‘Orphan Black’ 2.03 Recap: “There’s No Place for Me Here”

After a couple episodes where I actually had to take notes and do a bit of research to figure out all the twists and turns, the third episode of ‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 is a little more of a fun romp. Most of the exposition setting up this new season is complete, and fans can now just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Felix is definitely a city guy. He’s not the happiest of companions to Sarah and Kira, who have escaped in a stolen (and very beat-up) truck, and now are on the run from both the Prolethean group and Rachael Duncan’s right-hand man, Daniel. Early in this week’s entry, Kira has to distract a convenience store clerk by pretending to steal some candy while Felix actually does steal some food for the trio to eat. Felix just wanted to use his credit card, but Sarah threw it out the window of the truck while they were driving because she fears that they’re being tracked.

Sarah knows of a cabin in the area and goes there. The three set up in the seemingly abandoned home, only to get surprised when the owner arrives. However, it turns out Sarah knew exactly who lived here. The house is owned by Cal Morrison (Michiel Huisman), who not only turns out to be an ex-lover of Sarah’s, but – in a shock to perhaps no viewer – turns out to be Kira’s father as well. Cal agrees to let them stay there, but Felix wants out of the picture. He says that his presence serves no purpose anymore and tells Sarah that he’s going to back to see Alison’s musical.

Speaking of Alison, she’s more paranoid than ever, and hitting the hooch pretty hard these days. She runs the vacuum when Donnie is trying to relax on the couch, and gets quite suspicious (and rightfully so) when Detective Deangelis tries to befriend her. Alison actually thinks Deangelis has been assigned to be her new monitor since she’s onto Donnie, but the detective admits to Alison that she’s really trying to get information from her about the death of Beth Childs (the clone who committed suicide way back in the pilot to the series).

On the night of the musical’s debut, Alison is both drinking and taking pills, and doesn’t do very well once out on stage. She needs her director to feed her lines. When she starts her big musical number, she dances right off the front of the stage. The last we see of her this episode, Donnie, Felix and others in the crowd yell for medical help.

Cosima and Delphine have settled into their new lab at the Dyad Institute, and Delphine has something to show. It’s a montage of videos from one of the prior clone patients – who Cosima sees slowly deteriorating until the point of her death. The two women then go to autopsy the clone’s body, which proves to be very emotional for Cosima, because she realizes that the same thing is slowly happening to her own body. During the autopsy, Cosima gets a call from Alison (this is before she performed and collapsed) telling her not to trust Delphine.

At the farm where Henrik and his group of Proletheans hang out, a ceremony takes place. It appears that Helena (who has clearly been drugged) is involved in a wedding, with Henrik as the groom. The final shots of Helena in this episode show her being carried off in a white dress by Henrik – no doubt for the purposes of procreation, as we know that he’s obsessed with finding out whether Helena is also capable of bearing a child.

Back at the cabin, Sarah and Cal let Kira go out to the barn to feed the chickens. Daniel, who has been trying to track down Sarah the entire episode, shows up and quickly takes Kira hostage. A local cop (and friend of Cal’s) pulls up in his police cruiser, but he’s quickly killed by Daniel. Sarah approaches Daniel, and Daniel soon takes her hostage as well, although Kira is able to run back to the house where Cal has a gun pointed at Daniel. He isn’t able to stop him, however, and Daniel and Sarah leave in Daniel’s car, with Sarah driving.

In the process of taking Sarah hostage, Daniel comes across the old photo of Mrs. S and the mysterious Project LEDA. Daniel demands to know what Sarah has learned about the photograph. Before Sarah can answer, a truck comes out of nowhere and plows into their car.

Despite the rather soap-opera-like conclusion, this week’s episode is another strong entry in the series. I’m not sure we really needed a new love interest for Sarah, but anything that keeps the dull Paul (who, for the second week in a row, doesn’t make an appearance) out of the picture can’t be a bad thing. Cosima seems to be getting the short end of character development so far this year. Not much is going on with her, other than continuing to investigate her illness. Alison continues to be the most watchable of the clones, providing some much-needed comic relief in almost every episode she’s in. (Yes, as horrible as the scene was, it was hard not to laugh watching her take a header off the musical’s stage.)

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