The Trailer Park: And So, the Battle Begins

Everybody loves a good fight! At least, we do in our movies because they usually make for great drama on the big screen, whether it’s a literal conflict between two opposing forces, an inner struggle against social pressures, or the little guy against the big bad government. The following trailers are for upcoming films that promise to give moviegoers a satisfying on-screen battle.

‘The Birth of a Nation’ (2016)

Much hyped and endlessly talked about during this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the historical drama from actor-turned-filmmaker Nate Parker has finally been given a release date for early October. With that comes a very dramatic and powerful preview set to Nina Simone’s poignant and intensely moving version of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit,” a heartbreakingly haunting song about lynchings. From the trailer (and from reports of those who saw it at Sundance), the film looks like a stirring portrayal of the infamous slave rebellion of 1831 led by Nat Turner. What really catches my attention is Parker’s chosen title for his movie, which appears to be a direct jab at D.W.Griffith’s silent classic that recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

‘The Neon Demon’

I don’t consider myself a Nicolas Winding Refn fan, but I have to admit that the Danish filmmaker has a unique visionary style that makes his films interesting. His latest creation starring Elle Fanning and Keanu Reeves promises another great technical achievement that’s probably average in terms of plot and storytelling. If nothing else, the director of ‘Bronson’ and ‘Drive’ at least knows how make a film visually pleasing, enough to garner a devoted following. In this case, I’m curious to see how he’ll transform the materialistic world of modeling into a horror thriller that takes cues and influences from the Italian giallo genre.


Other than the fact that Oliver Stone is attached to this production, which I guess is not all that surprising considering the director’s repertoire, the most interesting aspect of this preview is seeing how the treason scandal might play as an effective political thriller. Equally impressive is Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the title character, looking and sounding very much like the real Edward Snowden. That makes me want to see this all the more. On another interesting note, I’m reminded of John Oliver’s interview with Snowden last year. Will Stone’s take on the subject be able to make Snowden’s sacrifice as relevant and important to the American public as that?

‘Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants’

Here’s what looks like a fun, diverting family flick that mixes intentionally cartoony CGI with live-action footage for an epic war movie that should entertain the whole family.

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  1. EM

    Minuscule looks like fun. Apparently this French-Belgian production is entirely dialogueless. It’s about time we had another crack at a computer-animated ant movie—I was never too crazy about either of 1998’s dueling bug flicks, Antz and A Bug’s Life.

  2. Bolo

    All those movies look pretty good. I’d be willing to watch all of them.

    ‘The Birth of a Nation’ has some really nice cinematography in there. The trailer goes on a bit long, almost like it’s two trailers back to back, but I won’t count that against the movie.

    I hope there’s more to ‘Snowden’ than just a Bourne movie with a dork. With Stone behind it, I’m assuming he will dig into some of the issues and the marketing is just emphasizing the thriller elements. Cage popping up in there made me laugh.

    ‘The Neon Demon’ gives me a Bret Easton Ellis vibe, and Refn should be a good match with that. I’m looking forward to seeing how he uses Keanu.

    The insect movie looks really cute.

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