Mid-Week Poll: How Many of the 2012 Best Picture Nominees Have You Seen?

The Oscar nominations are in. How many (if any) of the new Best Picture nominated films have you seen? Let us know in our poll.

Of the nine nominated films, I’ve only seen ‘The Artist’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’. I loved both. I probably ought to catch up with some of the other nominees before the awards show airs.

How many have you seen? Vote for as many as you’ve watched, and tell us in the Comments which ones you plan to see before the Oscar ceremony on February 26th.

Which of the 2012 Best Picture Nominees Have You Seen?

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  1. EM

    I’ve seen only three. I’ve been dying to see The Artist, which is finally making its local debut this weekend—I’ll see it then or, more likely, next week. I’ve been vaguely interested in The Tree of Life, but I don’t think I’ll see it in a theater. The rest of the movies don’t interest me, and it’s unlikely that Best Picture or other Oscar wins will change that. (To tell the truth, I wasn’t much interested in The War Horse, which I did see.)

  2. Drew

    I’ve seen each of them, with the exception of ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’.

    I already didn’t want to see that film, but now I will definitely never see it, simply out of spite.

    I don’t need to see that film to know just how much of a crock it is that it was nominated for best picture.

    As you know, I feel that the best film of the year was ‘Drive’. Since it’s not nominated, I’m throwing my support at either ‘Hugo’ or ‘The Artist’.

    Those are the only two films that are nominated that would be deserving of the honor.

      • Drew

        Well, I’ll throw that in the hat for reasons to eventually see it.

        I guess I just want someone with an opinion that I trust to see it, and recommend it.

        I only know of a few personal friends or acquaintances, and a few critics with opinions that I turst that have seen it, and none of them have said anything too positive about it.

        It shouldn’t have been nominated for best picture, no matter what.

  3. Prayformojo

    Better question would be how many of these movies would you want to see? For me that number is 3 (Hugo, Descendants and The Artist). This seems to be the year that I finally part ways with caring about the Oscars.

  4. I’ve seen Moneyball, Midnight In Paris and The Tree of Life, and definitely plan to see Hugo, The Artist and The Descendants before Oscar Night. Since The Help is available on home video, I’ll probably rent that too. So looks like Extremely Loud and War Horse I might not get around to/have time for.

  5. bruce

    seen war horse (good but not great) Tree of life (have to watch it again, not sure its best picture worthy) have no interest in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and the Help. Everything else, yea I want to see..