Poll: What Do You Think of the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer?

A long time ago (well, last week) in a galaxy far, far away (YouTube), J.J. Abrams and his associates at Lucasfilm and Disney gave us a first peek at what they have planned for the much-anticipated ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, née ‘Episode VII’. Now that you’ve seen the teaser trailer, are you hyped up with excitement, or do you have the proverbial bad feeling about this?

Obviously, as an early teaser, the trailer doesn’t show us much – though I’m actually a little surprised that it has more footage than I expected. From what I see, the movie looks like typical J.J. Abrams, just playing in the ‘Star Wars’ sandbox this time rather than ‘Star Trek’. It’s a lot of flashy visuals, with a disappointing abundance of shaky-cam, teal, and gimmicky trick shots (like that Millennium Falcon loop-the-loop) designed to draw attention to how “awesome” they are. None of which is at all stylistically consistent with the prior six movies in the franchise.

That soccer ball droid looks stupid, and the lightsaber with the extra lightsaber hilts is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. (Whoever wields that thing is guaranteed to accidentally chop off his own hand or slice himself open.) And for all his blather about building lots of practical sets and props, the whole movie looks like a bunch of CGI crap to me.

But, again, it’s a teaser. That shot of the X-Wings skimming the water is neat. The movie’s really going to succeed or fail based on the quality of its script and story. Given how lame ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ was, I’m inclined to be skeptical of whatever Abrams has planned here, but bringing back original screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan is probably a good sign.

My feelings on this are mixed. What’s your take?

What Do You Think of the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer?

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  1. It looked alright. I think the full length trailer will help me make better judgment. It can’t get any worse than the prequels. I’m just a casual Star Wars fan, so this hasn’t stirred up anything real hardcore from me. I’m naturally pretty optimistic, so I voted optimistic.

  2. eric

    I am optimistic, I really liked the first Star Strek that Abrams did, if he can hit the same high notes as that film I think it will be good.

    I grew up on the first three Star Wars films, I have always like Empire the best and I hated the three new movies. I didn’t mind the Lucas updates to the original films too much, except that whole musical number in Jedi was annoying. Also, it annoyed me that the android and tech in the latest three movies looked way more advanced than the original three that came afterwards. The most recent three don’t match the tone and feel of the first three and I hope the next three are different too. I don’t want more of the same, I want new and fresh on an idea that can be expanded on infinitely.

    This teaser is way more than we normally get a year ahead of time. Normally we don’t get any real footage this early, so I can forgive the teaser for being choppy and not make a lot of since at this point. The voiceover worries me more than anything, gives it a cheesy video game feeling, but again its a super early teaser.

    In regards to CGI, every scene looks like it could be using practical effects, models and CGI mixed together. The first scene is a real desert and person in the desert. The second clip is real storm trooper costumes in a vehicle the doesn’t look CGI from the inside. The “soccer ball” robot looks obvious CGI, but the background looks to be real, we saw most of that stuff in the background in other pictures so we know that stuff really exists. The Xwing shot could be using real models or the whole thing could be CGI. The scene with “not very practical” light saber looks real except for the light saber.

    Also, I didn’t feel like there was any real indication in this trailer that we are in for the normal heavy dose of shaky cam, the trailer was pretty subtle when it came to that.

  3. NJScorpio

    I think it was a brilliant move to open the trailer with a black actor a Stormtrooper uniform. It got people talking (the whole clone discussion), along with proposing theories if this was one of our new heroes. If he is a new lead, then I’m glad to see it. I’m not one who thinks all movies and shows should have an unrealistic distribution of races in a cast…but the severe lack of black characters in the Star Wars universe has always bugged me. Lando was basically a club owner, and Sam Jackson has become so “mainstream” (and his role so much like a character actor cameo)that it felt like an ineffective gesture.

