamera’ movies, which makes him the single best thing to happen to ‘MST3K’ since the invention of Shadowrama. You can watch the movies in order or just check out my personal favorite, ‘Gamera vs. Guiron‘.
  2. ‘Airplane!’: Back before David Zucker became the hack behind the later ‘Scary Movie’ flicks and ‘An American Carol’, he, his brother Jerry and Jim Abrahams created a brilliant piece of comedy called ‘Airplane!‘. It’s one of the finest spoof movies of all time, and really embodies the brilliance that was lost with later installments in the genre. If you somehow haven’t seen it, do so now.


  1. Adam

    David Zucker, his brother David, and Jim Abrahams?

    I love Airplane! but I think a lot of the movies that have come since ruined it. It’s like telling people in this generation that Citizen Kane was innovative (when those innovations later became standard) or trying to watch the shaky cam of the Bourne Identity/Saving Private Ryan or bullet-time of Matrix. Things that were once innovative, fresh, and awesome have become dulled by all the hackery and overuse that followed.

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