The Netflix Stream: Week of August 28th, 2011

Netflix is hurting me this week by eliminating some of the movies in my queue that are due for a watching or re-watching, but the company has just signed a deal for around 1,200 hours worth of Telemundo. Damned if I can understand it, but if you’ve got a thing for Latin chicks, you could do a lot worse. Also, I guess if you speak Spanish that’s good too.

As for what’s coming, my sources show nothing. Certainly that will be proven wrong tomorrow (I write this post on Tuesdays) when a ton of movies are added to the stream all at once.

Leaving the Stream:
  1. ‘Bananas’ (9/1): Yeah, so this is what I get for deciding to go on a Woody Allen kick yesterday. I checked out ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ earlier this month and am making a point to see more of the films that I haven’t gotten a chance to see. Unfortunately, Netflix has other plans. ‘Bananas‘ is less of a dry intellectual comedy and more of an obvious slapstick kind of thing, but if you’re, say, on a Woody Allen kick, then it’s surely worth checking out.
  2. ‘Manhattan’ (9/1): Really, Netflix? Way to kick a guy when he’s down. ‘Manhattan’ is a film that’s more in the style we’re used to from Woody Allen. It’s dryer, more intellectual, and based around conversations instead of slapstick.
  3. ‘Bowling for Columbine’ (9/1): You can poo-poo Michael Moore’s documentaries on big business and politics for having a significant and obvious slant, but ‘Bowling for Columbine’ is just plain good. The movie doesn’t tell you the answers, and I think that that alone makes a great point. There are no easy answers.
Entering the Stream

Yeah, nothing. But go watch ‘Birdemic‘ if you haven’t. It’s like ‘The Room’ for creature features.


  1. Wayne Rowe

    My Netflix Streaming RSS feed says that 98 new items are available including: Airplane!, Deep Blue Sea, 5 MST3K’s, The Long Goodbye, Dazed and Confused and, uh, all seven seasons of Desperate Houswives.

  2. You know, ‘Bowling for Columbine’ is probably one of his easier ‘documentaries’ to ‘poo-poo’. 😉 It’s so full of contrived inconsistencies and manipulation that it’s almost as bad as someone hiring lookalikes of film-stars, filming them doing something despicable, then standing by that film and saying that it shows the ‘truth’. 😉

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