  4. Chris B

    I love the trailer personally, I think the weakest moments are near the beginning though, the way Boyega’s head pops into frame is a little unintentionally comedic, and that droid does look rather silly.

    On the bright side (or light side 😉 the shot of Daisy Ridley on a speeder is pretty cool as well as the X-Wings ripping over the water.

    I dig the shot of the (presumably) Sith Lord in the forest with the new-fangled lightsaber. I don’t get the criticism about the laser hilt. Almost every edged weapon throughout military history has had some kind of guard to protect the person wielding it, this is just a logical extension of that.

    Obviously the final shot is the highlight for most people (including myself). The sight of the Millennium Falcon going ballistic with it’s engines powering up and the iconic theme blaring in the background is a beautiful thing. I don’t understand how any Star Wars fan CAN’T get at least a little but excited about that. To be honest, it made me a little emotional…*sniff*

    All in all I’m fully onboard, it’s going to be glorious to see the continuation of a story we all thought had concluded 30 years ago, with the same actors playing their familiar roles as well as little known new faces to carry on the franchise.

    • NJScorpio

      I think the issue with the hilt is this: The only thing that could block a light saber blade is another light saber blade. If a light saber blade was to land in the crook of the hilt, it would cut through the metal instead of being blocked by the light saber blade. I think.

      • Josh Zyber

        The wrist/hand guard on real swords is typically not made of razor-sharp blades. Better to have no guard at all than one that’s likely to harm the holder.

        In typical J.J. Abrams fashion, he’s invented an image that he thinks is “cool” without bothering to think through the logic of it.

        • William Henley


          I have been saying the same thing for a week, and am being met with shock. “How dare you criticize anything Star Wars, Disney or JJ Abrams” Is the response I generally get.

          For the most part I am optimistic, mainly because you don’t have those craptastic script writers who did Star Trek. But yeah, I am totally with you, Josh, with the new light saber, one wrong move and you loose your hand. And that droid looks stupid.

          But the other 50 or so seconds of the trailer looks awesome.

        • Chris B

          I don’t think it’s that likely to harm the holder, most lightsaber duels comsist of two adversaries with both of their hands placed firmly on the hilt (much like a samurai wields a katana). I don’t see anybody grabbing a lightsaber by anything other than it’s hilt, far away from the blade.

          If anything, it adds possibilities to the duels, like if you’re blade is locked against your opponents and he’s overpowering you, spin the hilt 90 degrees and drive one of the mini blades into his abdomen and slice upwards.

          If Sith lords and Jedis can levitate, shoot lightning, control people’s minds etc. I’d have to think they’d be pretty adept at not accidently bumping into the hilt on their weapon.

          Nobody seemed too upset when Jedis began using duel lightsabers in combat, or the prospect of a double lightsaber which is-for obvious reasons- far more dangerous and impractical.

          • We just don’t know enough yet. We don’t know how this could play into a saber duel (we don’t even know how long the thing is but it’s looking to be rather substantial), but I have enjoyed imagining what could be done. I am positive that when we see how this thing is handled in combat most nay-sayers will hop on board. As a fan of medieval combat I just really enjoy the imagery of the thing.

    • I too cannot understand the skepticism on the internet over the lightsaber. Defending the logistics of an already fictional weapon seems rather silly. What I care about is how amazing it looks. That shot of the Sith and that new saber is iconic. The only reasons I can guess as to why people don’t like the lightsaber are: 1. They fall victim to the hive mind (internet fanboyism) and go along with whatever complaint is made, 2. They have grown too old and cynical and have forgotten how to have fun, or 3. They just want everything to be the same as the original trilogy.
      I thought the opening shot was odd as well. Since this is the opening shot to probably one of the biggest trailers ever made I have to assume that they are trying to hint at something. Surely it wasn’t just any scene to show off the new cast. It certainly got me asking questions. Why is he so sweaty? Is he running away from something? Is he pretending to be a stormtrooper? Is that a probe droid sound at the end of the shot? I like analyzing it and it just gets me more excited to find everything out.
      I hear that a new trailer will be played before Age of Ultron. Great. As if I needed more reasons to see that movie, haha. I cannot wait to see the original cast and hopefully this new trailer will satisfy my want.

