The Netflix Stream: Week of June 26th, 2011

Yikes. I’m an unabashed Netflix lover and even I find it hard to get too excited for this coming week. Sure, we get a few good flicks added to the stream, but we also lose pretty much everything made by Showtime. That’s a really big trade. On the plus side, we’re getting plenty of ‘Star Trek’ to ease the pain.

Leaving the Stream
  1. ‘Californication’ (7/1): If you’ve ever wondered what life was like for us writers here at The Bonus View, look no further. ‘Californication‘ follows writer Hank Moody (David Duchovny) as he engages in heavy drinking, meaningless sex and tries to cope with his fame, all while trying to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend and his daughter. Okay, it’s not much like our lives at all, but he does blog in the first season, so there’s that.
  2. ‘Dexter’ (7/1): This is one of those shows that I know must be good, because everyone I know that has a worthwhile opinion on television says that it’s good. I haven’t gotten around to ‘Dexter‘ yet, though. Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be getting to it anytime soon. If you want to get a start, you still have some time. The first two seasons are streaming until July.
  3. ‘Penn & Teller: Bullshit’ (7/1): I’m a huge fan of Penn & Teller’s unique brand of comedy and magic, but ‘Bullshit‘ takes it all to another level. They carry on with the tradition set by guys like Harry Houdini and James Randi – exposing frauds of every level. I may not always agree with the pair when it comes to politics, but it’s something special to see them expose a psychic, new age medicine and detoxing.
Entering the Stream
  1. ‘Star Trek’ (7/1): The show that started it all will finally return to Netflix streaming. If you’ve never sat down and watched the original ‘Star Trek‘ series, you really should. Once you to get past the cheap effects and sometimes campy fights, you’ll find plenty to love. At the very least, check out ‘Space Seed’ in season one for a very cool introduction to one of Kirk’s greatest nemeses.
  2. ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ (7/1): I’m excited for this one. As much as I loved ‘Star Trek’ proper and ‘Deep Space Nine’, there’s no question about which series is my favorite. Now, finally, you’ll be able to watch all seven seasons of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation‘ from beginning to end – all streaming from Netflix.
  3. ‘Party Monster’ (7/1): Well, it can’t all be ‘Star Trek’, can it? ‘Party Monster‘ is a strange and vastly underappreciated little film about the New York club scene, and the rise and fall of socialite Michael Alig. If anything, it needs to be watched for the performances of Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin, both of whom take on their roles with full force.


  1. What a glorious day it is, Star Trek TNG is on Netflix! Hallelujah! And hopefully the quality is tons better than the crap that has been coming down from the BBC and SyFy lately! Yippie!!!!

      • I ment that STTNG on BBC looks like crap. Torchwood on Netflix looks great! I am annoyed at Doctor Who – I am in the middle of the third season and there is one that seems critical to the story line that the A/V is WAY out of sync on. I have reported it twice, but it still hasn’t been fixed.

  2. I guess I need to get back on netflix again so I can watch DS9 and voyager because those are my absolute favorites. Engage Slipstream Drive and Wormhole Aliens 🙂

  3. Voyager and Enterprise should be out the same day July 1. Enterprise will be in HD!!!

    DS9 unfortunately will not be out till October for some reason.

    • Sweet! I will have an Enterprise marathon! That is my favorite series, closely followed by TNG! (Like, if I were to make a point list, one point would seperate TNG from Enterprise).

      I also need to watch Voyager. I watched like the first six episodes or so, and then didn’t watch again until Seven came on board. I think my issue with the show is that Janeway annoys the hell out of me.

    • I’m actually pretty happy that DS9 isn’t hitting on the same day as TNG. I’ve got a lot of shows to watch and trying to go through both at the same time would just be too much!

  4. MD

    Not to be picky, but you failed to mention: Aliens(1986) is leaving.
    X-MEN(2000) is leaving

    Also, the old school animated X-men tv show will be one streaming starting 7/1/11…

    • YAY for XMEN! I have been wanting to catch up on this show for years! I hope they have more than just the first season! I think I have seen up to the beginning of the Phoenix saga

    • I failed to mention a several dozen other titles as well :p As far as the 2000 ‘X-Men’ movie goes though, I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.

  5. I’ve seen past the phoenix saga for the X-Men series. I wont be able to enjoy Enterprise HD because I have a crappy 3 MB download for my DSL nothing I can do about it because it is not my bill either. But I am definitely looking forward to more shows being streamed on netflix.

  6. that1guypictures

    Dick, you simply must watch Dexter. Also, Dexter must be seen in HD. The camera work simply amazing. SD video streaming simply wont do! Blind buy them, you will NOT regret it!