The Trailer Park: Spectre of the Fun

This week’s collection of movie trailers center around the wonderful theme of espionage, including a mercenary who can’t his mouth shut, a sleeper agent from the most unlikely of places, and the legend that all spies aspire to be.


Poor Ryan Reynolds. Has anyone had as much bad luck appearing in a comic book movie as this guy? ‘Deadpool’ marks Reynolds’ fifth attempt to star in an adaptation of a comic franchise, and it’s his second appearance as Wade Wilson. The first was the disappointing ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, where the character started off awesome but finished on a head-scratching, flabbergasting whimper. Thankfully, this trailer promises to be anything but disappointing. Full of laughter and hilariously witty sarcasm, the movie from Tim Miller (making his feature-length debut) looks like a faithful adaptation of the character. And honestly, I’m really glad the studio brought Reynolds back for this because I can’t imagine any other actor with both the physique and the perfect comic timing to deliver the kind of cynical comments that bring the character to life. Reynolds simply is the “Merc with the Mouth.”

‘American Ultra’

Is it just me or does this latest spy comedy feel like a big-budgeted, high-production-value remake of ‘Chuck’? Looking at the trailer – and reading the plot synopsis – the movie from director Nima Nourizadeh (who gave us the ridiculously stupid ‘Project X’) shares some vague similarities to the TV series. Both are about hapless dopes without a future or a much of a life, but who are special in one way: they have access to a vast amount of information that can be retrieved when necessary, making each the ultimate spy. And still, the preview has actually piqued my interest because the concept should make for a hilarious romp – and it looks like it is – and the script comes from Max Landis, who also wrote ‘Chronicle’ and the upcoming ‘Victor Frankenstein’. So, in spite of the similarities to a fun TV series, I have high hopes for this one.


I absolutely love this trailer! I’ve watched it repeatedly, and every time I catch myself not blinking, simply enthralled by the visuals and the intrigue. Daniel Craig has been a tremendously satisfying James Bond, evolving the character’s emotional depth and psyche with each installment. With this latest from Sam Mendes, it would appear that we shall witness a 007 at his darkest, most determined and also his most vulnerable.

Interestingly, from the few glimpses we’re given, it seems like this new entry will also introduce the sort of silly gadgetry fans of the movie series has grown accustomed to, thanks, of course, to the new Q. The gorgeous Aston Martin DB10 shoots flames from the back! Then there’s the awesome Christoph Waltz, a brilliant actor born to play a Bond villain, as the mysterious Franz Oberhauser, a high-ranking operative within the SPECTRE organization. Anticipation is at all-time high for this and I can’t wait to watch it in theaters.

I wonder if the next step in the series is Bond confronting Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

‘The Revenant’

Just for fun, here’s a preview to the latest high-adrenaline drama from Alejandro González Iñárritu, which stars Leonard DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. From what we see in the trailer, maybe this will finally get DiCaprio an Academy Award.

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  1. NJScorpio

    Also…’The Revenant’ trailer, and the recent shots of DiCaprio, has inspired me to grown my own, similar, beard.

  2. Chris B

    The Revenant trailer made my jaw drop the first time I saw it. Shot by Lubeski, up in my neck of the woods to boot! I’m into these kinds of movies as of late. No overly convoluted sci-fi time travel triple double cross fractured narrative plot devices etc. Just regular people…in the great outdoors…trying to kill each other.

  3. Bolo

    ‘Deadpool’ looks like a blast. They seem to have absolutely nailed the character and if the movie is even half as fun as its own promotion, I will go home happy. It and maybe ‘Suicide Squad’ are the only superhero movies on the horizon that I have any intention of paying to see.

  4. Bolo

    As for ‘SPECTRE’, it’s pretty hard to cut a bad trailer for a Bond movie. The theme music does most of the heavy lifting. Just mix images of exotic locations, women, and stunts, and you’ve sold your movie.

    During the Craig run they keep trying to explain Bond or make him this deep character and giving him personal reasons for his actions. So far it just feels like they’ve half-committed to a bunch of clichés because they saw them work (better) in other recent popular movies. So after “vengeful bereaved lover” and “tortured orphan”, it looks like they’re now going with trying to make Bond into some sort of “chosen one” figure. I don’t really care for any of this.

    The Craig ones have all been entertaining, although nothing special. I’ll probably have a good time at this one, too.

  5. Alex

    Okay, if they’re going to show him wearing a Nehru jacket, then Christoph Waltz isn’t Blofeld the same way that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t Khan.

  6. cardpetree

    The Revenant trailer is one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. The green and animated super hero outfit comment in the Deadpool trailer was awesome.

  7. What’s DiCaprio going to win the Oscar for? Heavy breathing?! I’m sorry, but that trailer doesn’t make me want to see the movie…it’s not helpful that it doesn’t tell you anything about the storyline of the film.

    I also don’t get all the fanboy love for the Deadpool trailer…I think that movie looks HORRIBLE. Sorry, that’s a rental for me.

    SPECTRE, on the other hand, looks fantastic. It’s the only must-see of the movies listed here for me.

    • Timcharger

      Revenant trailer, I’m a fan. I don’t need to know the storyline from the trailer.
      It’s a welcomed change to every other trailer.

      About Deadpool, I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s HORRIBLE. But I agree it seems
      overrated to me. I like the concept of a R rated superhero movie. But I don’t
      want to watch a movie that’s purpose is to just to jab Green Lantern and the
      Origins Wolverine film. Spoof films like Scary Movie 1-5 can do that job. I
      hope this doesn’t turn out to be a spoof film, Not Another Superhero Movie.

      And I almost want to watch Deadpool with subtitles on. A red mask covering
      lip movement and muffling his voice, it takes me a split second to realize that
      Deadpool is talking. Maybe it was just how frenetic the trailer was spliced

      • Well it sounds like you dont really know the character of Deadpool, since he knows he’s in a comic and does a lot of “breaking the 4th wall”, his quips about what FOX did to screw up the first sighting of Deadpool and of course WBs travesty that was Green Lantern, completely fits with how things are supposed to be. So its not a purpose to just jab at those movies for no reason, thats what Deadpool does, he’s nuts, insane, over the top, awfully vulgar and the list goes on and it looks like FOX is actually getting this guy right…they messed up Fantastic Four bad by what looks like interfering with Trank’s vision so I’m actually amazed that Deadpool looks this awesome

  8. C.C.

    I thought the original DEADPOOL teaser was hilarious. This new one was not very funny. It was trying too hard. And trying too hard is the death of funny.

    • timcharger

      Yeah that leaked version a year ago worked much better than this new glossy slick trailer.
      Trying too hard, and same jokes a year later kills the funny.
      I wonder it I didn’t see the “work print” trailer a year ago, I would look at this trailer more favorably.

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