Movie Madness: Voldemort vs. Balboa – Fox vs. Fett

Wednesday’s Movie Madness matchups weren’t even close. Alice easily took out Morpheus. While there were some passionate comments about why Freddy should win against Tony Stark, the man of iron was able to pull out a victory. Today we take a look at a cinematic legend in Rocky, going up against the most evil sorcerer in all the land, Voldemort. Across the way in the Blu-ray bracket, fan favorite Boba Fett will take on the deadly, sexy assassin Fox.

This could be one of the most lopsided matchups this tournament has seen. While Rocky is a legendary hero in cinema, Voldemort is full of evil dark powers and magic. He could simply wreak havoc on any muggle he wanted. Yet Rocky has lived on through six films, taking down goliath after goliath. Will Voldemort prove to be too much? We shall see.

Rocky Balboa – There’s no one nicer. When you think of heroes in cinema, Rocky always comes to the forefront. He’s a perennial underdog who always finds a way to win. We love underdogs. David against Goliath. Rocky has personified the role of David better than anyone on the big screen.

Tools of the Trade: His fists of fury and his courageous, unrelenting heart. He never quits, never surrenders. Hit him more, and it just makes him angry. However, that’s when he’s fighting everyday humans. Rocky is still, of course, a muggle.

Voldemort – The Dark Lord of Darkness. He Who Shall Not Be Named (except where we named him). Even though ‘Harry Potter’ started out as a children’s story, Voldemort truly has morphed into one of the scarier villains out there. If he wasn’t so blinded by revenge, the guy could rule the world by now. But no, he’s got to kill Potter, and can’t think of anything else until then. Can Rocky catch him off guard? Is Voldemort far too disappointed that Han Solo already took care of Potter? Who knows? He could be depressed beyond belief after realizing a muggle with no magical skill whatsoever took out the chosen wizard with a simple shot from his blaster.

Tools of the Trade: MAGIC! Oh, and the dude has the Elder Wand now – a force of death and destruction if wielded by an evil sorcerer. Can anyone stop him when he’s got a tool like that at his disposal? The only person who stood a chance was Potter, and he’s long gone now.

Voldemort vs. Rocky Balboa

  • Voldemort (63%, 62 Votes)
  • Rocky Balboa (37%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 98

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If Boba Fett makes it through, that means three of the Cinematic Sixteen will be characters from ‘Star Wars’. Thinking about it now, we could make an entire tournament like this from just ‘Star Wars’ characters. Until then, Fett has to make it through this round as he goes head-to-head against a pretty wily opponent.

Boba FettThe bounty hunter of the galaxy. He’s a fearsome force, with a fan base as rabid as they are loyal. Fett, in the movies, is more of an intimidating presence rather than a fighter. He’s always seen carrying large weapons, and you know deep down that there’s a badass waiting to be unleashed.

Tools of the Trade: Oh, that dreaded jetpack. We talked about it during the first round, but it still remains his biggest weakness. His blaster is pretty cool, but if Fox can somehow activate his jetpack without him knowing, then I’m afraid to say that this tournament heavyweight is heading straight for the Sarlaac pit of defeat.

Fox – She’s sexy, and can handle herself under pressure like no one else in this tournament. She can flip a car end over end without even thinking about it. If the movie ‘Wanted’ is any indication of her abilities, she has somewhat superhuman abilities. These aren’t just regular people trained to be assassins. Fox was born to do this.

Tools of the Trade: She’s an expert with any weapon. More importantly, she’d be able to dance circles around Fett in hand-to-hand combat. She’s agile, nimble, and we already established that her body, mind and genetics are all cultured to make her the perfect assassin.

Boba Fett vs. Fox

  • Boba Fett (65%, 65 Votes)
  • Fox (35%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 100

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  1. Aaron Peck

    I usually stay out of pandering for one character or another, but I just got to say when did Boba Fett every do anything that makes us all think he could beat anyone in this tournament. I think a specialized assassin like Fox would kick his space balls.

    Oh, and Voldemort was an easy one.

    • RBBrittain

      Yeah. Someone’s GOT to stand in the way of having three Star Wars characters in the final four–though you didn’t even put Luke in…

      And yeah, Voldemort is easy. Rocky’s got a heart and a big punch, but that can’t stop He Who Must Not Be Named.

  2. C’mon it’s Boba Fett all the way! Remember when he…

    Oh yeah, he doesn’t ever do anything impressive, except for be cloned into a million dudes that can’t shoot accurately.

    Yeah, this one goes to Fox.

  3. the Fetts are good at getting killed, that’s about it. But Star Wars does have a larger fanbase, which will make it an easy win for Boba.

    It’s not about logic, it’s about how cool they are.

    • RBBrittain

      How cool is getting jet-packed into the mouth of a Sarlacc? Fett needs to leave ASAP.

      Granted, Vader SHOULD be in the final four. (In fact, probably the best final now would be Vader vs. Voldemort–two Dark Lords indeed.) But why Han and Boba too?

      • A blind Han Solo blunders into him and gets him effectively killed. People who are real Star Wars fans wouldn’t vote for him because they would have seen the movies enough to know what a weak-ass he really is.

  4. Boba Fett is, and always will be, extremely overrated. Going by the movies alone, he’s never done ANYTHING noteworthy.

    “You can’t win!”
    “No…maybe I can’t win…but to BEAT me, he’s gonna have to kill me!”