  5. Boston007

    Optimistic. I like it.
    I was so happy Disney bought them. I hated Lucas and what he did to that franchise. He had gold IMO and turned it to shit.
    While I am not a fan of Abrams, I’m really hoping he will do a better job than what Lucas did with episodes 1-3.
    And for the love of God, make the movie and do not make changes after they’ve been released, etc.!

    • NJScorpio

      Have you been to a Disney store lately? 1/3rd the store is Star Wars (with 1/3rd still being Frozen, and the rest being the usual franchises). They had a set of rounded Star Wars characters with Mickey ears, and all sorts of Disney-Star Wars mash-up items. Kinda cool…kinda off putting.

      • Boston007

        So what?
        Do you dislike all Disney movies? Disney has created some amazing movies.
        Their purpose is ALWAYS marketing and to sell figures, gear, etc.
        They ALWAYS do this.

        Don’t you remember the popular Kenner Star Wars figures? People are still going crazy for the figures.

        • NJScorpio

          I love Star Wars crap! The figures are one thing. The established love for the old Kenner figures ensures that fans will be digging through boxes every time a new truck arrives at Kay Bee Toys for all the characters in these new films.

          Also, the family friendly vibe of Disneyfication is not inappropriate for the franchise.

          My concern is that, instead of having a CGI-loving revisionist at the helm, we have this corporate monolith. I fear a flood of products (Mickey-dressed-as-Luke dolls) that culminates in something worse that the Star Wars Christmas Special, as well as the movies being treated like the Pirates films. Churned out, progressive having less and less soul.

          I don’t know what I’d rather have…a passionate film maker at the helm who’s ideas he sees to fruition despite what the public seems to want…or a cold corporate machine who, in the effort to create a polished and family friend series of films that appeases fans of the original trilogy end up just making lesser versions of those three films.

  6. Deaditelord

    i voted for quite optimistic. I agree that the soccer droid thing is silly, but no more so than the droids Lucas had in the original trilogy. As long as the movie doesn’t go much further than the inclusion of some silly droids (I still have horrifying visions of the film being, for lack of a better word, Disneyfied to include a character along the lines of Jar Jar Binks 2.0), I’m okay with that. As for the lightsaber design, I don’t understand all the hate over a stylistic flourish included because it looks cool on film. I can accept that some people might think it looks dumb (personally I like it), but to see people complain about the feasibility of a lightsaber having side guards is ridiculous. We’re talking about a series of films where the villains can choke the life out of their victims by simply pointing at them and the heroes can lift entire spaceships out of water using their minds. Who cares if the side guards are a bit impractical? (Stephen Colbert’s hilarious explanation on The Colbert Report about how a lightsaber works notwithstanding). The film is meant to be escapist entertainment; not striving for a sort of realism like in 2001 or Interstellar.

  7. I can’t wait to see more. I think JJ Abrams’ films have been much more fun than anything Spielberg has made in 20 years (I use this example as he is often likened to Spielberg). Star Wars is supposed to be fun and exciting. Arguments within a trade federation and political scandal are not fun. The prequels left such a bad taste in my mouth that even this little tiny teaser got me excited because one minute felt more like Star Wars than 6 hours of the prequel. One of the first movies I ever saw in the theater was The Return of the Jedi. I grew up with this and it feels so good to have that excitement rekindled!

      • He has many many incredible films this past decade. Munich is one of my absolute faves. Most of my favorite films growing up are from Spielberg. They used to have such a universal appeal because of the fun and adventure that took place. He has just moved away from that to make more thought-provoking work which isn’t bad, it just leaves a gap that needs to be filled. Thankfully Guardians of the Galaxy did an excellent job! If episode vii can follow suit we are in for a treat!

