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Poll: How Many of the 2018 Oscar Nominees Have You Seen?

Every year, as soon as the Oscar nominations are announced, movie fans begin the process of trying to catch up with some of the nominated movies they missed during the year. How many of the 2018 batch have you watched?

Year after year, the Academy Awards often reward movies that weren’t widely seen by paying audiences. Of the nine Best Picture contenders for 2018, only ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Get Out’ would qualify as genuine mainstream blockbusters. Although some of the others may have been successful by art film standards, I doubt that many of them had crowds in the suburbs lining up to see them (if the movies were distributed to the suburbs in the first place). Even within major metropolitan areas, today’s viewers are perhaps more apt to wait to watch these types of movies on Netflix or disc rather than trek out to a theater to see them.

The following poll is strictly a count of how many nominated films you’ve seen. We’re not asking which movies you think will win, or which should win.

The list contains all of the titles nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, or Best Animated Feature, as well as all four of the acting and both screenplay categories. Go ahead and vote “Other” if you want to brag about having seen one of the documentary shorts or a costume design nominee.

How Many 2018 Oscar Nominees Have You Seen?

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Once again, my own viewing habits were appallingly limited last year. I saw and loved ‘The Florida Project’ (Best Supporting Actor) in the theater, and am disappointed that it didn’t get a Best Picture nod. I also caught ‘The Big Sick’ (Best Original Screenplay) on Amazon streaming and liked that as well.

I really have no excuse for not having watched ‘Get Out’ yet. It aired on HBO and has been sitting on my DVR for a few weeks, but I’ve been too busy to make time for it. At some point or another, I would really like to watch that one, ‘Coco’, ‘I, Tonya’, ‘Lady Bird’, ‘Logan’, ‘Phantom Thread’, ‘The Shape of Water’, and ‘Three Billboards’.

I hope you’ve done better than I have.


  1. Out of what’s listed here, I’ve seen the following:

    All The Money In The World.
    Get Out.
    Phantom Thread.
    The Shape of Water.

    Loved Money, Logan and Thread. Almost came close to loving Get Out but felt the last ten minutes sort of screwed up. Dunkirk is really impressive, despite it’s odd narrative structure. And The Shape of Water is, coming from a huge Del Toro fan like I am, a frustrating picture.

  2. Ryan

    Logan, Get Out, Dunkirk, Shape of Water, Lady Bird, The Big Sick. Honestly, other than Three Billboards, Coco, and maybe Mudbound…I have no interest in the other movies here

    • Josh Zyber

      What’s funny is that my 4-year-olds won’t even watch Boss Baby. They rejected it outright after a couple minutes. No idea why, because they sure do watch a lot of other crap.

  3. DH

    Logan, Dunkirk, Get Out, Big Sick, Lady Bird, The Post, Shape of Water, Call me By Your Name, and Three Billboards (ugh).

    Liked all except Three Billboards, loved a couple, but my favorite of the year was Baby Driver.

  4. photogdave

    Dunkirk in the theatre, Logan at home.
    I’m really glad I made the effort to see Dunkirk in the theatre. You don’t have to be a Nolan fan to be blown away by this film.

  5. Lord Bowler

    I’ve only seen two:

    I want to see the following, eventually:
    ‘All the Money in the World’
    ‘Darkest Hour’
    ‘The Disaster Artist’
    ‘I, Tonya’
    ‘Molly’s Game’
    ‘The Post’

    I’ve heard really good things about All the Money in the World, Darkest Hour and The Disaster Artist.

  6. Scott

    Thanks to my MoviePass (if you don’t already have one you should order one immediately!) I saw the following:

    Get Out
    Shape of Water
    Big Sick
    3 Billboards
    Lady Bird
    Phantom Thread
    I, Tonya
    Disaster Artist
    Darkest Hour
    All the $

    Need to go see Call Me By Your Name (will probably do that this Friday) and then I’ll have seen all Best Picture nominees.

  7. Csm101

    I’ve seen:
    The Big Sick
    Boss Baby
    The Disaster Artist
    Get Out
    The Shape of Water
    I’m interested in Dunkirk (bought it last week on sale), The Florida Project, Ferdinand, Lady Bird, I, Tonya, Roman J. Israel, Esq., and Three Billboards

  8. EM

    Of the films listed, the three I’ve seen are the three I’ve been interested in (Get Out, Dunkirk, and The Shape of Water). I also chose “Other” to reflect Blade Runner 2049 (Cinematography, Production Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects) and “Lou” (Short Film [Animated]).

    I missed The Square (Foreign Language) when it played here, but I may have another opportunity soon. I also expect local screenings of shorts nominees and hope to take in at least the animation program (the trailers look pretty promising). Loving Vincent looks interesting (possibly just its looks), but I’m not aware that a showing is on its way to a theater near me.

  9. Clark

    “The Shape of Water” and “All the Money in the World” open today here in Brazil, so I’ll be seeing both.
    I guess I’ll just torrent “Three Billboards”, because Fox clearly doesn’t want brazilians catching this in theaters. Why are they holding up the release? Just put the damn thing in cinemas!

  10. Bolo

    I’ve seen:
    – Phantom Thread
    – Lady Bird
    – Molly’s Game
    – Get Out

    I plan to see:
    – The Disaster Artist
    – The Shape of Water
    – 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

  11. I bought Logan, Get Out and Dunkirk. Have not seen ANY of them however. Look forward to Ferdinand and Shape of Water. Coco & Darkest Hour will probably see my home video cash as well.

  12. Deaditelord

    I’ve only seen Logan and Dunkirk, not much when considering that not too long ago it was common practice for me to watch most, if not all of the Oscar nominated films each year. Some of this can be attributed to my crazy work/school schedule right now. However, the bigger reason for having seen so few of the Oscar nominees is that I’m just not finding myself intrigued enough by either the trailer or by what I’ve read about them in reviews to set aside time to seek them out. (The Shape of Water and The Post being notable exceptions. I’m hoping to find enough free time to see them soon.) Perhaps my tastes are starting to shift away from Oscar-nominated fare, but this is the 2nd year in a row where I’ve skipped out on the majority of the best picture nominees and don’t feel like I’m missing out. Maybe next year will be different.

  13. plissken99

    Typical Oscar season, I’ve only seen Get Out, Dunkirk and Logan. All of which came out early, so you know they’re not real contenders, Academy has a short attention span.

    Shape of Water is the only one I’m interested to see, but it doesn’t look or sound great. The rest looks like average Oscar fodder, barely released to any audiences, they will be forgotten a couple days after the ceremony.

  14. William Henley

    So far, only Logan. I have Dunkirk, but have not watched it yet. Lady Bird, Boss Baby and Coco are possible future rentals

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