The Netflix Stream: Week of November 20th, 2011

There isn’t a lot of movement on Netflix this week, but some cool things are on the way, including one of those essential Christmas movies and everybody’s favorite film about clowns with guns.

Leaving the Stream
  1. ‘Chicago’ (11/25): I’m particularly sad to see this one go. It’s one of those go-to movies that I can pop on while I’m doing some of my nerdy crafts or baking or whatever else I get up to where I need a little bit of background noise. I love me some musicals, and ‘Chicago‘ is right up there thanks to some incredibly big songs and the surprisingly good voice of Catherine Zeta-Jones. At least I’ve still got ‘Moulin Rouge!‘. (Read Blu-ray review.)
  2. ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ (11/25): Well, that didn’t last long! ‘Miracle Day’ was just added to Netflix pretty recently, yet it’s already leaving. If you’re a ‘Torchwood‘ fan, the first four seasons of the show appear to be staying on, so it’s not too big a loss.
Entering the Stream
  1. ‘Miracle on 34th Street’: This isn’t the 1994 version or one of the TV remakes. This is ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ from 1947 presented in beautiful black and white. It’s one of those Christmas standards for a lot of folks, and a great movie to boot. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Richard Attenborough as Santa, but there’s something so pure about the original. (Read Blu-ray review.)
  2. ‘The Last Circus’: Josh blogged about this a little while back and I mentioned how excited I’ve been to check it out. Well, now that it’s on Netflix, I have absolutely no reason not to. This movie looks absolutely insane. Watch the trailer, then watch it again and again. ‘The Last Circus‘ sold me on one line: “If I weren’t a clown, I’d be a murderer.” Awesome. (Read Blu-ray review.)
  3. ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs’: Look, I know Janeane Garofalo isn’t a fan of the movie, but back in 1996, I was in love with it. Maybe that’s because I was 14, or just because I had a crush on Janeane, but I really dug ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs‘. I haven’t watched it in ten or fifteen years, so I have no idea if it’s any good to me now, but I liked it a lot then and that’s gotta count for something.


  1. Alex

    Hey, out of curiosity, has anyone else been having problems with their streaming devices not receiving updates to their Netflix queues? For the last week or so, my Xbox, my Blu-ray, and my Roku have kept the same instant queue list, but I’ve added, moved and removed several titles from the queue. The website reflects the changes correctly, but none of my streaming devices do. Thought I might toss this up here and see if anyone’s been having the same trouble.

  2. M

    Torchwood Miracle Day is no longer on streaming OR disc. It was there for a few days and now it is totally gone. I only got to see 3 episodes! I called the service line. They were no help. They have no idea what happened to it or if/when it will return. So frustrating. Beginning to rethink the Netflix all together.

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