  8. Dan

    Think it hit all the right notes for me, I am really excited! And count me in as a huge Abrams fan! (MI: 3, Super 8, and two Star Trek movies… not a bad resume if you ask me!)

  9. timcharger

    (Didn’t read all the comments, so sorry if repeating)

    Hey, no lens flares!

    The Millennium Falcon didn’t go underwater!

    That’s 2 strikes already, Abrams-haters…

  10. I loved the teaser and thinks it shows an amazing amount of promise for how little is actually shown but wow. This has got to be the most negative review I’ve seen of the teaser so far. Josh, do you prefer Scrooge or Grinch? As far as the shaky cam proclamation, most of the shots are very still. They’re hand held, yes but I wouldn’t call it shaky. The closest thing is on the dropship and thats tough to tell with the lighting and quick cuts but even then its understandable since, ya know, they’re on a drop ship. As far as the looping Falcon shot, at first I was right there with you until I realized its an evasive maneuver and also that they couldn’t have done a shot like that in the original trilogy. Sure, they had computer controlled camera movements for the model work but nothing that sophisticated or awesome could have been done. Obviously, for this very reason, things are going to be “stylistically” different. When it comes to the lightsaber, there are various reasons why it could or couldn’t be practical being debated right now but nobody actually knows any specific reason since the movie isn’t out yet. However, your bold claim “Whoever wields that thing is guaranteed to accidentally chop off his own hand or slice himself open.” is just bologna and you know it. The same could be said for any lightsaber since the blade has no weight. Remember Josh, these are Jedi/Sith we’re talking about here. I’m pretty sure if they could handle a normal or double bladed lightsaber, they can handle the hilts. Saying the droid looks stupid is pretty cruel, do you remember some of the droids in the original series? I’m particularly thinking of that half sphere/ dome on wheels with antennae. Now thats a stupid looking droid. In terms of practical shit, Boyega and Ridley were actually in a desert! That wasn’t a green screen like in the prequels. The set off in the distance when Ridley starts up her speeder, that was actually built. I don’t know what you wanted to be real and what you accept as CG but obviously they aren’t going to do all models for the Falcon any more.

    • Chris B

      I thought the same thing as you actually, I mean out if the whole teaser the only Josh dug was the X-Wings? C’mon man the Falcon is back and tearing it up!

      I don’t get a the Abrams hate, the guys made 3 good movies and one so-so movie. That’s a pretty damn good average considering how fickle today’s audiences are. Name one filmmaker (besides P.T. Anderson) that hasn’t made at least one bad movie in their career.

      • M. Night Shyamalan. The guy is a genius! Ok ok I kid, sorry it’s hard to lie that hard for too long, haha. I would say the closest anyone has come to a perfect career is David Fincher. Sure Alien 3 wasn’t great, but after watching the documentary on the making of and how much the studio screwed him over on that movie I would chalk it up to a fluke. Panic Room is the weakest in my opinion, but not at all a bad movie. It is indeed very rare for a director to maintain good taste and I would agree that JJ Abrams’ career so far isn’t terrible by any means.

        • Chris B

          Hmmmmmm Fincher is a pretty good one, although I’d have to say Benjamain Button is his weakest. It’s beautiful to look at, has some good performances etc. but it’s a boring movie, as much as I like Fincher, Benjamain Button is his Barry Lyndon.

          • I have a strong emotional attachment to Benjamin Button so my views on it are a little biased. I enjoyed it in the theater, but I watched it again after my son was born and the emotional impact of the ending hit me so hard that I can’t see it as anything but significant. It is an incredibly poetic ending. I wasn’t bored by it, but I can definitely see how things drag a little bit.

        • Dan

          Not only is he not terrible, he strikes a difficult balance in the fact that his movies are both critically and commercially successful. I feel like its becoming in fashion to bash Abrams, and its unfortunate. He has a ton of talent, and I look forward to any project that he is attached too.

