‘Project Runway’ 9.05 Recap: “You Make Dowdy Clothes!”

I think this is the cattiest bunch of designers that ‘Project Runway’ has ever had. I thought that the inclusion of older Bert might have added some professionalism to the show. It’s truly surprising that he’s the bitchiest one of the bunch.

These group challenges are really bringing out the meanness in the contestants. But before we get to the challenge, there were some very jarring developments. Cecilia was visibly angry that she was still on the show. Once they got up and to the place that they were supposed to start the challenge, she just quit. That seems pretty unfair to Fallene, who was the last designer to be eliminated. If Cecilia didn’t want to stay, she should’ve said so then.

The challenge started with a race sponsored by New Balance. This is basically the same type of challenge they did last year: Create a fashion-forward look that can be worn with tennis shoes. The winners get their clothes sold on Amazon.com.

Only this time it was going to be a group challenge, with three people per group. The leaders were picked by a race once around the track. The first four to finish were Josh, Anthony, Viktor and Bryce. They got to be captains. When it came down to the last team only having two contestants (because of Cecilia quitting), the bomb was dropped that one of the four designers who had previously been eliminated would be brought back. So Josh Christensen, who had been eliminated on the pet store challenge, came back.

Oliver fell down during the race. The way it was edited with a medic standing over him and frightening music playing, the show made it seem like he was going to die. That was ridiculous, but the fall did look pretty painful.

Boy, once the challenge started, the drama never ended. Nobody wanted Bert on their team, but Anthony and Laura ended up with him. Like usual, he bitched and moaned and then proceeded to throw his entire team under the bus during the judging. Joshua M.’s team had their fair share of cattiness too. Joshua berated Becky for trying to design. He just wanted her on the team to sew, not to design, because she makes “dowdy clothes.” Tears were shed, insults were exchanged, and hilarity ensued.

In the end, there were two winners. Joshua M. and Viktor won the challenge. I was actually very impressed by Viktor’s jacket. That looked like a $500 leather jacket. It came down to Anthony and Danielle in the bottom two. Anthony spent all his time arguing with Bert, and didn’t realize that he put a garment on the runway that looked like it was designed to inflict camel toe on its wearer. Danielle simply made a boring tank top. Danielle was sent home, but just barely. Heidi wanted to send home Anthony, but was overruled by everyone else.

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