          • That’s a good point. His tomatometer ratings are all pretty high AND his films bring in the money. I don’t mind people bashing him. People have opinions. I just hope they can back up their strong opinions with more than “OMG LENS FLARE!” or “Khan isn’t white!” I would say that it is just a very vocal minority dumping on Abrams. At least I hope it is…

    • Drew

      Josh buys into and makes every effort to reinforce every ounce of fanboy bashing available on the interwebs. Just go back and look through this blog. If It’s trendy to bash something, he will always jump on the band wagon, and do it RELENTLESSLY.

      No offense, Josh, but you have to admit it. There hasn’t been a single thing that became cool to bash that you have resisted.

  11. The original trilogy had some really impressive editing and pacing. Long quiet scenes that lead to interesting places mixed with quicker scenes that allow the viewer to jump around between different threads in the conflict. in comparison, Abrams’s Star Trek movies just seem like the script writing stopped several passes short of coherence, and feature scenes of characters walking and talking around the many plot holes. This teaser trailer is a bit flashy, but pretty much devoid of much storywise. Hopefully, the actual movie is both entertaining and not a big mess.

  12. eric

    I think this teaser was intended to make the statement that this is not the last three Star Wars and we are bringing back what you loved from the originals.

  13. As far as the new light saber goes, maybe it takes an extra skilled and more badass Jedi or sith lord to handle those dangerous little prongs… I don’t think it’s a bad thing that they’re trying different designs with the light sabers.

  14. Dennis Heller

    Or maybe they just got tired of losing hands. I’m not sure how productive it is to criticize the design of laser swords wielded by old men, cyborgs, whiny bitches, and gremlins.

  15. Kraig McGann

    The only thing lame about STAR TREK Into Darkness was its name. It was ‘My favorite movie of the year’ (2013) and received 87% and 90% ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. Though I do not think the Abrams STAR WARS movie will be half as good as either of his excellent STAR TREK movies, I would be happy to jump on the bandwagon if it is great.

  16. Ryan

    I was going to post an original comment….but you took the words right out of my mouth….

    That soccer ball droid looks stupid, and the lightsaber with the extra lightsaber hilts is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. (Whoever wields that thing is guaranteed to accidentally chop off his own hand or slice himself open.) And for all his blather about building lots of practical sets and props, the whole movie looks like a bunch of CGI crap to me.

  17. Well at least I know that when I come into a blog post about anything thats huge in the world of movies, I’m guaranteed to see Josh completely bash and destroy it 🙂

    I’m amazed at the negativity of this post and feel now that you are NOT a Star Wars fan in the slightest.

    Most everyone else in this post that has replied, share most of my views on the trailer. 🙂

    • Josh Zyber

      Chaz, I’m just burned out on Star Wars. I still love the original trilogy – in their original, unmolested versions – but the Special Editions are horrible beyond words, and the prequel trilogy ranges from atrocious (Phantom Menace) to sort-of-OK (Revenge of the Sith). George Lucas systematically killed Star Wars over the years, and based on his track record I don’t have a tremendous lot of faith in J.J. Abrams being able to reverse that damage.

      I don’t consider anything I said in this post to be “completely bashing and destroying” the trailer. I could have been much harsher if I’d wanted to. The trailer just doesn’t instill me with the hope and wonder and rekindled love that it aimed for. After I watched it, the most enthusiasm I could muster for it was a big, fat “Meh…”

    • Drew

      Chaz, I hope you noticed my comments above.

      You’re exactly right. Josh can’t resist sitting on each and every part of cinema that is in vogue to shit on. He’s been this way, since I started religiously following HDD, back in 2008. I don’t know if he even knows what his own opinions are any more. He simply regurgitates all of the other opinions found elsewhere in the bashsphere.

      Even worse, there have been some films/topics that he starts out indifferent on, and then rapidly builds his trashing, as it becomes more cool to do so. Need examples? Look no further than ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’, or ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. If you go back and look at his comments regarding those two, you will notice a disturbing trend. His first comments about them are pretty tame, but as the Internet started building steam in its shredding of them, Josh just gets worse and worse. Those aren’t the only two movies/topics that he has acted this way towards.

      Josh, I’m really not personally attacking you, but just look at your track record. The facts are the facts. Show me one movie or topic that became trendy to rip into, that you have defended. And no, don’t go back to ‘Alien 3’. Pre-2006 doesn’t count. I believe that you still had your own mind, before then. Presently, I think you would benefit from going “off the grid” for a while, so that you’re not aware of the trendy bashing topics and movies. Perhaps if you gave yourself a year away from everything, you might be able to have your own opinions again.

      • Josh Zyber

        Skyfall – Loved it. Sick of all the haters with their stupid nonsense complaints.

        Terminator Genisys trailer – Looks much more promising than I could have expected.

        My opinions on Star Trek into Darkness and Dark Knight Rises have been consistent all along. They’re just not very good movies. I said so right after I saw them.

        I’ve had to watch Into Darkness four times now (reviewing purposes) and it does not get any better with repetition. Dark Knight Rises I’ve seen twice. The first time I was just overwhelmed with a sense of boredom and disinterest. The second time was much worse, as the terribleness of the movie’s scripting stood out even more starkly when I could trace just how wrong everything would go from the beginning. I don’t think I can ever bring myself to watch that one again.

        I don’t bash things because it’s trendy to bash them. But I do express my disappointment with stupid movies, because I have very little patience for stupidity. You may have a higher tolerance for bad movies than I do. Good for you. Enjoy them. Start your own blog to rave about how awesome they are. If you write well, I may even read it. This, however, is my blog, and I’m going to write what I think and how I feel.

        You are more than welcome to disagree with me and debate with me, as you’re doing now. Make a strong case for why you think Dark Knight Rises is a great movie and I’ll listen. You may not win me over, but I’m open to hearing it. On the other hand, griping that “You hate everything because it’s trendy to hate stuff” is not very productive.

        • Drew

          It doesn’t need to be productive. It only needs to be true. I’m not arguing that either one of those are great movies. I’m simply pointing out your pattern. Your initial remarks about both of them were quite tame. As time passed and it became “AWESOME” to shred them, your comments escalated to match those of the legion of haters. These are not the only examples. They’re two out of many.

          I’ve already opined that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ gets worse, each time you watch it again. This isn’t a discussion about whether or not your opinions are right or wrong. You rarely say something unique, or something that hasn’t already become popular to repeat. That’s my honest impression, after reading this blog, ever since it launched. I’m sorry if that’s offensive. I just think you would do yourself a favor if you stopped reading all of the bashing that takes place on the Internet. I’m not the first reader that has called you out on this. I’m certain that I won’t be the last.

          The truth is, you no longer have your own opinions. I didn’t accuse you of this, several years ago, but after reading your blog for as long as I have, it’s painfully evident. You don’t even know what you believe, any more.

          It’s not trendy to rip ‘Skyfall’. If it becomes cool to do so, I have no doubt that you will fall right in line. If and when ‘Terminator: Genisys’ becomes a trendy trashing topic, you’ll relentlessly rip it apart, just like every other mindless Internet hater-drone.

          • Josh Zyber

            So, you agree with me that Dark Knight Rises is a bad movie. Yet when I say that Dark Knight Rises is a bad movie, that’s me being a lemming? Have you considered that maybe it’s just a bad movie and I’m simply pointing out what’s true? What do you want me to do, say that it’s not a bad movie even though we both agree that it actually is, because that would make me more “unique”?

            I’m sorry, but I’m not Armond White, who will write that every good movie is terrible and every bad movie is great just to gain attention for himself.

            Some things are just universally true. If a movie is bad, I’m going to say it’s bad, regardless of whether other people have also pointed out that it’s bad.

            And if you don’t think it’s trendy to rip on Skyfall, you haven’t paid any attention. All I ever hear about that movie is how the plot rips off The Dark Knight, and the ending rips off Home Alone, and “Why do James Bond movies have to be so James Bondy anyway?”

        • Drew

          The trendiest films/topics/people to rip on, over the last 5-6 years:

          Avatar? Check

          Michael Bay? Check

          Transformers? Check

          Prometheus? Check

          Star Trek Into Darkness? Check

          The Dark Knight Rises? Check

          J.J. Abrams? Check

          Under the Dome? Check

          Man of Steel? Check

          Orci and Kurtzman? Check

          James Cameron? Check

          Winding Refn? Check

          I’m not saying that any of these films/topics/people are good. But you can’t deny that you have taken every opportunity to shred every single one of them, every chance you get.

          • Chris B

            So if they’re not good (as you just stated), then why wouldn’t somebody rip on them?

            I’d argue that Josh is a actually going against the grain with regards to the Star Wars trailer, the vast majority of people who’ve seen it seem to love it whereas Josh is pretty underwhelmed. That’s going AGAINST the trend correct?

          • Yes and his liking of the new Terminator Trailer is really out of place (I loved the Trailer personally), all the posts I’ve seen on IGNs and HDDs facebook posts have been pretty universal in their negativity. But honestly thats pretty rare, the usual response I read to anything that has a lot of hype is usually negative, but I guess it might be better to be negative in these circumstances, then you have a better chance of being impressed when its actually good. 😉

            Dark Knight Rises is seriously bad compared to the first two films, while I can easily enjoy the movie (as it was filmed in Pittsburgh quite a bit and I’m from around there), the stupidity in that movie is really out of place for Nolan and it hurts my head with some of the stuff that goes on in that thing. I cant agree with Abrams though, besides the extremely predictable ending to Into Darkness, I loved that movie and have loved everything else Abrams has done, a guy like him directing the new Star Wars movie has me so excited, he’s first and foremost a HUGE fan of Star Wars and then you can add his skills as one of the top writers and directors going and IMO, you already blow away what Lucas ruined in the prequels and re-edits of the original trilogy, without even having to see the film 🙂

  18. EM

    I chose “This trailer tells me nothing. It could still go either way”, but a more precise summary of my reaction would combine pieces of two other choices: “It looks awesome!” and “I hope the movie doesn’t suck”. I happen to like the tri-saber and RFoot-2Ball. My sole quibble: Andy Serkis’ voiceover occasionally has me picturing Captain Haddock.

    I consider this teaser a masterwork. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to be awesome for a couple of a minutes than it is to be awesome for a couple of hours.

    • C.C. 95

      First time I’ve ever heard someone call a Trailer a ‘masterwork’. That’s really funny. Maybe they will release a blu ray version with commentary from the guy at the editing house who cut the thing while eating a baloney sandwhich…(!)

      • EM

        For viewing on my media player I carry around numerous interesting trailers for movies I have deemed collectionworthy (I also carry around those movies on memory cards; it will be a while before I determine whether The Force Awakens warrants such treatment). Not all of those trailers are masterworks (or tours de force, if you prefer), but some are quite outstanding. I think my favorite is the 6½-minute Psycho teaser in which Hitchcock conducts a tour of the Bates Motel and the Bates house next to it.

  19. EM

    There have been a lot of parodies of the Force Awakens teaser circulating already. That “George Lucas Special Edition” is hilarious. The only parody I’ve seen to rival it is this overly Disneyfied version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwe90O7tktM

    I think I’d find it hilarious even if I hadn’t just visited Disneyland yesterday. (Fortunately, Star Tours did not look like this video, even if portions of its gift shop did.)

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